Zack Ryder Teases Gimmick Change, Daniel Bryan Talks NFL


— SongPop, a music game app testing song knowledge, has added a WWE Themes category.

— Daniel Bryan appeared on the Sirius radio Fantasy Football show on Thursday afternoon to talk the NFL, replacement referees turned into a WWE storyline, and the recent drama with the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night. Bryan noted that if the referees did over-turn the game-ending touchdown for the Seahawks on Monday, he thinks there would not have been as big of an outrage because the Packers were expected to win.

— On this week’s edition of Z! True Long Island Story, Zack Ryder appears in a “dream sequence” as he blames himself for his bad year thus far after being advised to “reach for the brass ring.” He teases making changes to the show as well as his character to prove he can be more than just an “Internet Champion” as well as a “gimmick.” For those who missed it earlier earlier, you can view it below:

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