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XFL Lawsuit Between Oliver Luck and Vince McMahon Heats Up, Burden of Proof


The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported the lawsuit between Oliver Luck and Vince McMahon over the XFL is heating up. Oliver Luck made claim that Vince McMahon had issued a “personal contract” to Luck so that if the contract terminated it wouldn’t matter.

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The court judge rejected this claim and said Oliver Luck had to prove without a doubt there was no legitimate cause of termination, rather than McMahon. WWE’s attorney Jerry McDevitt made the argument that Alpha Entertainment had to be added as a defendant instead of just McMahon by himself. The ruling was that Alpha Entertainment would be placed as a decedent until the bankruptcy issue was finalized and resolved.

Vince McMahon previously claimed that Luck used a company iPhone to send documents and conduct business unrelated to the XFL. This was against company policy.

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