Impact Wrestling Results (10/20/2022)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing on October 20, 2022. Did you miss the previous episode? You can catch up with the results here: 10/13

Bullet Club wonders where Ace Austin is. Bey enters the parking lot and finds him knocked out on the floor; it looks like he was attacked. Tommy Dreamer arrives shortly after and Juice Robinson accuses Bully Ray right away.


#1. Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer vs. Bullet Club’s Chris Bey & Juice Robinson — Winners: Bully Ray & Dreamer with the Bubba Bomb on Robinson

– Heath motivates Rhino ahead of tonight’s World Tag Team title match. Rhino says for months he clawed and stressed his way back here for revenge! They were making Heath’s life a living hell, so he’s taking them to hell tonight… with a GORE! GORE! GORE!!!

– Tommy Dreamer asks Bully Ray if he had anything to do with Austin, and this frustrates him. Moose believes he did it and wouldn’t have anything to do with him. He’s a scumbag and would deny it too.

#2. Mia Yim vs. Taylor Wilde — Winner: Taylor Wilde

Mickie James is so excited that for the first time they are in the same locker room together. Her last rodeo is about challenging herself against people she truly respects. Mickie thinks it’s about time that they… VXT storms the ring and attacks them. Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace doesn’t like that and evens the odds. Looks like we’re soon getting a six-Knockouts tag match. After the break, Mickie James issues the challenge.

#3. Jason Hotch vs. Joe Hendry — Winner: Joe Hendry

Scott D’Amore lets us know of the situation with Frankie Kazarian. He introduces the X Division Champion. D’Amore says he has no doubt that he thought hard about his decision to exercise Option C, but when he hands over the title, the decision is final. The title will be immediately vacated and an 8-man tournament will crown a new champion, culminating with the final at Overdrive. Are you sure this is what you want to do?

Kazarian has never been more certain about anything in his life. March 31st, 2004, he won his first X Division title. That meant the world to him because he had arrived as a player in the professional wrestling industry. Winning at Bound For Glory against a fighting champion like Mike Bailey, this title reign is just as special to him as his first. However, the minute he won, he couldn’t get Option C out of his head. Sometimes pro wrestling hasn’t loved him back. The places he’s gone and the things he’s done, but the most important thing is this business gave him his lovely wife and child. All because of Impact Wrestling.

The sacrifices and surgeries were worth it because everything he does is for them. He really loves the fans and thanks them for the support. However, he realized he isn’t proud of himself because he has never been the World Champion. Every day of his life, it eats at the pit of his stomach. He looks at the list of those who have won the World title, friends like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, and then there are those guys he is better than. Still, he never won the Impact Wrestling World title.

So all the blood he has shed, the sweat he has poured, and the tears he cried, is all for nothing if he doesn’t win the World title. This is why that square to God… Steve Maclin blindsides Kazarian with a vicious assault. Alexander shows up to stop him and Maclin gets out of dodge.

– Backstage, Eddie Edwards says something has to come to an end. Is this Honor No More’s last show?

#4. Eric Young (w/ Deaner) vs. Rich Swann — Winner: Rich Swann

One of VBD’s yellow hoodie guys grabs Swann and gives them the advantage. They set him up for the Spike Piledriver, but the lights go out! They come back on and Sami Callihan is here! He’s not standing for whatever EY is planning.

– The Major Players (Brian Myers & Matt Cardona) are looking to add more titles to their list of accomplishments. Their next goal is to claim the World Tag Team Championship.

#5. [World Tag Team Championship] The Kingdom’s Matt Taven & Mike Bennett (w/ Maria Kanellis) (c) vs. Heath & Rhino — Winners: Heath & Rhino become the new champions!

Honor No More is bewildered by their failure. Eddie Edwards enters and he doesn’t look happy. He says that as you guys know, Alisha gave her an ultimatum. Either their marriage ends or this group does. Honor No More started very publicly by kicking down the door at Impact Wrestling. Because of that, it only makes it fair to do this publicly.

Over the last couple of weeks, he’s had to ask himself if Honor No More is worth saving. When he looks around he sees nothing but failure, and that undermines their mission. The Kingdom just lost their titles. He needs to know… are they loyal to Honor No More? They agree. Kenny King let the X Division title slip away. Is he loyal? He agrees. Vincent is the peacekeeper and the guy worried about saving his own skin. Is he loyal? Or is he loyal to PCO? Speaking of which, PCO is nothing but failure since the beginning.

Eddie says he is the reason he lost at Bound For Glory because he was busy dealing with his BS. Is he loyal… yes or no?! The hesitation is all he needed to hear. Vincent puts the black bag over PCO’s head. Eddie Edwards calls him a bitch. This enrages PCO and he tears into Honor No More! He can’t be stopped, not even Vincent hitting him with a chair. The monster has been unleashed. He chokeslams Vincent through the chair. This looks like a fitting end to Honor No More.

Impact Wrestling Results (10/20/2022)

Impact Wrestling Results (10/20/2022)

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