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ResultsNXTWWE NXT Results for March 19, 2024

WWE NXT Results for March 19, 2024



Tonight’s episode of WWE NXT is live out of the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida. Welcome to the eWrestlingNews coverage of NXT results for this week!

Follow along here for results of all the matches and noteworthy moments and keep refreshing for updates. Be sure to chat it up in the comments below and tell us your thoughts while watching this episode!

  • Roxanne Perez defeated Tatum Paxley by submission. After the match, Lyra Valkyria (in a sling) came out to fight Perez, but even with Paxley’s help, couldn’t get the upper-hand.
  • Noam Dar can’t wait to get his hands on Trick Williams after last week. But Lash Legend can’t wait to get her hands on Trick, either, for different reasons, after that kiss. Alpha Academy (minus Chad Gable) came over to them for a moment of confusion, looking for the locker room.
  • After the commercial break, Valkyria asked Ava to make the title match Perez wants for Stand & Deliver, no matter what her medical situation is. Ava makes it official.
  • Josh Briggs grabbed a microphone to cut a promo on Oba Femi, calling him out. Femi came out, saying the only thing that matters when he steps through the ropes into the ring is the result, and his results speak volumes. Briggs reintroduces himself to Femi as The Man of Mayhem and challenges him to a title match to see who is the true baddest dude in NXT. Out comes Dijak (or as Briggs calls him, Wannabe Shaft) to throw his name in the hat. Femi says when it comes to the title, there’s Oba and then, everyone else. A shove leads to a three-way brawl, broken up by officials.
  • Watching that go down backstage was Shawn Spears, who was pleased to see what happened. He mentioned that pride always comes before the fall, and when he walked off, Joe Gacy was behind him, hiding, watching Spears and chuckled with a “Does it?”
  • No. 1 Contender Qualifier: Axiom & Nathan Frazer defeated No Quarter Catch Crew (Charlie Dempsey and Myles Borne) by pinfall.
  • Backstage, Mr. Stone is pissed at Von Wagner for carrying him out like a baby last week.
  • Also backstage, after the break, Alpha Academy wants a shot at Stand & Deliver. They’ll fight The Wolf Dogs next week and if they win, they get inserted into the title hunt.
  • Sol Ruca defeated Brinley Reece by pinfall. After the match, Blair Davenport attacked Ruca.
  • In the locker room, Arianna Grace has dubbed Gigi Dolin Miss NXT in Training and is going to take on the responsibility of bringing the true lady out of Dolin.
  • Ridge Holland said he’s going to do “what everyone wants him to do.” Whatever that means.
  • The Family cut a promo about how Tony D’Angelo will beat Ilja Dragunov, who interrupted via TitanTron to retort with how he will retain his title.
  • Backstage, Thea Hail apologized for how she’s been acting recently with Riley Osborne. This growing up thing is hard. She hopes they can at least still be friends, and Osborne says that goes without being said. They high-fived and all of Chase U is out to accompany Osborne for his Heritage Cup match.
  • TikTok clips of Karmen Petrovic and Lola Vice were shown to hype their upcoming fight.
  • NXT Heritage Cup: Drew Gulak (c) defeated Riley Osborne with a 2-1 score, in part due to some interference from Jazmyn Nyx
  • In the parking lot, Fallon Henley wanted to check up on Brooks Jensen after last week. He’s upset and sick of everything going on where Henley and Briggs are doing great, but he isn’t. Kelani Jordan then interrupted to ask where Kiana James and Izzi Dame are, as she’s looking to get some revenge for their attack on her last week. Henley’s more than willing to help.
  • No. 1 Contender Qualifier: The Good Brothers defeated Hank Walker and Tank Ledger by pinfall.
  • Backstage, James, Dame, Jayne and Nyx badmouthed Thea Hail. Jayne and Nyx left, leaving James and Dame open to an attack from Henley and JOrdan.
  • Trick Williams defeated Noam Dar by pinfall. After the match, Carmelo Hayes and his goon squad attacked Trick.

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