Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (1/31/20)


Nothing has been settled for SmackDown!

Roman Reigns won the battle in Houston, but Baron Corbin insists on continuing the war! What happens in a rematch from last week’s Six Man Tag?


  • SmackDown Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way: Heavy Machinery vs. Lucha House Party vs. The Revival vs. John Morrison & The Miz; Morrison & Miz win and will challenge The New Day for the titles at Super Showdown.
  • Fire & Desire vs. Bliss-Cross; Bliss-Cross wins.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn & Cesaro vs. Braun Strowman; Strowman wins and becomes the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.
  • Chad Gable vs. Sheamus; Sheamus wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode vs. Roman Reigns & The Usos; Reigns & The Usos win.


It’s a SUPER SmackDown!?

What does that mean?! Seems we’ll find out as SmackDown begins its own journey down the Road to WrestleMania!

Roman Reigns and The Usos are here!

The Big Dog and the Bloodline may have put down the King and his Court (jesters), but this is far from over! Will tonight’s Super SmackDown help end the war? Roman and the Usos grab some mics and wants Tulsa, Oklahoma to get louder. But the Royal Rumble has come and gone, and the good news: Roman whooped Corbin all over the stadium. The bad news: Roman didn’t win the Rumble. The Usos know he doesn’t like to lose. But with the help from the fans, the Bloodline is going to beat Baron and his b*tches to head for Mania!

But speaking of, here comes King Corbin and his loyal subjects. Fans boo but Corbin tells them to save it. Corbin tells Roman that without the Usos, Roman wouldn’t have won. “Roman Reigns cheated his way to a victory!” In fact, if they didn’t attack together like savages, Corbin would’ve been in better shape for the Rumble and would’ve won! But it’s all because of them that he isn’t. So that is why he demanded this rematch to make them pay!

Wait, whoa, wait. All that yelling. Why Corbin so mad? “Mr. My Head’s Too Big for My Crown” needs to be reminded. The last time they checked: Superkick to Dolph, Superkick to Roode, Superman Punch to Dolph, Superman Punch to Roode, Spear to Dolph, Spear to Roode. But Corbin, got Superkick’d, Super Punched and Super Speared! But just listen here King. You’re in the wrong game. He’s playing Checkers, they’re playing Chess. And that’s checkmate, boy! Yes, very funny. Must’ve had a lot of time sitting at home playing games after embarrassing the family. And while they were arguing over red and black, the Court was beating Roman down. Corbin has footage replay of the cuffing and dog food.

But Roman thinks it’s funny that Corbin is living in the past. He acts like that was his greatest moment, or he just has a dog food fetish. Well how about this then? Let’s add a stipulation to tonight’s match: losers EAT DOG FOOD! Challenge accepted! But that’s great! Because there’s a huge surprise! “Go on, bring it out!” A big ol’ heaping of dog food is served. “Hope y’all hungry.” Friday Night Lockdown is going to get nasty! Who gets put in the dog house with plenty of supper?

SmackDown Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way: Heavy Machinery vs. Lucha House Party vs. The Revival vs. John Morrison & The Miz!

The Super Showdown is coming back, and The New~ Day~ are going to be putting their gold on the line! Will Otis & Tucker, Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik, Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson or the Guru and A-Lister punch their tickets tonight in Tulsa?

SmackDown returns as The Revival have entered the ring. Last but not least, Miz & JoMo make their awesome entrances. The teams sort out and we begin with Dash and Tucker. They circle, Dash waistlocks to a headlock, but Tucker powers out. Tucker runs Dash over then shows off his agility. Dash leaps but into a bearhug! Tucker squeezes tight then brings Dash over to tag in Otis. Fans fire up as Tucker tosses Dash to Otis for his own bearhug. Dash endures and pulls hair to headbutt Otis. Now free, Dash headbutts more, to then shove against the ropes. Dash clubs Otis then tags Dawson, the #TopGuys mug Otis. Dawson CHOPS and whips but Otis blocks to reverse. Dawson kicks back and Metalik tags in off Otis. Metalik enziguris Dawson and Morrison tags in off Dawson.

Morrison and Metalik tie up, Metalik headlocks but Morrison powers out. Things speed up, Metalik handsprings but Morrison evades. Morrison ducks a kick to sweep the legs but his standing shooting star flops! Metalik knuckle locks and CHOPS then goes acrobatic for a haedscissors! Miz runs in but gets a dropkick! Metalik rolls and sunset flips! Cover, but The Revival break it up. They sucker punch Lince before double whipping Metalik. Metalik dodges the clotheslines and Lince flies in to take the Revival down! Lince gives Metalik a boost to missile dropkick the #TopGuys down! Heavy Machinery get in and grab a luchador each. Double suplexes but the luchadors slip out! Double dropkicks send Heavy Machinery out! Lince springboards but the Revival catch him! Metalik can only watch as Lince is TOSSED into a post!

Morrison gives Metalik a FLYING CHUCK! He climbs up top as Heavy Machinery wrecks the Revival! Morrison LEAPS and whips out Heavy Machinery! Fans fire up as Morrison encourages Miz to fly! Miz builds speed, but Dawson LARIATS him down! Dawson hits Morrison but Metalik SUPERKICKS Dawson! Dash is up but he gets a FLYING HURICANRANA! Everyone is down and out as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns as fans rally with “Lucha! Lucha!” Lince fights up from a chinlock and throws body shots on Morrison. Morrison knees low to tag in Miz! Miz and Morrison double whip but Lince goes up and over and rolls. Morrison ROUNDHOUSES Metalik but Lince gets a DOUBLE Golden Rewind! But no Metalik to tag! Lince crawls to another corner, preferring Heavy Machinery. Fans fire up as Otis gets the hot tag! Dozer rallies on everyone that comes his way! Miz dodges but still gets run over! Morrison runs in but gets a flapjack! Miz returns to get scooped, spun and slammed! Otis fires up as Tucker rallies on The Revival! Springboard crossbody! Fans fire up with Otis but Morrison stalks up to kick low. It only powers Otis up! Morrison keeps trying but off comes Otis’s shirt!

Morrison throws more kicks but Otis blocks! Otis THROWS Morrison overhead! And then sandwiches Miz and Morrison in a corner! Both Miz and Morrison are in the drop zone, the CATERPILLAR ELBOW! Cover on Miz, TWO! Miz survives but Otis gets to his feet. Otis runs into a boot, and Miz hops up to leap. But Otis catches him! Tucker runs in, but The Revival dump him out! Miz reverses, full nelson but no Finale. Dawson tags in but gets a left hand! Powerslam for Miz but Dawson rolls Otis! TWO! Dawson kicks Otis and throws hands. Dawson runs to COBBER Otis! Metalik tags in and kicks Dawson! Lince tags in, Metailk springboards to crossbody! Then Lince SPLASHES! Cover, but Miz breaks in! Miz BOOTS Metalik but Tucker Thesz Press!

Morrison springboard SPEARS Tucker! Otis returns, Morrison runs, into a POP-UP BOMB! Dash runs in but is clothesline’d out! Dawson throws hands and hits a DDT! Lince slingshot sunset flips but Dawson rolls through to suplex. Rebound but Lince slips out to SUPERKICK! Lince MOONSAULTS! Then goes up, ANOTHER moonsault! Lince fires up and Tulsa joins him as he heads up top. But Dash trips him up! The Revival coordinate as Dawson climbs. Miz tags in, SUPER BACK SUPLEX and SPLASH! But Miz sends Dash out, Dawson rolls Miz, TWO! Miz full nelsons, Morrison tags in! FINALE and STARSHIP PAIN!! Cover, Miz & Morrison win!!

Winners: The Miz & John Morrison by pinfall (NEW #1 Contenders to the SmackDown Tag Team Championships)

The Super Showdown indeed has a super showdown coming! Miz and Morrison have had the tag team champions’ number, but will it be AWESOME in Arabia?

Heavy Machinery regroups backstage.

And Fire & Desire walk over. Mandy Rose feels bad that they lost. But she thanks him for all the help during the Royal Rumble. “You’re welcome, Mandy.” But Tucker says this is Otis’s chance. What? They’re right here, what’s going on? Otis is just nervous. Why is he nervous? Well, Otis does like Mandy. And so, uh, that is to say, will she go out with him next Friday? Mandy says she has plans next Friday. But not for Valentine’s Friday. Great! Well the date is set and Fire & Desire head off for their match. Is this going to be the greatest Valentine’s Day for Otis ever?!

Daniel Bryan reconsiders his decisions.

After the brutal Strap Match at the Royal Rumble, Bryan couldn’t show his daughter the marks on his back. Does he love wrestling too much? Short answer: yes. Long answer: he prays that his daughter one day finds something that she can be as passionate about as he is for wrestling.

This Week in WWE History:

Halftime Heat ’99, an Empty Arena Match between The Rock and Mick Foley as Mankind went down on January 31st, and ended with a keg-carrying forklift cover! Will Super Bowl LIV be as memorable as that night?

Fire & Desire vs. Bliss-Cross!

Romance aside, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville are fighting for a chance at the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships just as much as Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross! Which team takes the next step towards the Kabuki Warriors here tonight?

SmackDown returns as Mandy & Sonya make their entrance. Then they blindside Bliss-Cross before the bell! They throw Nikki out but Alexa throws Sonya out. Nikki traps Sonya in the apron skirt and Alexa hits a baseball slide dropkick! Mandy runs in but gets a right hand! Sonya bounces Alexa off the announce desk! Sonya puts Alexa in but the ref keeps her back to check on the Goddess. Alexa wants to fight and the bell rings. Cover, ONE and Sonya rams knees over and over. Tag to Mandy and they stomp away on Alexa. Fans rally up and Sonya tags back in. Fire & Desire mug Alexa but Alexa hits back. Sonya snapmares and wraps on a chinlock to grind Alexa down. Fans rally up and Alexa fights back to her feet. Alexa throws elbows and breaks free, but Mandy tags in.

Mandy lurks and Sonya clobbers Alexa. Sonya throws knees but Alexa hits an STO! Alexa drops knees but gets CLOBBERED! Mandy covers but Nikki breaks it! Nikki shouts at Mandy as the ref reprimands her. Mandy puts Alexa in the corner to throw hands then tag Sonya. Fire & Desire mug Alexa more, and Sonya throws big forearms. Alexa DECKS Sonya and ROCKS Mandy! Alexa kicks Sonya away and hobbles to her corner. Fans rally up but Sonya tags Mandy first. Mandy gets in but Alexa sends her into buckles! Both Alexa and Mandy are down as fans fire up. Mandy intercepts Alexa but Alexa rolls and tags in Nikki!

Nikki rallies on Mandy then hits Sonya for good measure. Fans fire up with Nikki as she hits a corner splash and bulldog on Mandy! Nikki runs around and goes up top, for a CROSSBODY! Cover, but Sonya knees it apart! Alexa ROCKS Sonya with that right! Mandy drags Nikki up, throws her down, then crucifix. TWO and Nikki kicks, THE PURGE! Tag to Alexa, and she goes up top, for TWISTED BLISS! Cover, Bliss-Cross wins!

Winners: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross by pinfall

A huge win for the former tag team champions! Will this bring around a rematch between Alexa and Nikki with Asuka and Kairi Sane?

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn & Cesaro vs. Braun Strowman!

After weeks of “The Great Liberator” doing everything he could to keep the King of Strong Style from facing The Monster Among Men 1v1, there is no more running! Will Nakamura #GetTheseHands? Or will Sami have a plan to screw over Strowman?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the inevitable match-up begins!

Nakamura and Strowman circle. Strowman lunges but Nakamura evades. Nakamura gives quick kicks but Strowman shoves. Nakamura gets around to throw more strikes, but Strowman runs him over! Fans fire up with Strowman but he runs into a boot. Nakamura climbs on for a sleeper but Strowman rams into buckles. Strowman throws Nakamura off to ram him into the other corner and throw hands! Strowman runs corner to corner and corner splashes Nakamura! Sami was late to saving Nakamura, so Strowman goes again! Nakamura dodges the boot and sweeps the other leg! Nakamura kicks Strowman in the head then rams in knees! Fans boo as Nakamura hits Strowman in the ribs and puts him on the ropes for Bad Vibrations! The ref backs Nakamura off but Sami gets a cheap shot in!

Nakamura clamps onto Strowman with a facelock but Strowman endures. Fans boo and jeer Sami as he taunts Strowman. Strowman powers up and powers Nakamura off! Nakamura is up, one kick misses but the other gets Strowman! Nakamura stomps Strowman more then gives him kicks. Strowman grabs Nakamura with one hand and CLOBBERS Nakamura with the other! Strowman runs Nakamura over again and again then puts him back in a corner, to TOSS across the way! He runs in for another corner splash, then turns Nakamura around to CLUB down! Fans are fired up as Nakamura bails out and Strowman pursues. Strowman runs Nakamura over again! He puts Nakamura back in, scoops, but Nakamura fights free. Nakamura dodges again then KICKS Strowman in the head! BLINDSIDE KNEE! Cover, TWO!!

Team Sami can’t believe Strowman survives, but Sami is whispering to Cesaro. Sami distracts the ref at the corner but the ref senses Cesaro sneaking in! But the buckle is exposed! Nakamura goes to bump Strowman off it, but Strowman blocks! Strowman bumps Nakamura off the bare buckle! Scoop and MONSTER SLAM! Cover, STROWMAN WINS!!

Winner: Braun Strowman by pinfall (and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion)

Finally Strowman gets his hands on a title! And Tulsa celebrates with Strowman as he holds the title up high! Sami is in shock most of all as he and Nakamura retreat. Will Strowman take this momentum all the way to WrestleMania?

SmackDown returns to Sami Zayn complaining.

“That’s injustice!” What Strowman did is robbery live on television! An interviewer comes along to ask where Team Sami goes from here, and Sami is even further frustrated. They’re dealing with a crisis! But she’s new here, right? Well he’ll cut her a break, but for future reference: do not EVER interrupt with a hack question like that! Elias’ strumming in the ring cuts Sami off. Sami hopes he didn’t hear that. Elias calls out to Sami and says he is scheduled to perform. No one wants to hear Sami talk so Elias just figured to move things along. Sami is trying to stay calm, so Elias needs to understand: no one cares about his jingles! Put the guitar down and shut up! And that goes for fans, too! Sami is far more important so he needs to say his piece.

Elias apologizes. By all means, continue. Sami does, but Elias keeps playing, too. Sami gets upset again but Elias apologizes. He thought Sami was done. Sami is getting mad but Elias says, “My bad.” Then plays more. “Cesaro, please take care of this situation.” The Swiss Cyborg heads for the ring! Elias greets Tulsa and with the Road to WrestleMania having begun, we know what that means. Elias knows Cesaro is on his way, but he has a song, so please, clap along. Too late, Cesaro arrives! Will Cesaro silence Elias for Sami’s sake?

The brawl is on the moment Cesaro hits the ring, and Elias stomps away! Elias stomps a mudhole but Cesaro boots back. Elias LARIATS Cesaro down then whips, to back drop! A BIG knee sends Cesaro out, then Elias climbs the corner. Referees stop this from continuing, but will Elias keep on walking towards WrestleMania?

Chad Gable vs. Sheamus!

Shorty G fell to the Fella at the Royal Rumble, but this fight is far from over! What happens in this Super SmackDown rematch?

Well for starters, Gable blindsides Sheamus during his entrance! Shorty G has a big smile as he gets in the ring first. Sheamus isn’t so happy, and stares daggers at “the vermin.” The Celtic Warrior heads for the ring while we go to break.

SmackDown returns as Gable and Sheamus tie up. Sheamus grinds Gable down in a facelock, then knees low. Sheamus lifts Gable onto his shoulders but Gable slips out. Gable goes to monkey flip but Sheamus blocks it! Sheamus puts Gable on the top rope, but Gable body scissors Sheamus out! Gable gets on the apron and leaps, but into Sheamus’ arms! Rolling Senton! Sheamus shouts, “Are you not entertained!?” before he puts Gable in the ring. Sheamus stomps Gable around then hauls him up in a torture rack. He throws Gable down hard, then drags Gable by an arm. Sheamus drags Gable up for another torture rack, and another SLAM! Fans cheer Gable on even as Sheamus drags Gable up. Sheamus says this underdog is just a rat, but Gable throws big hands! And CHOPS! So many chops!

Sheamus blocks but Gable HEADBUTTS! Gable kicks out a leg and runs, only to get run over! Gable bails out and hotshots Sheamus back! Then Gable drags Sheamus out to throw hands on the apron! The ref counts but Gable gets up to throw hands and a headbutt! Gable climbs, leaps, missile dropkick hits! Sheamus goes to a corner but Gable runs in, rolling kick! Sheamus is down again and Gable goes back up. Gable MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO!! Sheamus survives but Gable won’t give up. Gable stalks behind Sheamus and waistlocks, but Sheamus elbows free. Sheamus fireman’s carries but Gable sunset flips! TWO, and Sheamus scoops for the Irish Curse Backbreaker! Sheamus goes to the corner as fans fire up. Gable stands, to get a BROGUE! Cover, Sheamus wins!

Winner: Sheamus by pinfall

That’s 2-0 for the Celtic Warrior! Gable’s got a big heart but Sheamus’ boot is bigger. Will Sheamus move on to bigger and better opponents from now on?

It’s SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley!

After a tough fight against the Sassy Southern Belle, Lacey Evans, Bad Bad Bayley managed to escape with the win. But a win is a win and that is why Bayley smiles here tonight. Fans boo as she holds up her title. “Damn, I’m good!” Bayley knows there’s “just something” about her that can’t be taught, reproduced or touched. She showed us how a real role model wins quickly and decisively. Bayley made good on her promises when she beat Lacey, crushed her dreams, and got payback for the injuries to Sasha Banks! Fans keep going “What?” and Bayley mocks them. Bayley did what she did, all with little Summer Evans in the front row. Summer’s hero turned out to be a loser and a failure!

But don’t worry, kids. If you want an inspirational role model, ignore the sheep and look to Bayley! “Because a true champion surpasses them all.” Bayley has beat everyone there is! No surprise that Charlotte will want Bayley at WrestleMania, so Charlotte should just get out here now. But instead of The Queen, it’s THE GLOW! Naomi is here with her own version of a DeadMau5 helmet as she heads for the ring!

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion joins Bayley in the ring as Tulsa fires up, but Bayley has no idea what to make of this return. Naomi is grabs a mic and says she has missed being on SmackDown! But now that she is back, she can’t help but hear all the trash talk going on. Bayley bragging, lying, running her mouth and saying she’s beat everyone. She ain’t never beat Naomi! So as a former champion, Naomi feels the title could use some glow.

Naomi tells Bayley that the next chance she gets, she’ll- Bayley sucker punches Naomi! Fans boo as Bayley rains down hands then throws off her jacket. Bayley grabs the title belt and swings, but Naomi dodges and springboards for an enziguri! Naomi has Bayley down and out on the outside! But will Naomi get into that title scene whether Bayley likes it or not?

Six Man Tag, Losers Eat Dog Food: Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode vs. Roman Reigns & The Uso!

The stipulation speaks for itself. If the Wolf King and his Court can find a way to win, the Big Dog and his cousins will be made to eat big nasty bowls of processed meat. But the same goes the other way around, making Corbin eat his words on top of it. Which trio will be sick to their stomachs after tonight?

The trios sort out and Jimmy starts against Corbin. Corbin swings on Roman but Jimmy gives uppercuts and CHOPS! Corbin DECKS Jimmy then covers, ONE! Jimmy get sup but Corbin whips. Jimmy sunset flips but Corbin throws hands. Corbin misses and Jey tags in. The Usos corner and clobber Corbin then Jey whips. Roode tags in and Corbin reverses. Roode dumps Jey out and then gives him a SPINE BUSTER! Corbin protests Roman coming by but the ref works to restore order. Roode drags Jey up to throw into the timekeeper’s area! Ziggler keeps jawing at Jimmy while the dog food bubbles in the bowl. SmackDown goes to break as Roode fetches Jey.

SmackDown returns once again and Roode drops knees on Jey. Cover, TWO! Roode rams knees into Jey’s back as he pulls on the arms. Ziggler taunts Jey but fans rally up. Jey fights his way up but Roode waistlocks. Jey elbows back, then throws uppercuts! And more uppercuts! Roode kicks low then sucker punches Jimmy! Roman protests but the ref keeps him back. Roode turns around to block Jey’s kick, only to get the dragon whip enziguri! Both men are down and fans are rallying! Roode and Jey crawl, hot tag to Ziggler! Ziggler leaps but only gets buckles as Jey dodges! Jey crawls over to his corner, but Ziggler heads for his. Hot tag to Corbin and he hits Roman first! Corbin then rams Jey into the post! Roll up, TWO!

Corbin grows frustrated, but he vows to make Jey eat the dog food! “Look at it!” Jey hits back from the corner! Jey boots Corbin, elbows the jesters, and tags in Roman! Corbin freaks out as Roman rallies! Fans are fired up as Roman whips but Corbin reverses. Leaping lariat! Roman puts Corbin in a corner for point-blank clotheslines! He goes all the way to 10, then runs to BOOT Corbin down! Fans stay hot as Roman locks ‘n’ loads! But Ziggler runs in, so Roman uppercuts! Corbin slides out, then in but Roman dodges, only to get caught! CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! The Big Dog survives and the Wolf King is furious! Corbin hits Jimmy down then goes out to throw him into steel steps! Corbin looks at the dog food buffet before going back to the ring. Roman ROCKS him with uppercuts!

Roode runs in to distract, Corbin rakes Roman’s eyes. SUPERKICK from Ziggler! Whip and DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO!! Tulsa is thunderous for Roman while the King and his court are beside themselves! Corbin crawls but Jimmy gets in to DIVE! Direct hit sends Roode over the desk! Corbin doesn’t get his scepter, but he gets the SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, but Ziggler breaks it! SUPERKICK for Ziggler an dJey fires up. Jey runs to DIVE onto the Show-Off! Roode-Dolph ends up behind the desk as Roman lets out the battle cry. Corbin blocks the Spear but Roman rolls him up! Roman and the Usos win!!

Winners: Roman Reigns and The Usos by pinfall

And guess what that means?! A feast fit for a king’s… MUTT! The King tries to run but the Usos keep him in with a SUPERKICK! The Usos cuff the king! Roode-Dolph is stuck under the announce desk and the Usos put Corbin on lockdown! He resists but can’t get free, Roman SPEARS Corbin down! “Oh yes, sir!” Roman and the Usos drag Corbin over to the corner and hook him up like Corbin once did Roman!

The Usos fetch the dog food, wheeling the entire tray over. Corbin kicks at it but it stays upright. First is the appetizer, and Roman flicks the spoon at Corbin. Then the main course is an entire BUCKET!! Corbin is drenched in the meat but the Bloodline adds on a second helping! Roman and the Usos pose with Corbin, and make sure he’s evenly coated. Will this finally be the end of this feud?

My Thoughts:

Greetings, eWrestlingNews readers! I’m just going to presume no one is familiar with me, so I should introduce myself. I’m Steven Mitchell, major coverage contributor from The Chairshot, the new partner with EWN. My style of coverage is obviously incredibly detailed, but sadly can’t be truly live. I live in El Paso, where our local Fox channel seems to be the puppet of Sinclair Broadcasting, who only now that ROH is on life support have they chosen to support it, by simply trying to ruin WWE ratings in markets they control. This is the one true downside to SmackDown moving to Fox. But tonight’s episode being my first with this group, this was actually a pretty good one.

Turns out that the Dog Food match was real, but I’m glad it was used here as part of a big Six Man Tag main event and not a PPV anything. The match itself was really good, but of course the Faces stand tall and get to dump all that mess on Corbin’s head. Here’s hoping this really is the end of the feud and Roman can move on to what I assume is the Universal Championship. The Usos are likely to wait until after Super Showdown to go after the SmackDown Tag Team Championships again, and by then I’m thinking Miz & Morrison get them. The Fatal 4 Way to determine #1 contenders was a lot of fun, but it was a foregone conclusion who was winning. New Day vs. Miz-Morrison is going to be a great match, and next week’s return of the Dirt Sheet talk show is going to be a lot of fun.

I love that I was right about Valentine’s Friday Night SmackDown being a major plot point for Otis and Mandy. I’m rooting for Otis. I’m betting any number of awful things happen that Otis is afraid will lose him the girl, only for Mandy to be sweeter than her usual character has been, and forgive Otis. Bliss-Cross thereby winning the tag match tonight was a good move, then. Kabuki Warriors are Heels, Bliss-Cross are Face, tale as old as time. And I’m very surprised and impressed that WWE let Strowman win the Intercontinental Championship. Sami protesting and Cesaro losing a brawl with Elias makes me think the IC title is what gets an Elimination Chamber match at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Or we could have two, where both micard titles are on the line.

SmackDown makes a great move bringing Naomi out as Bayley’s potential opponent for the title. That is a fresh match up that will be a lot of fun, but I’m already sensing Sasha Banks keeps Naomi from winning. Gable vs. Sheamus wasn’t really necessary but it was a decent match. I really liked Daniel Bryan’s promo about those whip marks and not being able to show his daughter what they looked like. It remains to be seen if Bryan is going to be changed by The Fiend like all the others, but I’m sure Bryan is going to come back for another prize, like the Intercontinental Championship. Again, Chamber is up next, he might take this love that borders on self-endangerment to a new level in that match as his way of being changed.

My Score: 8.2/10

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