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NewsWWETed DiBiase Sr. Recalls Brief WWE Commentary Run Alongside Vince McMahon

Ted DiBiase Sr. Recalls Brief WWE Commentary Run Alongside Vince McMahon



Ted DiBiase Sr. had fun working as a commentator for the WWF during the New Generation Era, even if his time in the role made him nostalgic for his days as a Superstar.

On a recent edition of his “Everybody’s Got A Pod” podcast, DiBiase recalled working behind the desk and doing commentary with Vince McMahon at the 1994 Royal Rumble pay-per-view event. He said,

“As a result of that, he told me, he said, ‘Well, you did pretty good. He said, ‘I’m going to think about it, but if you’re interested, you may have another spot here.’ It was the WrestleMania right after that, Vince said, ‘I want you to come to the pay-per-view.’ So Vince told me that night, he said, ‘Okay, buddy, there will be a car waiting for you at the hotel in the morning to get started.”

DiBiase Sr. later admitted that while he was happy enough to commentate, being so close to the action made him miss his time as a wrestler. He said,

“I think by that time I was happy to be doing what I was doing, to be honest with you, because the grind of the road, I think when I first started for Vince we were on three straight weeks, three weeks, 21 days, 21 different cities, and then we would go home for a week and then we would do it again. So honestly, I was like, the only time, even now, the only time I miss being in the ring is when I see somebody and I recognize the talent in them and I go, ‘Wow, I wish I could get in the ring with that guy, I could help him.'”

DiBiase Sr. would later transition from a commentator to a manager before his departure from WWE in 1996 to join WCW. He would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2010.

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