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ResultsRAWWWE RAW Results (4/22/2024)

WWE RAW Results (4/22/2024)



Here are the results for the episode of WWE RAW airing on April 22, 2024. You can find our Friday Night SmackDown results here.

WWE RAW (4/22/2024)

Pat McAfee and Michael Cole open the show in the ring. They announce there will be a battle royal tonight to determine the new Women’s World Champion. A video package shows Rhea Ripley vacating the title last week.

Next up, Jey Uso enters the ring to talk to the people. Backlash is in two weeks. He has got to prove to the world who he is, ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso, to prove everything was worth it. Damian Priest interrupts. He just wants to talk. Priest likes his vibe. It suits him. They went to war last year, but he wants to talk about one specific night.

There was a night he whooped his ass so badly that he told Jey that he had earned his respect. Priest said the drinks were on him. Uso told him they were next. Priest is proud to stand by him, because he was right. Well, half right. He was next. This World Championship shows why he was next, and why he is now. The machine is going to feed him a bunch of people to make sure this title looks good on him. Jey Uso gets to be the first to lead the people to rise for the new champion.

Before he leaves, Jey says he’s only the leader of Judgment Day because Mami is hurt. He’s Dom’s b***h now. Jey isn’t being fed to him, ‘coz it is Priest who will be fed to him. JD McDonagh attempts a sneak attack, but he fails, and Priest eats a super kick for it.

Before the next match, WWE hypes up the return of the King & Queen Of The Ring tournaments.

#1. [World Tag Team Championship] R-Truth & The Miz (c) vs. DIY’s Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano – Winners: Awesome Truth

Johnny Gargano shakes their hands out of respect, but a frustrated Tommaso Ciampa refuses.

The frustration in the Judgment Day continues to rise, as (banged up) Dominik Mysterio went to Adam Pearce to sub in Santos Escobar as JD McDonagh’s tag partner tonight. Damian Priest isn’t happy about it and wants them to handle their business.

Gunther returns. He says for 666 days, he elevated the Intercontinental Championship to heights never seen before. In that process, he became the greatest champion in its history. He will forever be enveloped in the title’s history. However, that also means for two years he had a target on his back, and that weight has been lifted off his shoulders. To Sami Zayn, thank you. He isn’t a target anymore. He has gone from being the hunted to the hunter.

This is a brand new era, and no matter where he goes, his name will be synonymous with it. He declares himself a participant in the King Of The Ring tournament. After that, it is up to him to decide which championship he takes next. Fair warning. As a champion in WWE, you will be targeted and hunted by someone who can take and hold them longer than anyone else. Soon to be the King Of The Ring, the “Ring General” Gunther.

The New Day interrupts. Xavier Woods reminds everyone he is the previous King Of The Ring winner. They mock Gunther for not having a title anymore. New Day doesn’t want to face his boys again, but if that’s what it takes.

#2. The New Day vs. Imperium (w/ Gunther) – Winner: The New Day

Gunther is not happy with Imperium, so he walks away. Ludwig Kaiser helps Giovanni Vinci out of the ring… and then attacks him! Kaiser brutally destroys Vinci until officials direct him away. Despite them, he runs around the ring and dropkicks Vinci’s head in to the steel steps. Gunther waits for him in the back, where Kaiser says he told him he’d get the job done.

Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring to address the crowd. He sits in the ring like CM Punk. Why do they insist on chanting CM Punk’s name? With all the evidence over the years. He hates the fans as much as hates himself. Have you ever loved something so much that it doesn’t love you back as much? No one understands complex relationships in this audience because the furthest they have got is with their right hand. McIntyre continues to talk about how things are unfair going in to the draft, which he doesn’t care about.

Sheamus enters and asks why he is sulking. All he sees is the only person who isn’t taking responsibility for his own mistakes. Some may say that makes him a coward. He got his moment at WrestleMania XL in front of a crowd, and then he blew it over a stupid social media spat. As his friend, he is here to tell him the hard truth. A one armed CM Punk kicked his arse. Sheamus says he is obsessed. McIntyre says he wants hard truths. He wants to talk about banger after banger, but to him it looks like burger after burger.

Sheamus laughs it off. He deserves that. He can lose the weight, but Drew can’t lose stupid. Stop blaming everyone. Drew says he was sticking up for him after others were making jokes at his expense. He’s his friend, but he isn’t worth a fight, so he will watch his back during this next match.

#3. Sheamus vs. Shinsuke Nakamura – Winner: Sheamus

Chad Gable walks to the ring. He thinks Sami Zayn has had a rough couple of weeks, but what he did to Sami Zayn was justified. It should have been him at WrestleMania, but he was wasting his time training Zayn and a bunch of losers. He insults Maxxine Dupri and Otis. He calls Otis the biggest disappointment of them all. This is why they signed up to the Alpha Academy, so they could get feedback. They are going to focus on Gable and win his Intercontinental Championship together, and help him no matter what. Right? Otis reluctantly says no matter what.

#4. Ricochet & Andrade vs. Santos Escobar & JD McDonagh (w/ Dominik Mysterio) – Winners: Ricochet & Andrade

Damian Priest takes out Ricochet and Andrade afterward. He tells Dom and JD that he doesn’t need them, but they need him.

There’s commotion backstage as Nia Jax and Liv Morgan brawl. Becky Lynch gets a microphone from Jackie Redmond and officially introduces us to the main event.

#5. [Battle Royal For The Women’s World Championship] Becky Lynch, Nia Jax, Liv Morgan, Maxxine Dupri, Ivy Nile, Candice LeRae, Indi Hartwell, Zoey Stark, Shayna Baszler, Natalya, Chelsea Green, Piper Niven, Kayden Carter & Katana Chance – Winner: Becky Lynch becomes the new champion! (Last eliminating Liv Morgan)

WWE RAW Results (4/22/2024)

WWE Raw Results (4/22/2024)

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