Impact Wrestling Results – May 31st, 2019


Here are the results for this weeks episode of Impact Wrestling airing 5/31/2019. Check the link if you missed the results from last week: May 24th

#1. [No Disqualification] Moose & The North vs Tommy Dreamer, Sabu & Rob Van Dam. – Winners: Dreamer, RVD & Sabu with the 5-star Frog Splash

Brutal opener with several chairs and tables involved. Next up, we hear from the World Champ Brian Cage.


– Good news is he’s back to training, but the bad news is he’s not cleared to wrestle. He’s sick of hearing Michael Elgin bragging about what he did to him. Come Slammiversary, he’s going to be there defending the title.

– Moose thought he needed Killer Kross, but he’s far too unstable and selfish. Then he thought the Canadian boys (The North) would help him, but they weren’t good enough. From this day on, he’s going it alone as the face of Impact Wrestling.

– Before the next match, Glenn Gilberti insults Tessa Blanchard and women in general. After saying he will be her “daddy”, she punches him in the face. After the match, the crowd chant “She’s your daddy!”

#2. Glenn Gilberti vs. Tessa Blanchard – Winner: Tessa Blanchard with an elbow to the face

– LAX are backstage drinking with the titles. Smoke appears in the room, and they wonder if it’s Scarlett Bordeaux .. but nope, it’s The Rascalz. Apparently they have been training for a tag team title match, but LAX haven’t heard anything about it. As they’re good friends, they agree to a match anyway. Trey goes one drink too far, downing all the Tequila they have left .. which makes Ortiz a little upset.

– Rich Swann and Willie Mack have a big match tonight. What’s going to happen? They’ve got the fire, the charisma, and all the attributes necessary to take out Johnny Impact & Michael Elgin.

#3. The Deaners vs. Desi Hit Squad (w/ Gama Singh) – Winners: The Deaners with a roll up

– Killer Kross promo on Eddie Edwards. Ignorance is a universal disease. Tonight, he will inflict suffering. Kenny’s gone, and he was only trying to help. Eddie is afraid of being alone. No more than ever, he will be isolated. In the end, everyone pays the toll.

– Michael Elgin comments on Brian Cage. He calls him dumb, and Impact management should take the title off him and hand it over. Johnny Impact shows up. He points at the red X held by Johnny Bravo, which gives him a shot at the X-Division title. Johnny is hoping they can co-exist tonight, to beat Willie Mack & Rich Swann. Elgin says it’s fine so long as he does his part. Johnny feigns an injury, before sharing it must be his “pythons” giving extra stress.

Before the next match, Killer Kross enters wearing a flak jacket. Eddie Edwards rushes to the ring and we quickly get underway.

#4. [Street Fight] Killer Kross vs. Eddie Edwards – Winner: Eddie Edwards with the Boston Knee Party and The Sandman’s interference

Wow! What a surprise. The Sandman appears from the wilderness to help out Eddie. The fans chant “EC-Dub”. Sandman has a kendo stick, and he graciously hands it over. Eddie has a new “Kenny”, thanks to the legendary Sandman.

– James Mitchell visits Rosemary and Su Yung. This is getting out of hand, so it’s time for a history lesson. The story of Allie is told, although in a convenient way to make Rosemary look accountable. He asks why, if they were such good friends .. why did she let Allie die? This angers Rosemary to the point she chokes him out. Mitchell crawls away, as Rosemary adamantly claims Su Yung belongs to her.

GWN Moment Of The Week: The Great Muta, SANADA & Yasu vs. Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian & Chris Sabin at Lockdown 2014

– oVe cam. Not only talking down Fallah Bahh & Scarlett Bordeaux, Sami Callihan seems to take cheap shots at the Knockouts division (Su Yung, Rosemary, Tessa Blanchard) too; saying none of them can match up to oVe. Completely unprovoked, so am not sure why he found it necessary to include them.

#5. Johnny Impact & Michael Elgin vs. Willie Mack & Rich Swann – Winners: Mack & Swann with the 450 splash, following Elgin leaving the match

Willie & Rich celebrate the big win. And that’s all folks! See you next week for more Impact Wrestling.

–Impact Wrestling Results 5/31/2019–

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