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NJPW New Beginnings Osaka! (2/9/20)



IWGP Heavyweight AND Intercontinental Double Championship Match: Tetsuya Naito VS KENTA!

Los Ingobernables de Japon’s charismatic leader made NJPW history when his Destino was realized at WrestleKingdom 14! And now, more history is being made in Osaka as BOTH belts are on the line! Will Bullet Club truly be back on top when Mr. Fang Revived sinks his teeth into two titles at the same time? Or will the Double Champion remain tranquilo?

The introductions are made, Jay White joins commentary to troll Naito and both belts are raised. Fans boo as all of the Bullet Club members join Kenta in the ring, for one big group Low Sweet. Naito hasn’t yet finished taking off his elaborate entrance ensemble yet, and fans chant “Go Home!” in Japanese to all of the Bullet Club members. Tama Tonga shoves Red Shoes down! Fans boo more but Naito keeps his cool. Because Red Shoes EJECTS the Bullet Club boys!

Jay White protests as leader, but Red Shoes is the law. Gedo also tries to reason with Red Shoes while Tama apologizes, but Red Shoes has spoken. Or do they want this match thrown out?! Tama and the others exit, willing to actually play by the rules for Kenta’s sake. Fang Revived is now without his pack of wolves as this match finally begins!

Osaka is strongly on Naito’s side, but that’s no surprise. Kenta grimaces as he and Naito circle. They approach, but Kenta bails out. Fans boo as Kenta borrows tactics from Jay White, but he tunes them out. Kenta takes his time returning and Naito gives him room, only for Kenta to hop right back out. Fans boo, but Kenta mockingly throws back invisible flowing locks of hair. Kenta paces around the ring again, finally slithering back in, only to slither back out. Fans boo more but Kenta continues to do things at his pace. Naito waits, even as Kenta mocks, “Tranquilo!”

Kenta hops up and keeps taunting Naito with his own catchphrase. Red Shoes keeps Naito back for Kenta to get in, but then Kenta goes back out. Kenta mocks fans and even eggs them on. Kenta again goes to the ring, Naito stays back, and both men are finally circling again. Fans rally up for Naito, and that just makes Kenta exit again. Kenta tells fans to hush this time before going back to the ring. Naito doesn’t even seem annoyed at this point as Kenta joins him in the ring. Naito and Kenta finally tie up and Naito puts Kenta on the ropes. Red Shoes asks for the ropebreak, and Naito gives it, only for Kenta to bail back out.

Kenta stares down Hiroshi Tanahashi on commentary, then lounges by the English desk. Naito patiently waits as Kenta returns yet again. But then Naito attacks and knocks him down! Naito builds speed but Kenta gets clear, Naito TRANQUILO! Kenta rushes in but now Naito bails out! Osaka loves Naito giving it all back to Kenta. Kenta is not as patient as Naito, which makes Naito only troll him more. Naito insists on a particular side of the ring, and has Kenta hold the ropes open for him. Only to roll under the bottom rope. Kenta stomps Naito for it! Naito throws forearms back so Kenta throws with him. Kenta rakes eyes then whips but Naito holds ropes to boot and huricanrana!

Kenta bails out but Naito pursues, to whip Kenta into railing! And then more railing! Naito chases Kenta down around the way to put him in the ring. Naito stomps Kenta down and keeps him from escaping. He pulls Kenta back against the ropes but lets up at Red Shoes’ count. Naito stomps Kenta down and around the ring, then brings him up for elbows. Naito clamps on a cravat to crank Kenta’s neck. Kenta endures and puts Naito in a corner. Kenta rams his shoulder in over and over, then throws big forearms. Naito turns it around to throw wild elbows into Kenta! Kenta sits down so Naito gives him Bad Vibrations, and SPITS on him!

Naito drags Kenta up and whips him corner to corner, but Kenta reverses. Naito dodges Kenta but is put on the apron. He counter punches Kenta but Kenta knicks him back! And again! Naito is stuck in the ropes, Kenta hops up for a guillotine knee drop! Fans rally and even duel as Kenta’s fans are finally vocal. Kenta whips Naito to BOOT him down! Naito rolls out but Kenta pursues. Kenta throws big clubbing forearms and whips him to railing! Naito hits so hard, he tumbles over! Kenta goes out to snatch a Naito teddy bear from a fan and stand on it! Fans boo louder as ever as Kenta kicks the stuffed animal away and stomps Naito down.

Kenta brings Naito up and around to whip HARD into more railing! And even more railing! Naito ends up tumbling over again while Kenta taunts the fans. Fans boo and Kenta soaks up the heat as we reach the 10 minute mark. Kenta waits in the ring while Naito stirs. The ring count begins and Kenta mockingly claps to get the fans rallying. No one plays along. Naito is crawling at 11 of 20, standing at 14, and hobbling over at 16. Naito’s in at 17 but Kenta throws him back out. Kenta dusts himself off as fans boo again. Naito drags himself up and Kenta paces. Naito gets in, Kenta is on him to throw him back out. Kenta goes out to whip Naito into more railing! Kenta drags Naito around to the alley and DDTs Naito to the floor!

Fans boo but Kenta soaks it all up. Naito clutches his head while Red Shoes checks on him. Kenta leaves Naito behind to go to the ring. Naito stirs as the ring count begins again. Kenta unties a buckle pad?! Red Shoes stops him from doing it part way, but Kenta doesn’t get why this is so bad. Red Shoes reties the pad but Kenta goes after the opposite end! Kenta is far nastier than Toru Yano about it as he throws the buckle pad out. Naito drags himself into the ring and Kenta whips him at that bare corner! Naito gets bare buckles to his back! Red Shoes reprimands Kenta but the damage is done.

Kenta stomps Naito down then brings him up for another whip. Kitchen Sink knee! Kenta sits Naito up to KICK in the back! Naito grits his teeth while Kenta soaks up the heat. Kenta drops knee after knee, then brings his knee pad down, to jump, and scuff Naito’s face. Fans boo as Kenta mocks the posing! Kenta brings his knee pad back up and drags Naito up for a snapmare. Kenta clamps on a chinlock but Naito endures. Fans rally up as Kenta cranks back. Naito fights up, throws elbows and gets free! Naito runs, dodges, but gets another kitchen sink! Cover, TWO! Kenta snarls and paces as Naito crawls.

Naito sits up but Kenta kicks and stomps him down. Kenta taunts Naito, daring him to hit back. Naito swings, but Kenta spins him around for a DDT! Cover, TWO! Naito still lives and fans rally for him, but Kenta just mocks them again. Kenta gives toying kicks then HARD kicks, still taunting Naito all the while. But Naito eggs Kenta on! Kenta kicks more and more, but Naito stands up. Naito blocks a kick, elbows the knee, then runs. Kenta boots then runs, but into the dropkick! Both men are down but Osaka cheers as Naito sits up first. Naito goes to Kenta, drags him up and whips him to ropes.

Naito elbows Kenta down then dropkicks him in the back! He whips Kenta to a corner for the rocket kick! Sweep and swinging dropkick, Combinacion Cabron! And Naito shows Kenta how to properly do his poses. Fans fire up as Naito drags Kenta up and around for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Naito keeps his cool as he brings Kenta up again. Naito dragon sleepers for the backbreaker to the leg nelson! Kenta endures as Naito cranks the neck. Kenta moves around, Red Shoes notices the hair pull, and then Kenta gets the ropebreak! Naito lets go at the count of 4, and fans rally up again.

Naito stomps Kenta down and drags him up for a waistlock. Kenta fights off the lift and switches, but Naito elbows free. Naito runs in but gets a boot! He comes back but gets more boots. Kenta hops up, drags Naito in, tornado hotshot! Naito staggers and Kenta climbs, flying clothesline! Cover, TWO! Kenta keeps his cool as he drags Naito around by his arm. Kenta wraps up the arm but Naito won’t let it be Game Over as he gets the Ropebreak! Fans cheer while Kenta reluctantly releases Naito. Kenta stomps away on Naito at the ropes!

Naito gets under the bottom rope but Kenta kicks and stomps him more. Kenta drags Naito up and in through the ropes, but Naito fights free! Naito blocks the boot and sweeps the legs! Fans cheer as Naito brings Kenta out, for an apron neckbreaker! Kenta writhes while Naito catches his breath. Naito has camera men clear out as he drags Kenta out more, but Kenta gets off the apron. Naito throws forearms but Kenta kicks back. Kenta puts Naito on the railing, DRAPING DDT TO THE FLOOR!

Both men are down but clearly Naito took the worst of that. Kenta goes back into the ring and leaves Naito at the mercy of the count. Naito stirs at 5 as fans rally up for him. Naito sits up at 10, and slowly stands to get to his feet at 15. Kenta says Red Shoes needs to speed up but Naito is in at 17 again. Naito is in a corner, Kenta runs in, BIG boot! Then corner to corner, basement dropkick! Kenta roars as the originator of that move, and then heads up top! Naito is in the drop zone but gets out of the way as the double stomps come in! Kenta turns around, to get a SPINE BUSTER!

Fans rally again as Naito sits up first now. Naito fires himself up as he and Kenta come around. Naito throws a forearm but Kenta gives it back. Another forearm from Naito, another forearm from Kenta. Naito grins as the brawl continues, and even picks up speed! Kenta starts to wobble and Naito keeps on him. Naito throws wild elbows again, and Kenta drops to his knees! Fans fire up more as Naito drags Kenta up for even more elbows! Red Shoes checks on Kenta as he drops again, but Naito toys with him. We’re past 25 minutes as Naito swings more.

Kenta ducks and grabs at Red Shoes! Kenta uses Red Shoes as a shield, Naito pushes Red Shoes away, and Kenta grabs Naito for a Triangle Hold, into the GAME OVER! Naito endures being cranked back in the modified LeBelle Lock, and manages to drag himself and Kenta towards ropes. Kenta rolls Naito away and cranks back even harder! Naito keeps fighting forward, heading for new ropes. Kenta cranks back as hard as ever, but Naito refuses to quit! Naito pushes forward, reaches with his one free arm, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Kenta lets go in frustration, and fans rally hard as ever. Naito sits up in a daze, but Kenta KICKS him in the chest!

Naito rests on the ropes, Kenta runs in, double knees to the back! Kenta waistlocks and GERMAN SUPLEXES! But Naito rises, so Kenta whips and runs to PSYCHO KICK! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives but Kenta drags him up. Fireman’s carry, but Naito slips out to rolling heel kick! Kenta rebounds and runs in, but Naito spins him around for a TORNADO DDT! Both men are down but Osaka fires back up! Red Shoes watches both men but Kenta is up and in a corner first. Naito follows and runs in, but blocks boots. He turns Kenta sideways, draping backbreaker! Naito hoists Kenta up top then climbs up to join him. SUPER STEINER!

Fans fire up again as Naito brings Kenta up, hammerlocks and scoops, GLORIA! Cover, TWO!! But Naito is not deterred! Naito drags Kenta up by his hair and wrenches, but Kenta powers Naito into Red Shoes! Then again! And now, Jay White rushes out! Bullet Club has nothing stopping them as White hits Naito with a SNAP Sleeper Suplex! White drags Naito around, but here comes BUSHI! Bushi reels back but White knows what’s coming and gets clear of the mist! BLADE RUNNER! White drags Naito around again but here comes HIROMU! Hiromu baits White in for a SUPERKICK!

Hiromu throws White out and drags him away with a headlock! That leaves it at just Naito and just Kenta in the ring. Kenta and Naito flounder and crawl while Young Lions help Red Shoes get back in. Fans rally as all three men are down, Red Shoes included in that. Kenta drags himself up with ropes while Naito and Red Shoes slowly stand. Kenta runs but Naito dodges to enziguri! Naito whips, Kenta reverses, but Naito hits flying forearms! Tilt-o-whirl but no Destino, DISCUS LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Kenta shouts he’s going to end it, and he fireman’s carries Naito. GO TO- DESTINO!? It wasn’t the full, but an inverted DDT is close enough!

Both men are down again and fans are thunderous! Kenta and Naito stir, and Naito sits up first, followed by Kenta. Naito stalks Kenta and drags him up for a scoop. Kenta slips out and bumps Naito on the exposed buckles! Cover, TWO!!! Naito survives but he is BUSTED open from that bare steel! Red Shoes checks on Naito but Naito refuses to let this end here. Kenta just SLAPS away with palm strikes! Kenta is a shark and he aims at Naito, for the PSYCHO KNEE! Cover, TWO!?!? Naito still lives!! But Kenta takes off a knee pad and drags Naito up to a fireman’s carry. Naito pops up to POISON-RANA! And then scoop, VALENTIA BRAIN BUSTER!! Cover, TWO!! Kenta survives but Naito and his crimson mask say this is the end! Naito drags Kenta up, wrenches, tilt-o-whirls, DESTINO!!! Cover, Naito wins!!!

Winner: Tetsuya Naito, by pinfall (still IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion)

The first defense in the book was a battle in which Naito literally shed blood, sweat and tears! Kenta drew first blood but Naito won in the end! A stare down between the two men says it all, as does both men being barely able to stand. Red Shoes presents the Double Champion with both belts, but Naito also wants his time to talk. Red Shoes raises Naito’s hand, and Naito doesn’t even bother wiping away the blood on his face before putting his baseball cap back on. Kenta leaves peacefully so Naito can speak.

“Buenos noches, Osaka-Jo Haaall~!” Naito wants everyone gathered here, that- Oh wait, Kenta’s still here. Hey, Kenta, hurry up, would you? You’re not tranquilo. But as Naito was saying, Los Ingobernables de Japon’s Naito and his first defense… How was it seeing him stay Double Champion? Osaka loves it! The Tokyo Dome was a site of history, sure, with the Double Gold Dash. Osaka-Jo Hall is now a site of history with the Double Gold Defense. So what’s next? Naito wants a match with “that guy.” Hiromu, come back out! The fans cheer for Hiromu, and Hiromu does appear! Seems he got through with Jay White backstage.

The IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion joins his Double Champion LIJ leader and mentor. Naito wants Hiromu to decide, are they going to have that special 1v1 match? Hiromu grabs a mic as fans cheer for him. “Naito-san, do you remember?” When Naito took Hiromu under his wing and taught him about wrestling. Does Naito remember what he said the day before Hiromu went on his excursion? “When you come back, let’s have a match with one another.” And Hiromu’s been back, so the answer is SI! There could be no other answer! But does Naito want this match? Naito says that of course it’s SI! Hiromu Takahashi VS Tetsuya Naito, special Junior Heavyweight VS Heavyweight showdown for the Anniversary show! Do the fans think that sounds fun? Look forward to this incredible first-time-ever!

So with that, finally, the LIJ tradition! Osaka, you finally get one of these! “EVIL! BUSHI! SANADA! HIROMU! TAKAGI! Y NAITO! Nosotros… Los! Ingoberrrrrrrnableees! DE! JA! PON!” The streamers fly and the two champions and friends set their titles down. But then Hiromu picks up THE Heavyweight Championship to get a better look at it. Hiromu sets it down, and the two give the LIJ fist bump. When it comes down to mentor VS young ward, leader VS follower, and Heavyweight Champion VS Junior Heavyweight Champion, who is going to be the better man on the 48th Anniversary of NJPW?!

My Thoughts:

Even with just the matches I covered, it was obvious NJPW New Beginning in Osaka was another great event. The surprise of the three matches was that Jon Moxley retained. I would’ve thought Moxley loses so he doesn’t have to worry about traveling, as it feels very likely Moxley would win the AEW World Championship at AEW Revolution. But it seems NJPW is totally fine with Moxley going back and forth, as is AEW, so who knows? Moxley might be a bridge that helps open the “forbidden portal.” Seeing him and Jericho carry their feud between both promotions would be pretty cool, too.

I loved so much about Hiromu VS Lee, especially that almost all the strikes were chops. Those chests became like steak after all that stuff. I also really liked the tease of the spot that injured Hiromu, for the sake of the drama. Hiromu maintaining made the most sense, given what we’re getting at the Anniversary Event. The Double Gold match did great with purposefully taking a slow pace to start, because it extended this match to have the rest of it be the hard-hitting, fast paced match we knew it’d be in the end. I did not expect that blood, though! That was pretty great. Naito retains because it was his first defense, because Kenta isn’t at that level yet, and again, so we can get what we’re getting at the Anniversary Event, which is going to be a lot of fun.

My Score: 9.3/10

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