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Smash Recalls The Origins Of His Repo Man & Blacktop Bully Gimmicks



On a recent edition of the “Wrestling Shoot Interviews” podcast, Barry Darsow (Smash of Demolition) recalled the origins of his Repo Man and Blacktop Bully characters in WWE and WCW.

You can check out the highlights from the podcast below:

On the creation of Repo Man: “Vince [McMahon] called me up and said, ‘Hey, I really want you back up here.’ ‘You’re not gonna be [in] Demolition. … You got any thoughts?’ And I said, ‘I used to repo cars, and I’d get into some situations that were tough to get out of. I think it’d be kind of neat if I was the Repo Man.’”

On enjoying the Repo Man character: “I really enjoyed the gimmick, because I was getting paid good money and I was acting. I ended up working with top guys — Randy Savage, ‘Hacksaw’ Duggan. … And my job was to get these guys over and I didn’t mind doing it at all.”

On moving to WCW and becoming Blacktop Bully: “Ric Flair was the booker then. Ric came up to me and [said], ‘Barry, I want you to be a bully somehow. A trucker. I just want you to be a mean truck driver. Come up with a name for yourself.’”

On Arn Anderson coming up with the name: “Just right out of the blue, [he] looks at me and he goes, ‘You’re the Blacktop Bully.’ And I looked at him and I said, ‘Arn, that’s the greatest name of all time.’”

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