X-Pac Set To Have His Last Match In The UK This Weekend


Source: SWLondoner

Former WWE superstar X-Pac is set to have his final match in the UK this Sunday. It will be himself alongside Scott Star & Chakara Vs. Sammy Smooth, Adam ‘Flex’ Maxted & Livvii Grace in a six-person tag match.

WWE legend X-Pac set to have his last UK match in Clapham this weekend

IPW UK promoter Daniel Edler had this to say regarding X-Pac:

“X-Pac is someone I always wanted to get on a show and I am so pleased to finally do it. I saw some photos of him recently and he is in such great shape. Obviously he is coming to the end of his in-ring career and in the past few years he has protected his body by only doing tag matches.We know as well as he does, he could definitely do a singles match but he would probably be in a lot worse shape right now for it. He is protecting himself and being sensible and he can definitely still go.I saw a few matches from his last UK tour a couple of years ago and he really put a solid shift in and his physical appearance has only got better since then.”


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