Zack Ryder’s Interesting Tweet, Linda McMahon’s Spending


— So far, Linda McMahon has spent $28 million on her current senate campaign. In total for both campaigns, she has spend $78 million.

— Zack Ryder posted the following on Twitter today….

“SAVE THE DATE…1/11/13…Episode 100 of Z! True Long Island Story! #finale?”

— WWE Vintage Collection on October 20th, 2012 featured these matches:

* The Goon vs. Doug Allen (WWF Superstars – August 10th, 1996)

* Ken Shamrock, Steve Blackman & Ron Simmons vs. The Nation Of Domination (WWF Unforgiven 1998)

* Kevin Greene vs. Steve McMichael (WCW Great American Bash 1997)

* Ric Flair & DX vs. The Spirit Squad (WWE Raw – November 27th, 2006)

— The “Texas Prodigy” Carson won the NWA North American Championship on October 12th, and the NWA has released the following video…

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