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NewsWWESeth Rollins Hopes It Snows At WrestleMania 40, Maven Talks Piledriver

Seth Rollins Hopes It Snows At WrestleMania 40, Maven Talks Piledriver



During a recent appearance on “The Rich Eisen Show,” Seth Rollins revealed that he hopes it snows at WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, PA. He said,

“Outdoors. Going to be cold. I’m hoping for snow. I’m hoping for the first WrestleMania with some snow. You know what I mean? Winter gets pushed back a little bit more every single year, so maybe we’ll get some snow. I just want the atmosphere. I want the whole Philly feel. I want it. I’m used to the cold. I get it. I understand playing out in the winter, man. I used to wrestle with my buddies out in the front lawn in the snow. We dug it.”

In a new video posted to his YouTube account, Maven commented on the piledriver move being rarely seen in matches in WWE. He said,

“We all know that Austin hurt his neck on a piledriver. So it was one of the moves that was just phased out from the business because the pop that you’d get from the audience wasn’t worth the risk given to the wrestler receiving the move. It was never told to me, ‘Don’t do any piledrivers’ because it wasn’t a move I was going to do anyway. It was just common knowledge backstage, just leave it out. Not a move worth doing. Not a move you needed to put in your arsenal. Well, unless your name was Kane, Undertaker, or Lawler.“

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