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Zelina Vega Believes LWO Can Change Her Career, Mick Foley On Joey Styles’ Commentary Work



During a recent appearance on WWE’s ‘The Bump,’ Zelina Vega discussed her current run with the LWO and how she believes the faction is a golden opportunity for her to change her career. She said,

The best things come when you’re not expecting it. Once the LWO finally came together, cause it’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, now that it’s actually here and I feel the WWE Universe is so strong behind me. And mind you, they’ve only seen one side of me for a long time. So I love that they’ve embraced me so much. Now it’s just this is the moment, this is the moment that I feel like could really change my career. Honestly, I remember Liv talking about that, saying there was someone that texted her saying that she was an inspiration to the rest of the locker room. One of those texts came from me.”

On the latest episode of his Foley Is Pod show, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley shared his thoughts on Joey Styles’ work as a commentator for WWE.

Styles, who was the voice of ECW for the majority of the promotion’s run, was hired by WWE in 2005. Styles worked for RAW and was later moved to WWE’s own ECW brand in 2008, where he was replaced by Mike Adamle. Foley said,

I thought Joey was better before they messed with his head, honestly. I thought they’re trying to take away the things that make Joey, Joey. You always play better when you’re playing to win instead of playing not to lose. And when they get in your head, make it clear that ‘Yeah, we brought you in, but we want to change the things about you that you were most certain of. And now you have Mr. McMahon in your head. It can really be a difficult existence on an announcer.”

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