Zack Ryder Reacts To Being Called Fat, + Miz Hypes RAW


— The Miz is doing media work today in the Dallas, Texas area to promote tonight’s episode of RAW.

— On Sept. 10 via Twitter, Zack Ryder revealed a goal to gain fifteen pounds by Oct. 1. “Got a lot of down time this month…gonna use the time wisely…training hard & eating A LOT…I want to gain 15 pounds by October 1st. #carbs,” he remarked. The New York native, who has sparingly appeared on WWE programming since early October (he has only appeared in two televised matches in the past sixty days, both of which aired on WWE Superstars), has indeed gained weight as he’s now up to 220 pounds (an increase from a billed weight of 214 pounds). However, not all of it is muscle.

In response to a person on Twitter calling him “fat” and a “pudgy boy” (based on a photo from a recent live event of him appearing heftier), Ryder responded, “220 and ZACKED. You must have seen a bad picture. #bulking.”

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