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ResultsCOLLISIONAEW Collision Results (3/2/2024)

AEW Collision Results (3/2/2024)



Here are the full results for the episode of AEW Collision airing on March 2, 2024.

AEW Collision Results

Mark Briscoe and Buddy Matthews have a fight to begin the show. The House Of Black are held back because Mark kept letting off stage pyro.

#1. [All-Star 8-Man Scramble Qualifying] Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Bryan Keith vs. Damte Martin – Winner: Dante Martin

#2. Mariah May vs. Angelica Risk – Winner: Mariah May

Toni Storm enters, walks straight past Mariah May and gets a microphone. She asks Deonna Purrazzo to join her. Toni asks her what have they have become. Their friendship destroyed. All just to win a match. Is it worth it? For as long as she breathes, Deonna will not beat her.

Purrazzo responds by saying if she didn’t have her head so far up her own ass, she would be able to defend it. She wishes her a good day, because it will be difficult to wipe her ass after she breaks both of her arms. Storm gives Purrazzo a big kiss on the cheek, and provokes her. Storm backtracks while Mariah steps in to help her idol, but is taken out, while the champion watches on.

#3. Dark Order’s Evil Uno, John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs. Bang Bang Scissor Gang’s Anthony Bowens, Max Caster & Austin Gunn – Winners: Bang Bang Scissor Gang

Willow Nightingale and Kris Statlander warn Julia Hart and Skye Blue that at Revolution, they are coming to kick their ass.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring with a microphone. He welcomes Wardlow. Wardlow says that one year ago, he choked out the king. And now finally, he gets his chance to challenge for the AEW World Championship after he beats the all-stars. Doesn’t matter who he faces for the AEW World title. He will slap Page back in to depression.

As for Swerve, he will kick the front door of his house down, and beat him down from the basement to the attic. He is sick of the dumb hillbillies chanting for Joe. He sits in his spot. Not only will he take his spot, he will destroy Joe so hard that he will be forced to put on a headset and sit back on commentary. Wardlow is still the face of the revolution. This no longer wrestling. This is war. Chris Jericho wants a word.

Why is he looking past tomorrow night? Chris Jericho says he is one of the best to ever do this. How can he overlook the rest of the competitors? He is The Ocho and 8-time World Champion, and first AEW World Champion. Before he disrespects him, he wants to remind Wardlow it has been four years since he lost the title to Moxley. He hasn’t had a chance to even sniff that title ever since. This is a chance to get back to where he knows he can be. Jericho knows he is good enough.

The question he has… is Wardlow? Because he is complaining so much about being overlooked. Thousands of people used to chant his name. Maybe people stopped chanting his name because he just isn’t good enough. Wardlow says he is right. He was so close to reaching the top of the mountain. After Double Or Nothing, he showed up and took a step down. And then another step down. And this continued on and he was pissed off. It eat him up so much and he lost himself and his best friend.

After being sat at home for three months with no explanation or phone call, he began to remember who he is. He picked himself up off the floor, and came back to remind everyone who he is. He is Wardlow, and is the baddest son of a bitch to step in a ring. Wardlow does not care how many titles Jericho has won. He is done eating his scraps. If he thinks he isn’t good enough, feel free to come down and show him. Jericho is up for that, but he is blindsided by Powerhouse Hobbs, who warns Wardlow that he has one day left.

Backstage, Serena Deeb says no one has really challenged her in the ring yet. The competition she has faced so far would not know the difference between a wristlock and a wristwatch. She challenges anyone to test themselves against the most elite wrestler. Nobody can do what she does in the ring, and she is the final boss.

#4. Private Party vs. Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal – Winners: Private Party

#5. Thunder Rosa vs. Sandra Golden – Winner: Thunder Rosa

#6. Orange Cassidy, Trent Beretta, Hook & Daniel Garcia vs. Christian Cage, Killswitch, Roderick Strong & Brian Cage – Winners: Christian Cage, Killswitch, Roderick Strong & Brian Cage

A big fight happens after the match ends before tomorrow’s Revolution PPV. Matt Menard leaves commentary to help his friend, but is chokeslammed on to a chair for his troubles.

AEW Collision Results (3/2/2024)

AEW Collision Results (3/2/2024)

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