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The Lawyer For Vince McMahon’s Accuser Speaks Out – More Text Messages Coming, More



The lawyer for Janel Grant, the woman who filed a lawsuit on Thursday accusing Vince McMahon of sex trafficking, sexual assault and more, recently spoke with Angenette Levy for Law & Crime Network to discuss her client’s lawsuit.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On why the relationship continued: “There is a thing called trauma bonding that people who haven’t studied it, I have just read articles; I’m not a psychiatrist or psychologist, but an attorney. She literally felt caged and imprisoned by Vince McMahon. The escalation of the degrading things that happened to her, it’s important for it to come out.”

On what Grant wants to achieve with the lawsuit: “She wants her life back. She wants ownership of her story. She wants to help other victims. This is relatively close in time, 2019 when this unfolded, 2020, and her hope is to help other victims if there are other victims, to come forward because she had the courage and presence of mind to finally get this done and come forward.”

On what Grant is doing now: “What happened to her, and what was alleged, left her physically and mentally absolutely destroyed. She is trying to recover and she believes this is the first step. Filing this lawsuit took such tremendous courage from her. She was in an extremely vulnerable position when she first encountered Vince McMahon. Her parents had passed, she was the primary caregiver for her parents. Besides being an inordinately playing field between Vince McMahon and Janel, she still tried to conduct herself, tried to be the best possible employee for the WWE that she could be under the most devastating and sexually depraved circumstances.”

On if the assaults were known within WWE: “It is disturbing. What happened to her is disturbing. I believe it was in Laurinaitis’ office, that they locked. She was sexually assaulted, we are claiming, the WWE headquarters, under the nose of the executives and the employees… It is horrifying. Janel was in an atmosphere of fear. Perhaps some of the employees, or many of the employees, were in an atmosphere of fear. That permeated her being and I think it permeated the entire headquarters.”

On if they believe there are other victims of McMahons’: “Whether they worked in the company or not, yes, the belief is there are other victims out there, just the way the grooming of Janel went on, it indicates that. There are a lot of indicators that there may be, and probably are, other victims out there. One of Janel’s hopes is that by coming forward she will give the courage of other victims to come forward too… That’s later for trial when we gather all of our witnesses. Personally, she does not, but there can be empirical circumstances that she may have encountered that could have indicated there were other victims, but personally, one-on-one, she doesn’t have direct knowledge.”

On if there are additional text messages or other evidence out there: “We have her first-hand testimony. Gathering all the evidence, are there other text messages out there? Yes. This was just the complaint. Now, we are building the pool of evidence that we will present to a jury.”

On the NDA: “It was attached to our complaint, so we are trying to invalidate it.”

On if TKO has reached out to Grant: “No… I believe we were, at least Janel, was fine that they did acknowledge [in their statement][ what happened to her was horrific.”

On whether Grant felt preyed upon and targeted: “She was targeted and preyed upon. As I mentioned before, she was in a very vulnerable position and Vince McMahon took advantage of that and then took it a million steps further in the sexual torture, the degradation, the push-pull of trauma bonding all occurred to her. She still, to this day, trying to process what happened to her. She literally could not get out of bed. She wasn’t having any personal grooming. She’s not really eating. It’s really taken a toll besides the physical injuries she’s suffered. It’s going to be a long process. Hopefully, yesterday, by filing this suit, is her first step in the healing process.”

Grant’s statement as read by Callis: “She hopes any doors of secrecy have been blown off their hinges and that fresh air fills the headquarters. She hopes those at the company, past and present, who fear speaking out about harm is a thing of he past. She wishes everyone peace.”

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