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NewsWWETeddy Long - 'John Lauriniaitis' Claim Of Being A Victim Is Hilarious'

Teddy Long – ‘John Lauriniaitis’ Claim Of Being A Victim Is Hilarious’



On a recent edition of the “Wrestle Binge” podcast, Teddy Long addressed John Lauriniatis’ claim that he is a victim of the Vince McMahon lawsuit. He said,

“Man listen, I don’t wanna comment on this stuff because you know like I will always say it, people are innocent until proven guilty. But you know what, that just makes me laugh all over the place… Is he trying to campaign for a comedy show or get on TV to tell jokes or something? That’s hilarious. Like I said, I am not saying anything about it but in my opinion. I believe he is guilty, but that’s me. That’s just me talking.”

Lauriniaitis was let go from WWE in 2022 over his alleged involvement in the alleged activities of Vince McMahon that led to the ex-Chairman’s first resignation.

McMahon forced his way back into WWE in January 2023. Lauriniaitis is the stepfather of Brie and Nikki Garcia and father-in-law of AEW’s Bryan Danielson.

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