IMPACT Wrestling Results – March 22nd, 2019


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing March 22nd 2019. This is not a detailed play-by-play commentary of matches; although talking segments are included. Check out the following link for last weeks results: March 15th

*As I watch it on Spike in the UK, Impact airs earlier than other international broadcasts (starting 11pm GMT 6pm EST). Avoid if you do no want it spoiling.*

We begin this weeks episode with clips of what happened on the previous. Josh asks “Why Johnny? Why?”. Moose is out for the first match. The Rascalz enter, but only Trey remains as he’s the opponent.

#1. Moose vs. Trey – Winner: Moose with the spear

Another solid opener, although Moose dominated much of it. – oVe cam: Similar promo to previous weeks. Callihan says it’ll only be him and Swann in the X-Division title match tonight, and he’s walking out as the new champion. oVe are taking over everything .. everything .. everything.

– Tessa Blanchard interview: There’s no vindication as she’s just getting started. Tessa’s talked to her lawyers, and claims everything Gail Kim’s done is the company’s fault. She will make Kim apologize, and after that, Impact Wrestling will fire her as she’s no longer welcome.

#2. Eddie Edwards & Eli Drake vs. KM & Fallah Bahh  – Winners: Edwards & Drake with Eli using Kenny (Eddie passed to him) and Eddie finishing with the Boston Knee Party

– An interviewer catches up with Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie as they show up to the arena. Johnny remarks if he wants to find out why, “buy a ticket with the rest of the marks”.

GWN Moment Of The Week: Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy at Against All Odds 2011 in a Ladder match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

– Investigative reporter banging on Johnny’s door. Taya comes out and literally pushes him in to a trash can ..

– Swann & Mack talking on a sofa. Rich thanks Willie for having his back, but tonight it’s just between him and Sami. He still wants to look out for the Crist brothers though. Ethan Page pops in to threaten Willie after he wins tonight, but neither he or Rich care enough to worry.

#3. Ace Austin vs. Damien Hyde  – Winner: Ace Austin with Aces Up.

He’s got a decent moveset, but one step at a time for Ace. Up next is the World Champion’s address.

– Josh Mathews introduces the World & Knockouts Champions. Don Callis labels him “Johnny Traitor”. Josh cuts right to the chase .. why? Johnny mocks the question, claiming he’s getting all the biggest news outlets reaching out to him to find out the answer. In the end, he says he turned on the fans because internet smart marks are all the same. He claims he defended the title more than any other champion in history, but no one cares about that.

Johnny says they are only watching the show for carnage, much like dumb NASCAR fans. He saw all the social media comments about Brian Cage getting screwed, but Brian is too dumb to realize the fans don’t really care about him (without saying, he implies they are fickle). And how does anyone expect him to be loyal, when the fans aren’t loyal to him?

Josh asks Taya about her upcoming title match with Jordynne Grace. She puts her over a little, but Grace apparently comes up short in some areas. Taya tells the audience they bled her husband dry, and it’s not going to continue. And in future, only she will decide who challenges her and when for the Knockouts title. They can do that as they hold all the power. Johnny used to really care about the fans, but there’s only two things that matter to him now: 1) his wife Taya, and 2) his World Heavyweight title. Callis angrily cites Johnny’s actions as disgusting.

– Father James Mitchell is with Rosemary. She wants Allie’s soul back, but he gave her exactly what was agreed. If she has a problem, she can take a number and be seated. He is apparently the right hand man of a mystery person Rosemary must see in order to get Allie’s soul back. Rosemary is excited at the prospect of crossing over to the dark realm to meet the guy who can give her what she wants.

#4. Ethan Page vs. Willie Mack – Winner: Willie Mack with the stunner

– The interviewer is back again, but gets called “hot garbage” by Johnny. Killer Kross pops in and whispers something to him; apparently Johnny’s day keeps getting better. But as he walks away, Kross’ demeanor changes .. is he really on the champion’s side?

– Recap of Glenn Gilberti & Scarlett Bordeaux’s exchange from a couple weeks ago. The investigative reporter meets up with Gilberti at a bar. He’s not taking it seriously (he’s drinking shots), unlike Scarlett who is training hard. Gilberti calls the whole “Women’s Revolution” a hoax, and there’s no way any woman could ever beat a man.

– Gail Kim comes out of the Impact management office. She’s anxious because her hands are tied, and will have to apologize. Suddenly, an all out brawl ensues between LAX & The Lucha Brothers and we lose the interview with Gail. They brawl hard til staff show up to split them up.

– In a repeat of a few weeks ago, the Crist Brothers trap Willie Mack in a room and we hear steel chair shots. Only this time, it’s Willie who walks out the door with a steel chair in hand. “We need better security around here”.

#5. *Main Event for the X-Division Championship* Rich Swann (c) vs. Sami Callihan  – Winner: Rich Swann

Callihan attacks Swann after the match. He gets a steel chair and does not get to use it as Rich spin kicks him. Rich grabs the chair and looks at Sami. But “Madman” Fulton (AKA Sawyer Fulton) enters the ring and takes him out! He picks Callihan up and reveals an oVe shirt .. the former Sanity (of NXT) member has joined them. Willie Mack tries saving his friend, but Fulton drills him to the mat. Callihan & Fulton look confident as they stand over their lifeless bodies. Ohio Versus Everything just got a lot more powerful.

–Impact Wrestling Results 3/22/2019–

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