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Maven Reveals Why He Didn’t Speak Up In WWE, Barry Darsow On Tough Guys In Wrestling



Maven recently took to his YouTube page to discuss a variety of topics, including why he didn’t speak up about his creative plans while he was working in WWE. He said,

“You had to be in the right place to speak your mind and I never was. If they wanted me to do something that I didn’t think I could pull off, I would speak my mind. If they maybe wanted me to do a move that I didn’t think I could do safely for myself or my competitor, then I would definitely speak my mind, but if I thought my character, if I thought just what I was doing for the night wasn’t best for me, I wasn’t saying a word.”

He continued, “Now. That was me. Take a John Cena. take a Randy Orton. were they speaking their mind? Absolutely, they most definitely were. When you’re one of the top guys in the company, you earned your position and you earned the right because they’re making money off you, but most of all, you’re making money for yourself, I wish I would have got to that place just never did.”

Barry Darsow was a recent guest on the “Wrestling Shoot Interviews” podcast to discuss legit tough guys in wrestling, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the most legit tough guys in the business: “There was a few of ’em. Kevin Kelly, Nailz, was a tough guy, Haku… Those two guys are what I have in mind. [But] you couldn’t ask for two more gentlemen and gentle giants than those two guys.”

On Nailz’ infamous WWE exit: “I never talked to Kevin about it. But he got screwed on a payoff from what I heard. I heard [Big Boss Man] made a ton of money, and Kevin got a check for almost nothing. And that’s what it was all about. Could’ve been some other things, too, that built up to that.”

On his relationship with Nailz: “When you’re friends with him, he would do anything for you. He sells trailers, buys them, sells them… He doesn’t go out and do many wrestling things at all. He just doesn’t want to be around the business.”

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