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ResultsPPVWWE WrestleMania 36 Night 2 Results & Report

WWE WrestleMania 36 Night 2 Results & Report



WWE wraps up WrestleMania Weekend!

WrestleMania 36 finishes up as the WWE World Champion, BROCK LESNAR, takes on Drew McIntyre! Is Claymore Country stronger than Suplex City?


  • Preshow Match – Natalya VS Liv Morgan; Liv wins.
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Charlotte Flair; Flair wins and becomes the new NXT Women’s Champion.
  • Aleister Black VS Bobby Lashley w/ Lana; Aleister wins.
  • Otis VS Dolph Ziggler w/ Sonya Deville; Otis wins.
  • Last Man Standing Match: Edge VS Randy Orton; Edge wins.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Mojo’s Folly: Rob Gronkowski wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • Raw Tag Team Championships: The Street Profits VS Austin Theory & Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega; The Street Profits win and retain the Raw Tag Team Championships.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship Fatal 5 Elimination Match: Bayley VS Sasha Banks VS Tamina VS Naomi VS Lacey Evans; Bayley wins and retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship.
  • Firefly Fun House Match: The Fiend VS John Cena; The Fiend wins.
  • WWE World Championship: Brock Lesnar VS Drew McIntyre; McIntyre wins and becomes the new WWE World Champion.


It’s the WrestleMania Preshow, again!

Corey Graves and Peter Rosenberg are back! Join them again as they discuss, analyze and predict this night of action!

The Street Profits are fired up backstage.

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins prepare for the day! They have 2020 vision for WrestleMania! And it doesn’t matter if Zelina Vega has plans, because the Theory will be disproven. But just so everyone’s on the same page, Ms. Charly, Angel Garza ain’t the only Lothario on Raw. Dawkins shooting his shot, but WrestleMania means the Profits are up! Wait, fam. Remix it! Right, because it’s WrestleMania! So instead… take a sip… WrestleMania is UP, and #WeWantTheSmoke. Will WrestleMania Weekend bring the swag to close it out?

Preshow Match – Natalya VS Liv Morgan!

Now that The Man has beaten the Queen of Spades, the door is open to a new challenger! Will the Queen of Harts or the LIVing Embodiment take a crucial step forward tonight?

The bell rings and Natty circles with Liv. Liv offers a handshake and Natty takes it. To drag Liv into a headlock and takeover! Liv rolls to a cover, ONE and Natty grinds Liv down. Liv headscissors but Natty pops free. The two go again, and Natty gets a wrench to a wristlock to a headlock to a hammerlock. Natty rolls Liv back, ONE and the two stand off. Natty applauds Liv for keeping up with her technical ability. The two circle again and Liv says Natty will regret grinning. They tie up but neither gets control so they separate. Now Natty offers a handshake but Liv swats it away. Natty kicks but Liv catches it, only for Natty to roll and use it to bring Liv down. Liv fights out of the toehold to get a headlock.

Natty pops out to get a waistlock, but Liv reaches down to trip her up. Natty kicks Liv away but Liv goes Matrix to dodge the clothesline! Liv rolls Natty up, TWO! Liv kicks Natty low then whips her to a corner. She tells Natty to “kiss this” before hitting a back elbow in the corner. Liv whips Natty the other way then runs in, but misses! Natty throws haymakers and hits the rebound sit down! Natty steps on Liv to then basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Natty argues the count but two is two. Natty drags Liv up and whips her to a corner. Liv goes up but Natty puts her on the apron. Liv counter punches Natty to then hotshot. Natty KICKS Liv back down! Liv goes reeling, and Natty DISCUS clotheslines her from the other side!

Natty goes out to fetch Liv and puts her in. Natty drags Liv up to snap suplex! She grabs the legs and drags Liv in. Natty hooks up and grabs the arms for the ROMERO SPECIAL! Liv endures the floating surfboard but Natty drops her down. Natty pulls back then boots her down! Natty drags Liv up and whips her to a corner. Liv slips out to the apron then rolls Natty up, TWO! Liv throws forearms and puts on a headlock. Natty kicks out but Liv escapes the rebound sit-down, for a CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Natty survives but Liv grits her teeth. Liv dropkicks Natty against ropes! Liv runs back in, but into a scoop! She escapes, but Natty standing switches. Liv bucks Natty off and then runs to wheelbarrow. But Natty uses that for a FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Liv still lives!

Natty argues but that’s the count. Natty grabs the legs and wants the Sharpshooter, but Liv cradle counters! TWO and Liv enziguris! Natty goes to ropes but Liv snarls. Liv runs in but gets caught in a waistlock! Liv wheelbarrow victory rolls, TWO! Natty has it, TWO! Liv has the victory roll back, LIV WINS!

Winner: Liv Morgan, by pinfall

A HUGE win for Liv! She hasn’t been on the best roll since her return, but this could be the spark she needs. Will she be LIVing large now?

Dolph Ziggler tries calling Mandy Rose.

After the reveal on this past Friday Night SmackDown, Mandy hasn’t talked to him or Sonya Deville. He doesn’t want her to throw away what they have over a “misunderstanding.” Sonya checks with Dolph, but they can’t get through to her. And even if Mandy reaches out to them, what do they say? Maybe that they were thinking of her best interests? Kayla Braxton comes by and asks them about their plot being revealed. Is this some kind of ambush? WWE is better than this! No comment!

The WWE Backstage hosts join the Preshow, again!

But this time, Booker T and Renee Young are joined by Christian! Captain Charisma is GOODT in his turtleneck, and is of course here to talk Randy Orton and Edge. Christian knows Edge very well and says that the thing going for Edge right now is confidence. Orton is oddly to thank for that. Edge survived Orton’s assault after the Royal Rumble, so Edge is emboldened to take the fight back to Orton. While The Viper really is the best, maybe of all time, Edge has “grit.” There is a fire inside Edge after what Orton did to him and Beth Phoenix, and it is now an inferno.

Edge has always had a chip on his shoulder, and has used that chip as motivation. That chip is going to motivate Edge even more now. But Orton is at his peak right now, and Booker says Edge’s ring rust could be the real enemy. Christian is talking from his heart, but Orton is the best today. Orton will bring a lot and will take a lot in this match. Who do you think will be the Last Man Standing tonight?

Stephanie McMahon welcomes us back to WrestleMania!

Yes, we’re on the second night of the WWE superstars performing in front of an empty arena, but with all the same energy as if we were all present. Please sit back and enjoy the finale of WrestleMania Weekend!

“A battle for the ages” is on the horizon.

Rise as one, or fall as… CUT! That’s starting at the end. You can’t start at the end. Where is the drama? The rising action? Story-telling 101. Back-up to… There! The raging ocean. “The darkest hour… is just before the dawn.” Movie narration, go! No, wait, that’s very cliche. Okay, yes, this is all cliche because it’s pirate theme with a pedestrian knockoff Jack Sparrow. But it’s also so much more. It’s a story of adventure, bravery, maybe even madness. Wait why are there horses and aliens? Give us the heroic montage! The epic effects! Mythical juxtapositions!

Our heroes, our icons, our legends are all here after hundreds of days and nights around the world. This is their quest for gold, glory and immortality! You may think you’ve heard this story before, but forget what you have learned. For fate has a funny way of surprising you. “Tonight, adventure awaits.” But history waits for no one! Both those things collide in one epic weekend! Who conquers the conquerors? Who raises the greatest treasures imaginable? And who stands tall on the Grandest Stage of Them All?

WWE Universe, Gronk is back!

The second night of a Mania too big for just one promises to make things even more hype! Gronk knows what Championship Sunday is all about, so let’s get to it!

NXT Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Charlotte Flair!

Speaking of a championship, history is definitely being made as the yellow ‘n’ black finally joins WrestleMania! The Queen of All Eras won the right to challenge a champion when she won the Women’s Royal Rumble, but who expected the Mosh Pit Kid to step up and challenge Charlotte? Will Rhea prove she’s not only different from Charlotte, but better? Or will Charlotte return to the top of the NXT brand?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and history starts to form!

Rhea and Charlotte circle and tie up. Charlotte gets behind Rhea and pushes her away, and says that’s one. They go again, Charlotte gets a leg and trips Rhea but then lets off. Charlotte shouts to the world, “THIS is our NXT champion!” Rhea gets up in a huff and circles with Charlotte again. They tie up, Charlotte waistlocks but Rhea standing switches. Charlotte trips Rhea up and wants the Figure Four but Rhea kicks her away. Rhea doesn’t like Charlotte toying with her, but Charlotte just grins. The two circle again and tie up. They push each other, and Rhea has the strength edge. But Charlotte uses that to put Rhea in a corner! Rhea shouts for the break as Charlotte digs her palms into Rhea’s chin. Charlotte lets up but Rhea gets in Charlotte’s face. So Charlotte pushes Rhea back. And CHOPS her chest! And again!

Charlotte brags how she’s been every kind of women’s (singles) champion, from Raw to SmackDown to even NXT, and is going to take the NXT title back! She CHOPS Rhea more then whips her corner to corner. Rhea reverses, and follows to intercept Charlotte’s tumble with a BOOT! Rhea pump handles and scoops! RIPTIDE!! Cover, TWO!?! Charlotte survives but Rhea won’t lose focus. Rhea follows Charlotte as Charlotte flops out of the ring. Rhea says that this is HER ring now! Cross the line in the sand and enter Rhea’s ring, princess! Charlotte paces as the ring count climbs. She slides in, but then slides back out to troll Rhea. But Rhea just rushes out after her! Charlotte hurries back into the ring but Rhea chases her back in, only for Charlotte to stomp away on her!

The ref backs Charlotte off but Charlotte drags Rhea up on the apron. Rhea kicks Charlotte back and then drags her out to the floor! Rhea drags Charlotte up but Charlotte throat chops! The ref reprimands then starts a ring count, but Charlotte sends Rhea into steel steps! Rhea elbows back, climbs up and CANNONBALLS! Rhea fires up as she drags Charlotte up and into the ring. Charlotte flounders but Rhea dropkicks her down! Rhea rams into Charlotte with shoulders, but the ref backs her off. Rhea clubs and kicks Charlotte around then bounces her off the mat! Now Rhea talks some trash and pushes Charlotte around. Rhea suplexes Charlotte high and hard then covers, TWO!

Rhea kicks Charlotte while she’s down, then over and over on the back. She drags Charlotte into a body scissors and even pulls hair. Charlotte and Rhea thrash as they fight on the mat. Rhea rolls Charlotte over and slaps her all around! Charlotte elbows Rhea back but Rhea traps her arms. Rhea squeezes and cranks back but Charlotte fights back. Rhea rolls Charlotte over to a cover, TWO! Charlotte is free and throws a forearm. But Rhea BOOTS Charlotte out to the apron! Rhea runs but her boot gets caught on the ropes! Charlotte hotshots the leg! Rhea screams as she clutches that knee but Charlotte is right on her at the ropes. Charlotte stomps and stomps until the ref counts 3! Charlotte lets out a ‘WOO~” and then talks more trash. She stomps the leg and then twists it on the ropes!

Rhea screams as the ref counts, but Charlotte kicks the leg at 4! Charlotte mocks Rhea’s screaming before kicking away on Rhea’s leg some more. Charlotte SMASHES the knee on the mat! And again! She slaps Rhea then goes for another smash, but Rhea gets to her feet. Rhea SLAPS Charlotte, but Charlotte kicks the knee! Rhea screams in more pain but she refuses to give up. Charlotte grabs the leg and cranks on the ankle with a toehold. Rhea kicks with her good leg but Charlotte holds on. Charlotte spins with the leg, then cranks on it more before slamming it on the mat. Rhea crawls but Charlotte tells the cameras, “I’m the best.” Charlotte grabs the legs and drags Rhea to a corner. She SLAMS a leg into the post! And again! The Mad Queen is back as she pulls Rhea into the post.

But Rhea pulls Charlotte into it in return! Rhea crawls away and tries to stand. Charlotte gets in to CHOP BLOCK the leg! Rhea is in pain but refuses to lose like this. Charlotte taunts with Rhea with how she made NXT! NXT owes everything to Charlotte! Charlotte springboard sits down on the leg! And again! Charlotte shouts she’s gonna be the two-time NXT Women’s Champion! But when Charlotte goes for a third sit-down, Rhea rolls her up! TWO and Charlotte kicks Rhea low. Charlotte grins as she brings Rhea back up for a scoop. Rhea slips out of the scoop to back suplex, to a FACEBUSTER! But Rhea writhes from the pain in her leg. She gambled on that move and is paying for it. Charlotte and Rhea sit up, clutching at different parts of their bodies. But Charlotte stands up and says she never gives up.

Charlotte clubs but Rhea body shots. They brawl like that but Charlotte kicks out the leg. And CHOPS again! Rhea ducks the chop to spin Charlotte to ram KNEE after KNEE into Charlotte’s head! Charlotte pulls Rhea’s hair to put her on the ropes. Charlotte whips, Rhea reverses, but Charlotte dodges one kick, and another kick, but not the third kick! Rhea ROUNDHOUSES Charlotte down! And then basement dropkicks! Both women are down, but Rhea roars back to her feet. Rhea gets the bad leg moving and goes after Charlotte. She reels Charlotte in for clothesline after clothesline, then hobbles about. Rhea gets the bad leg moving again, but Charlotte puts her on the apron. Charlotte kicks the bad leg and Rhea falls to the floor!

Charlotte says WrestleMania is her show as she climbs up. But Rhea hurries up to BOOT Charlotte back! Rhea has Charlotte on the Electric Chair, for a FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte survives and Rhea is at a loss for words. Rhea grits her teeth and Charlotte gets to ropes. Charlotte flounders against ropes but Rhea stalks up behind her. Rhea waistlocks but Charlotte elbows out hard! Charlotte back suplexes but Rhea slips out of it! Rhea ends up in a corner, but Charlotte blocks the boots to ROCK her with a forearm! Charlotte has the bad leg on the rope, and drops a knee! Rhea moves to elbow Charlotte back! Rhea hops up to the very top, and LEAPS! Missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte survives and Rhea is again unsure. Rhea works herself back up and tells her “stupid knee” to work.

Charlotte is in a corner, Rhea runs in, but Charlotte BOOTS back! Charlotte runs but dodges Rhea’s boot to CHOP BLOCK! She drops knees on the knee! Charlotte clubs Rhea’s leg but Rhea tells the ref to leave her alone. Rhea kicks as Charlotte wants the leg. Charlotte keeps after her, but Rhea rolls Charlotte and stomps over and over! Rhea gets Charlotte’s legs for the INVERTED CLOVERLEAF! Charlotte endures the hanging leg lock! Rhea does her best to hold it with one good leg, but Charlotte crawls for the ropes. Charlotte reaches, but Rhea drags her back! Charlotte rolls, trips Rhea up, but Rhea slaps her. Rhea sits up but Charlotte BOOTS her down! Charlotte drags Rhea back around and spins through, but Rhea BOOTS Charlotte!

Rhea keeps kicking until she’s free, but Charlotte jackknifes! TWO, but Charlotte is still on the legs! FULL BOSTON CRAB!! Charlotte bends Rhea back but Rhea is roaring! Rhea powers Charlotte off to a cover, TWO! Charlotte has the cover, TWO! Rhea covers, TWO! Charlotte ghost pints, TWO! Rhea KICKS Charlotte right in the arm! Both women are down but Charlotte stalks Rhea. Charlotte stomps away on Rhea’s bad leg, but Rhea gets up to BOOT!! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte still lives and Rhea is near the end of her rope! Rhea now stalks Charlotte to a corner. Rhea kicks Charlotte and throws body shots from all sides. She digs her shoulder into Charlotte until the ref counts 3. Charlotte and Rhea trade hands but Rhea hauls Charlotte up top. Rhea swats Charlotte then climbs up to join her.

Charlotte resists as Rhea pulls, and then clubs away on Rhea’s back. Charlotte SUPER GOURD BUSTERS Rhea down! The ref reprimands them both but Charlotte adjusts. Charlotte MOONSAULTS, but into BOOTS! Rhea and Charlotte run at each other, Charlotte SPEARS Rhea down! Cover, TWO!?! Charlotte is speechless as Rhea survives! Charlotte paces before going after the leg again. She spins but Rhea counters with a cradle, TWO! Charlotte trips Rhea, goes for it again, and has the FIGURE FOUR!! Rhea fights up to fight off the bridge. The two slap away on each other, but Charlotte leans back. Charlotte bridges up to the FIGURE EIGHT!! Rhea screams, but TAPS!! CHARLOTTE WINS!!

Winner: Charlotte Flair, by submission (NEW NXT Women’s Champion)

The Queen is once again on a golden throne! She ends the Aussie Nightmare and stands tall once more on the Grandest Stage of Them All! Will Charlotte continue to reign as the greatest of this generation?

Aleister Black VS Bobby Lashley w/ Lana!

The Embodiment of the End and the Rocky Mountain Machine have had some stumbles, but are still near the top of the Raw food chain. Now, on WrestleMania Weekend, who wins to take one step closer to a WWE championship?

The bell rings and Aleister circles with Lashley. They approach, tie up and fight for control. Aleister waistlocks but Lashley throws him off. They circle again, tie up with knuckle locks, but Aleister goes for a wristlock. Lashley pushes Aleister off and to the ropes. Aleister and Lashley go again and Aleister goes for a leg. Aleister gets around to get the facelock but Lashley powers up and tosses him! Lashley clubs away on Aleister then brings him up. Aleister throws hands but Lashley clamps on. Aleister fights off the bearhug then dumps Lashley out! Lashley is up fast but Aleister BOOTS him down! Aleister uses the corner to MOONSAULT! But Lashley gets under! Aleister lands on his feet, but Lashley OVERHEAD suplexes him!

Lana cheers for her “hawt hawt husband” as Lashley stands on Aleister’s neck! The ref counts but Lashley lets up. The ring count passes 5 as Lashley RAMS Aleister into barriers! Aleister hobbles but Lashley puts him in the ring at 8. Lashley covers, TWO! Lashley digs his knee into Aleister’s face and then throws hands. He clamps onto Aleister with a chinlock and digs a knee into the back. Lana loves what she sees but Aleister fights his way up. Lashley rams Aleister into a corner, then RAMS his shoulder in. Lashley bumps Aleister off buckles then throws haymakers. He pushes a forearm into Aleister’s face but the ref counts. Lashley lets up to run and RAM into Aleister again! And then he turns Aleister for a neckbreaker! Lashley looms over Aleister as Lana cheers.

Lashley drags Aleister up and reels him in for a suplex. Aleister knees free but Lashley suplexes again. Aleister keeps throwing knees so Lashley puts him on the apron. Lashley throws a shoulder but Aleister kicks him back! Aleister climbs up but leaps over Lashley. Lashley gets Aleister for the spinning powerslam! Cover, TWO! Lashley keeps focus as he stalks Aleister. Lashley brings Aleister to the ropes to choke him! The ref counts but Lashley lets up at 4. Lashley kicks the ropes to jam Aleister’s neck! And then Lashley hits a BIG suplex! Cover, TWO! Aleister lives and Lana argues the count for Lashley. Lashley goes to a corner and takes aim. Aleister slowly stands and Lashley runs, into a KNEE!! Cover, TWO!! Lana is shrieking but Aleister is on Lashley with a strike fest!

Lashley shoves Aleister away but Aleister sweeps the legs! Aleister runs to KNEE again! Lashley flops out of the ring but Aleister goes to the corner again. Another moonsault and it hits! Aleister drags Lashley up and into the ring. But Lashley comes back with a body check! And a lariat! Cover, TWO!! Lashley drags Aleister around to rain down right hands. Lana wants Lashley to finish this and Lashley drags Aleister up. Lashley gut wrenches to the rack, but Lana demands a spear. Lashley gives his lady what she wants, so he drops Aleister. He aims, runs, into BLACK MASS!! Cover, Aleister wins!!

Winner: Aleister Black, by pinfall

Lana just cost Lashley a win he had in the bag! Will the Rocky Mountain Machine regret having his Ravishing bride ringside? As for Aleister, is he going to head for gold after having made Lashley #FadeToBlack?

Backstage interview with Sasha Banks and Bayley.

The Boss and the longest-reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion have had quite the year already. But Bayley is about to face her biggest challenge yet. Yes, Kayla, that’s one way to put it. Another way to put it is “unfair.” This is the most unfair championship match ever. This is a Fatal 5 Elimination Match! Bayley has to beat four other women in one night! Including best friend, Sasha Banks, which Bayley knew Kayla would say. All the sheep are talking about the friends and trying to drive a wedge. But Bayley tells us all that she and Sasha are united. There is nothing that will stand between them. That includes this interview, which is now over.

But as Bayley heads off, Kayla asks Sasha about her chance to be SmackDown Women’s Champion. How badly does Sasha actually want to win? Well, we’ll all just have to watch and see. Sasha smiles before leaving. Is she about to become WWE’s next Grand Slam Champion?

Charly interviews Gronk.

The host of WrestleMania 36 was so close to becoming WWE 24/7 Championship but Mojo Rawley got in the way. Gronk doesn’t worry about the past. He’d love to be champion and will focus on getting it tonight. Will Gronk track down his hype bro to have a showdown of friends?

Otis VS Dolph Ziggler w/ Sonya Deville!

Is Otis Dozovic’s romance with Mandy Rose perhaps the greatest WWE love story? That’s up for debate. But Otis’s anger towards The Show-Off has reached new levels after SmackDown revealed the plot between Ziggler and Sonya! Will The Dozer win both the match and the girl?

What’s interesting is that Ziggler makes his entrance with Sonya. They’re both trying to communicate with Mandy but we saw that they’ve had no luck. As for Otis, the minute he arrives, he rushes the ring! Ziggler and Sonya get clear but Otis is laser focused. Ziggler throws his jacket off and finally gets in the ring with Otis. The ref keeps the peace but the bell rings. Otis rushes Ziggler but Ziggler dodges. Ziggler taunts but gets caught! Otis RAMS into Ziggler, then backs off to run in for a splash! Ziggler is down, Otis runs corner to corner, but Ziggler dodges again. Ziggler SUPERKICKS Otis out of the ring! Sonya cheers Ziggler on and coaches him up, but Ziggler wants a count out! The ring count is already at 5 but Ziggler gets frustrated as Otis rises.

Ziggler goes out and throws Otis into a post! Otis flounders but Ziggler gets in his face. Ziggler puts Otis in the ring and covers, ONE! Ziggler keeps on Otis by clawing his eyes! And then he clamps on with a chinlock. Otis gets up and pries at the hold, but Ziggler throws him down. Ziggler dares Otis to stand, and when Otis does, he DROPKICKS him down! Cover, ONE! Sonya argues the count but Otis gets to ropes. Ziggler chokes Otis on those ropes but the ref counts. Ziggler claws Otis’s eyes as he lets up at 4. He comes back for more and grinds Otis’s face on the ropes! Otis staggers blindly, into a neckbreaker! ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Ziggler keeps on Otis with a chinlock and even traps an arm. Otis endures as Ziggler wraps on body scissors.

Ziggler squeezes tight but Otis powers up. Otis pries free of the hold and throws body shots. Ziggler kicks a leg out and then the other. Ziggler leaps, but Otis catches him for a HOSS TOSS! He sends Ziggler into buckles! Both men are down but Sonya is there coaching Ziggler. Ziggler flounders up and kicks Otis. But Otis powers up! Ziggler haymakers but Otis just thrusts and pumps. Ziggler elbows Otis but Otis is just building power! Otis headbutts then runs Ziggler over! And again! Otis scoops and slams Ziggler down! Otis stalks Ziggler to the ropes and stands on his back! The ref counts but Otis lets up to drag Ziggler up. Otis whips Ziggler hard into buckles! Otis drags Ziggler back to his feet and whips him hard into another corner!

Sonya coaches Ziggler up but Otis is still on him. Otis whips Ziggler into buckles again, and even harder! Ziggler falls but Otis won’t let him rest. Otis hauls Ziggler up and DUMPS him out of the ring! The Incredible Dozer roars as he goes out and throws Ziggler into barriers! Sonya is speechless as Ziggler flounders. Otis drags Ziggler up to whip into a post! The ring count reaches 5 but Otis drags Ziggler up and into the ring. Otis pop-up catches and POWERSLAMS Ziggler! “OH YEAH~!” Ziggler is down and Otis powers up. Otis starts to Caterpillar, but Sonya is on the apron! The ref is busy with her as Ziggler LOW BLOWS Otis!! Both men are down but Sonya wants Ziggler to finish it.

Ziggler flounders and crawls to Otis but here comes Mandy! Mandy storms right up to Sonya to SLAP her! Mandy rains down hands, and pushes her former best friend into the ring. The ref tells Sonya to get out, but he misses Mandy giving Ziggler a LOW BLOW! Payback is a Golden Goddess! Otis adds on with the CATERPILLAR ELBOW! Cover, OTIS WINS!

Winner: Otis Dozovic, by pinfall

He’s done it! He’s won! Otis heroically vanquishes the villain and has his “Precious Peach” by his side! Will this love story take over the entire WWE?

Last Man Standing Match: Edge VS Randy Orton!

The Rated R Superstar returned outta nowhere at the Royal Rumble and shocked the world! And whether because of love or jealousy, The Viper couldn’t let it continue. A vicious attack was not enough to send Edge back into retirement, and an attack on his wife only made him more motivated to stay. Will Edge end this story on his terms? Or will it end with the three most dangerous letters in professional wrestling?

But as Edge waits for Orton to appear, RKO OUTTA NOWHERE! Edge felt it coming too late and The Viper strikes! Orton paces as he throws off his jacket and takes off the sweatpants. Edge is in a daze as the ref checks on him. Edge refuses to let this match end before it begins, and drags himself to his feet. The bell rings and Orton dares Edge to bring the fight. Edge hobbles and swings a punch, into ANOTHER RKO!! The ref counts as Edge stirs. Orton grins as he looms over Edge. Orton says Edge is to blame for this. Edge gets out of the ring at 8 to stand, but Orton comes around the outside. Orton has a camera and SMASHES it into Edge! Edge flops over the barriers and the ref checks on him.

Edge is conscious so the ref starts another count. The count climbs as Edge crawls. Edge uses a few cases and trash cans to stand at 7 but Orton is on him with European Uppercuts. Orton pursues Edge past the Dusty Cup trophy, and then further backstage in the PC. Orton brings Edge to the gym area and bounces Edge off a table! A new count begins as Edge falls. Orton takes his time looking around for what he can use. Steel chains? No, too easy. Orton kicks and clubs Edge as Edge stands, and then brings him over to the wall. Orton uses straps to hold Edge up and even choke him! Edge fights but Orton is all over him. “You’re mine. I just want you to know, I’m always going to love you.” Orton shows his love by beating Edge down until he flops out of the straps.

Another count starts as Orton walks away. Edge slowly stands but Orton grabs a free weight! Edge swings to BOOT Orton down! Now the count is on both of them! Edge and Orton crawl slowly, and Edge uses the table to stand. Orton flounders about, but Edge is on him with haymakers. Edge ROCKS Orton then clubs away! Edge sits on a weight bench while Orton gasps and sputters. The count reaches 4 but Orton is up. Edge bounces Orton off that table! And again! Edge roars in rage and throws more hands on Orton. Both men flounder about, and Edge now stalks Orton. Edge brings Orton over and sits him in an arm chair. Edge clubs away on Orton to keep him down, then throws another forearm. He uses the chin-up bar to swing and SEATED SENTON Orton out of the chair!!

Both men are down and the count begins again. Orton props himself up but Edge follows. Edge hops over a weight sled to CLOBBER Orton down! Edge glares as he and Orton sit up. Orton is up but Edge clubs him down again! “NINE YEARS, RANDY!” Edge whips Orton but Orton reverses, and he sends Edge into the wall! Orton glares as the count climbs. Orton goes to the weight sled, and heads for Edge!! Edge dodges and the sled rams into wall! Edge and Orton brawl with forearms and haymakers. Orton flounders and Edge headlocks. Edge bounces Orton off a trunk! Edge punches Orton through a doorway and stalks him past the production area. They keep brawling back there and Orton clubs Edge on the back now.

Orton throws more uppercuts and throws Edge at the garage door. Edge blocks to hit back and send Orton into the steel! A count begins again as Orton is down and Edge looms nearby. Orton sits up at 6 so Edge keeps on him. Edge throws Orton backwards into the garage door, and then back to ringside. They’re on a platform by some lights and pillars. Orton throws body shots and then bounces Edge off LED panels. Orton wants Edge to smile for the camera as he throws him down at barriers! Another count begins and passes 5. Orton watches, perched from above, as Edge drags himself up at 9! Edge dares Orton to keep hitting him, and Orton does! Orton clubs and forearms Edge then bounces him off more barriers. Orton headbutts and follows after Edge.

The two make a full lap, passing by the Dusty Cup again, but take a detour. Orton drags Edge into a hallway and punches him down the way. He bounces Edge off a window and then drags him further down. Edge falls and the ref insists on starting a count. Orton just stands over Edge as Edge drags himself up. Edge is up at 7 but Orton RAMS him into a wall. Edge flounders around to a back office area. This is where Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano brawled a few weeks ago. Edge bounces Orton off the metal board room table! Orton staggers and sputters but Edge stays close. Edge throws Orton into a wall! Orton is down and the count begins again!

The count reaches 5 before Orton stirs. Orton crawls and uses a door to stand. Edge wants Orton to stand, and Orton is up at 9. Edge KICKS Orton hard in the ribs, then throws him onto the table! Orton writhes while Edge climbs up. Edge checks the steel fence above them, and uses it to swing and drop an elbow!! Edge stands as he drops off the table, but Orton is still down. Orton manages to roll off at 6, but Edge throws big forearms. Edge clubs Orton down another hallway and Orton hobbles. Orton pokes Edge in the eyes! And bounces Edge off a SummerSlam poster! And then a Hell in a Cell poster! The cameraman is collateral damage as Edge and Orton keep brawling! They go around a corner and a new cameraman hurries to find them.

Edge and Orton have stumbled into a storage room where there are ladders, trunks and ring material. Orton and Edge brawl, and then Edge rams Orton into a ladder! Orton and the ladder fall over, and a new count begins. The Viper stands up but Edge bumps him off the same ladder! Edge throws more haymakers but Orton hobbles away. Orton pushes whatever he has to out of his way to get away from Edge. Edge hurries after but Orton kicks low and clubs his back. Orton drags Edge up and bumps him off a random road case. Orton drags Edge over to punch him through narrow corridors and Edge flounders against things. Edge has a commemorative chair but Orton takes that away so Edge can’t use it.

Orton sees the spare steel steps and drags Edge up. Orton whips Edge into the back of the steps! Edge flops down between them and a stack of ringside mats. The count begins and Orton paces. The count passes 5, then 7! Edge drags himself up at 9.5! But Orton is all over him again with haymakers! Orton stalks Edge to a backstage interview set and kicks him down. Orton stomps Edge’s hand! Then scrapes his laces on Edge’s face! The ring count begins and Orton refreshes himself with some water. Edge manages to stand at 5 and he ROCKS Orton with a right! Edge throws a sandbag and it smacks Orton in the knee! He clubs Orton down and kicks him while he’s down. Orton clutches his ribs as a count begins. Edge clutches his neck while staying on one knee.

Orton sits up at 4 but gasps and coughs as the count continues. Orton is up at 7 but Edge glares as he spots something. Edge punches Orton onto a road case then drags him up over to a covered table. Edge punches and knees Orton further onto that table, then gets a sinister grin as he hobbles towards his real target. He clubs and clobbers Orton over and over in the chest to keep him down, then climbs a ladder! Edge has redefined how ladders are used, and ladders have helped define his career. Now Edge climbs the tallest ladder yet to then stand on a platform. Edge LEAPS and ELBOWS Orton through the table!! Both men are down as the count climbs up again! The count passes 5 as both men are slowly rising from the wreckage. They’re both up at 8!

Edge makes his way to Orton and throws more haymakers. Orton flounders about, a cut bleeding from his shoulder. Orton kicks Edge low then clubs him on his back. Edge crawls but Orton drags him up again. Orton drags Edge over but both men stumble and drop to knees. Orton grits his teeth to punch Edge and uppercut him towards a truck bed. He bounces Edge off the tailgate! And again! Edge falls and the count begins again. The count passes 5 once again, but Edge reaches up for the tailgate. Edge uses that to stand at 8, but Orton just bounces him off it again! And again! And again! Orton pushes Edge onto the tailgate then climbs up to join him. They go on top of the truck bed’s cover and then towards the cab.

Orton grins as he has Edge on the truck’s roof. Orton drags Edge around, for a DRAPING DDT!! They break the bed cover and the ref checks on both men! Somehow, both men aren’t completely out of it, but the count will still test what they have left. Orton sits up but both he and Edge writhe and crawl about. Both men stand at 6 and Edge scurries up a stack of road cases. Edge uses those to get to the roof of a truck trailer! Orton laughs as he sees Edge disappear over the top. Orton forces himself to stand and head after Edge. The ref also joins them up there, and Orton stands first. Orton goes as far back as he can on the trailer, and lines up a shot. Edge is on all fours as Orton runs at him, but Edge SPEARS!!

Orton might even be crying in pain now as he and Edge stir. The count passes 5, reaches 8, but Orton is up! Edge wobbles but runs back in, into an RKO!!! Both men are down again, but Orton sits up at 4. Orton hobbles up but Edge is still down. The count reaches 7, Edge flounders a bit, but stands at 9.5, only to fall again! Orton climbs down to rest on the truck’s tailgate. Orton sees what is perhaps the world’s tallest ladder but opts to bring chairs over to the truck trailer. Edge is battling the count as Orton returns. Edge is up at 8 but Orton gives him a SMACK on the back! That chair shot might’ve just broken Edge!

But Orton won’t let it end with that. Orton has a chair under Edge’s head…! He tells Edge this will be over soon, and Edge can go back to his wife daughters. Orton hobbles as he brings up the other chair. The ref says Orton doesn’t have to do this, but Orton raises the chair. Edge catches Orton in an arm-triangle!! Edge squeezes tight and Orton fades! Orton might be out as Edge rests his head on a chair. Edge has the other chair now, and he tells the ref to stop the count. The count was at 5 but Edge wants to end this his way.

Edge hesitates, though, remembering the years he and Orton were as close as brothers. Edge is almost in tears as he brings up the chair over Orton’s head! Con-CHAIR-To!!! The count begins again, and Edge is speechless as he stands over a gasping Orton. The count hits ten, Edge wins!

Winner: Edge

The Rated R Superstar won, but he isn’t celebrating. Edge kneels by a man who was once a friend. Will Orton ever recover from what he and Edge put each other through? Will Edge be able to continue his comeback after what he did?

Mojo Rawley is being chased by random wrestlers!

The WWE 24/7 Champion takes on these WWE Performance Center trainees, but is being swarmed! He fights off whoever comes close, but Gronk is on the perch! GRONK STAGE DIVES!! Gronk finds Mojo, covers him, and WINS!!

Winner: Rob Gronkowski, by pinfall (NEW WWE 24/7 Champion)

Gronk stomps and kicks whoever else is around before making an escape! Will the host of WrestleMania be leaving early to keep hold of the gold?

Raw Tag Team Championships: The Street Profits VS Austin Theory & Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega!

When El Idolo went down, La Muneca made a call and gave #TheRealSuperstar a WrestleMania Moment! Will Theory help El Latino gain these tag titles? Or will Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins bring the swag like nobody can?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and the teams sort out. Dawkins starts with Theory and they tie up. Dawkins waistlocks, spins Theory to a headlock and squeezes tight. Theory powers out but Dawkins runs him over. Things speed up, Theory hurdles but so does Dawkins! Dawkins runs Theory over again! Tag to Ford and Dawkins whips Theory for Ford to dropkick down! Garza runs in but gets a DOUBLE FLAPJACK onto Theory! The Profits dropkick both Garza and Theory down! Vega tries to keep her cool but Dawkins tags back in. Ford wrenches Theory for Dawkins to drop ax handles. Dawkins whips Theory to an open corner and hits the cyclone splash! Dawkins keeps moving but Theory sends him out! The ref keeps Theory back but Garza SUPERKICKS Dawkins!

Theory mocks Ford’s running man while Dawkins drags himself in. Theory stomps Dawkins then tags in Garza. Vega’s guys put Dawkins sideways in the ropes, and Garza kicks Dawkins down! Off come the pants! Garza dropkicks Dawkins down and covers, ONE! Tag to Theory, Theory somersaults and shotgun dropkicks Dawkins down! Cover, TWO! Theory keeps on Dawkins with clubbing forearms, then tags Garza back in. Vega’s team double wrench and kick Dawkins down. Garza clamps onto Dawkins with an armlock and shifts to a wristlock. Dawkins powers out but Garza dodges the cyclone. Garza’s superkick is blocked, Dawkins spins Garza and hot tags Ford! Ford rallies on Garza with clotheslines!

Ford whips but Garza reverses, only for Ford to hurdle and leaping lariat! Standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Ford stands Garza up,s pins him around and SPIKES him with a DDT! Cover, but Theory breaks it! Dawkins runs at Theory but Theory ROCKS him with that left! Ford dropkicks Theory out hard! Ford builds speed and FLIES onto Theory and Dawkins! Vega coaches her team up as Garza heads over. Garza climbs a corner to SUPER MOONSAULT! Direct hit on both Profits! Garza drags Ford up and into the ring to stomp him down. He drags Ford into a drop zone, climbs the ropes, for the MOUNTAIN TOP MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Ford survives and Vega is furious!

Garza clamps onto Ford with a facelock and drags him up. Garza underhooks and lifts, but Ford slips out to enziguri! Hot tags to Dawkins and Theory! Theory bypasses Dawkins and the cyclone splash hits Garza! Theory SUPERKICKS Dawkins and fireman’s carries! TKO NECKBREAKER! Cover, but Ford FROM THE HEAVENS! Dawkins covers Theory, The Profits win!

Winners: The Street Profits, by pinfall (still Raw Tag Team Champions)

The Curse of Greatness keeps the titles with the champions! But Garza dropkicks Dawkins! Theory helps Garza get Ford down, and SUPERKICK! Vega cheers her men beating down Ford and they haul him up. Vega BOOTS Ford down! But here comes BIANCA BELAIR! Ford’s wife SPEARS and punches away on Vega! Dawkins returns and fights Theory! Ford recovers to brawl with Garza! Belair gives Vega the KISS OF DEATH! The EST claps back at Vega, because she’s now Monday Night Raw! Will King Tez, his queen, and Dawkins now take the fight to La Muneca and her stable?

WWE gets a new host for WrestleMania!

The Real Deal, Titus O’Neil, is here in place of Gronk. Titus won’t let WrestleMania slow down, on with the show!

SmackDown Women’s Championship Fatal 5 Elimination Match: Bayley VS Sasha Banks VS Tamina VS Naomi VS Lacey Evans!

The “locker room leaders” have pushed around and talked down to every other woman on SmackDown. But this hasn’t made anyone follow their lead, it has only gotten them more enemies. The Glampire, Paige, had the honor of announcing this match, and now it is do or die for the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion. Will Bayley keep hold of her title with The Boss’s help? Or is Sasha going to use this WrestleMania Moment to hit her own Grand Slam?

The five introductions are made, the one belt is raised, and this one massive match begins!

Bayley and Sasha are on opposite sides of the ring with the other three between them. The best friends go after Tamina, but she pushes them away. Lacey and Naomi try but Tamina pushes them away, too. So all four go after Tamina together! They get her down but Tamina explodes out! Tamina takes her pick and DECKS Bayley! Then Sasha! Then Naomi! Lacey runs in, Tamina ducks to elbow her down! Tamina runs but Naomi anchors her legs. Tamina drags Naomi in to bounce her off the mat. Lacey chop blocks and Ssaha double dropkicks with Bayley! Sasha boots Tamina out of the ring, and the best friends stick together. Lacey and Naomi are united against them in a brawl!

Bayley clubs Lacey and Sasha stomps Naomi. Lacey knees low then whips Bayley hard to a corner. Sasha goes at Lacey but gets whipped at Bayley. Bayley puts Sasha outside and Sasha goes up to deadly nightshade! Bayley hits a knee to Lacey’s back! Double cover, TWO! The best friends go after Lacey together with a double whip and hip toss. But Naomi helps Lacey get out of the situation with a kangaroo kick! Lacey and Naomi do-si-do to double clothesline Bayley and Banks! Then they trade targets with double dropkicks! Simultaneous covers, TWO!! Bayley and Sasha survive and bail out of the ring. Naomi and Lacey shake hands, but Naomi cradles Lacey! TWO and Tamina returns with double clotheslines!

Tamina throws Sasha to a corner but Bayley saves her. Tamina just double clotheslines them both! Lacey goes to roll Tamina up but she’s too strong! Tamina throws Lacey by her hair to a corner! Naomi spins Tamina but kicks into a knee jacker! Tamina throws Naomi over to join Lacey. SAMOAN HIP ATTACK! Tamina stands on Sasha for a cover, TWO! She does the same to Naomi, TWO! Tamina tries Lacey, ONE! She tries a normal cover on Bayley, TWO! No one is out of this match yet but Tamina drags Bayley up. Tamina fireman’s carries but Sasha saves Bayley., Naomi enziguris Bayley! Sasha blocks Lacey’s kick to KNEE back! Tamina SUPERKICKS Lacey out! And now, the once Team BAD stands together in the ring.

The three stare down, and Tamina offers the fist bump. Sasha and Naomi join in, “UNITY~!” But Tamina SUPERKICKS Sasha! And Naomi runs to headscissor, but Tamina blocks it! Tamina has Naomi on her shoulder but Naomi spins through to STUNNER! Cover, TWO! Lacey standing moonsaults and Naomi helps her cover, TWO! Tamina crawls to ropes but Sasha returns. Sasha runs to 619 Tamina! Bayley hurries up top and Sasha puts Tamina in a drop zone. MACHO ELBOW!! Sasha is up top, FROG SPLASH! Lacey adds on with the SASSIESET MOONSAULT EVER! Naomi hits GLOWSAULT! SUPER COVER, everyone ELIMINATES Tamina! A group effort gets rid of the physically strongest superstar in the match! But there’s still so much to this match.

Lacey and Naomi stay united against Sasha and Bayley, but those two bail out. So Lacey and Naomi wreck them with baseball slide dropkicks! Naomi slingshots to PESCADO! Lacey tries, but Bayley dodges! Bayley throws Lacey into steel steps, and flapjacks Naomi on the apron! Bayley bumps Naomi off the apron and then puts her in the ring. Cover, TWO! Another try, TWO! Bayley stalks Naomi to a corner to stomp away! Bayley digs her foot in but Naomi hits back with body shots. Naomi backs Bayley down but Bayley whips her to a corner. Sasha returns and helps Bayley stomp Naomi in the corner. They taunt Naomi and drag her up to crisscross and throw her into buckles! Sasha runs in but her meteora misses! Naomi ROUNDHOUSES Bayley then shoulders into Sasha.

Naomi slingshots to double sunset flip, TWO!! The Glow keeps moving to double basement dropkick! Then double sliding SLAP! Naomi whips Bayley and wheelbarrows, for a STUNNER! Naomi gives Sasha the REAR VIEW! And then she springboards to ROUNDHOUSE Bayley! Sasha swings into a full nelson BOMB! Cover, TWO, into the BUTTERFLY LOCK! Sasha endures but Bayley KNEES Naomi down! Sasha drags Naomi up for the BANK STATEMENT! Naomi endures, but taps! Sasha ELIMINATES Naomi! Bayley high fives Sasha because the plan is working. Lacey drags herself up on the outside and the best friends mock “Mommy.” Lacey grits her teeth as she gets into the ring. She’s alone against Sasha and Bayley and they mug her in the corner!

Lacey pushes Bayley but Sasha kicks her down. Byaley tells Lacey to stay down as she stomps her. Sasha drags Lacey up and the best friends double whip. Double hip toss, BOMB! Double cover, TWO!! Lacey survives and that frustrates Bayley and Banks. Bayley argues the count but Sasha brings Lacey to a corner. Sasha holds Lacey in place and Bayley runs in, but Lacey moves! The knee hits Sasha! Sasha flounders to the floor, Lacey rolls Bayley up! TWO but Lacey ghost pins! TWO but Lacey school girls. Bayley slips out and KNEES Lacey down! Cover, TWO! Bayley is furious with Lacey and she rains down rights on Lacey! Sasha gets in and thinks Bayley hit her on purpose. Bayley tries to explain and Sasha calms down. But then Lacey runs in! Bayley moves and the WOMAN’S RIGHT hits Ssahas! Cover, Lacey ELIMINATES Sasha!

Bayley didn’t even try to save Sasha, and now she’s all alone against an angry Lacey. Lacey glares at Bayley but Bayley trips her up. Bayley rains down rights and drops a knee! And an elbow! Bayley drops another elbow then covers, TWO! Bayley glares as Lacey drags herself to ropes. She mocks the salute as she chokes Lacey on the ropes. Bayley dares Lacey to get up, and Lacey throws a body shot! They brawl, Bayley whips, but Lacey returns with a clohtesline! Lacey starts rallying with more clotheslines and a kick! Neckbreaker! Bayley flounders about and Lacey runs in at the corner. Swinging- No! Bayley puts Lacey on the apron then clubs her between the ropes. Bayley RAMS Lacey into the post! Lacey screams in pain as she clutches her shoulder. Bayley drags Lacey in to cover, TWO!!

Lacey survives but Bayley goes after the arm. Bayley hammerlocks then drops knees over and over! Bayley dares Lacey to throw a punch now. She slams Lacey’s arms on the mat then stomps her around. Bayley puts Lacey in the corner and throws point-blank clotheslines. Bayley strips the crossbar to use tag ropes to tie Lacey to the corner! Lacey fights back but Bayley elbows Lacey over and over. Bayley says Lacey is finally paying for how she got in Bayley’s way. She clubs and pushes Lacey around, then says “I AM WRESTLEMANIA!” Bayley throws more furious hands, then runs corner to corner, into a BOOT! Lacey frees herself from the corner while Bayley goes reeling. Lacey spins Bayley to kick and kick and kick! Ax kick!

Lacey grits her teeth as Bayely gets to a corner. Lacey runs in, and manages the swinging bronco buster! She stomps Bayley back into the corner for another swinging bronco buster! Lacey puts Bayley in the drop zone, and even with a bad arm, she climbs up. Lacey manages a salute, before the SASSIEST MOONSAULT EVER! Cover, TWO!?! Bayley survives and shocks Lacey! Lacey glares, but Sasha returns! BACKSTABBER! There are no disqualficiations! Bayley hits the PLANT! Cover, Bayley wins!!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall (still SmackDown Women’s Champion)

Best friends don’t abandon each other, and that includes these two. Sasha has the title belt, but helps the champion put it on. Will these two continue to work together for the “greater good” of SmackDown?

Firefly Fun House Match: The Fiend VS John Cena!

This story goes back six years, to WrestleMania 30. Bray Wyatt blames John Cena for his descent into madness. Cena says he is going to expose Wyatt as the over-hyped, over-privileged and overestimated embarrassment he is to the WWE. But when Cena steps into Wyatt’s world, will he be able to get out alive? Or will he #LetHimIn?

Cena makes his entrance, but just as he’s about to welcome us to WrestleMania, something happens… Old footage from the past plays, the reel stops and… The Firefly Fun House interrupts. Bray waves and smiles before saying, “There’s another world that exists beyond our comprehension.” This world is where our “darkest urges are no longer kept secret.” It is a world were gods, monsters, demons and angels are your neighbors! “Who are we? And why do we do the things that we do?” Cena, let’s take a real deep look at who you really are! Cena is going to face his most dangerous opponent yet: HIMSELF! Welcome to the Firefly Fun House match! “Abandon all hope, ye who EXIT here.” Bray steps out, and Cena is just… there.

Cena looks around and sees Abby the Witch just staring. Ramblin’ Rabbit pops up and says sup! If he’s looking for Bray, he went through that door. Go on, bro! But be careful~! Cena opens the door, and steps inside the darkness. And this isn’t your everyday darkness. This is… advanced darkness. Cena isn’t sure if there’s anything in here. But then he look sover… and sees Vince Puppet! Does Cena have the ruthless aggression needed to succeed? Show Vince or you’re… FIRED! Cena gets the joke, but moves on. Bray stands in a ring as flashes of the past intermingle with the present. Bray word-for-word copies the open challenge speech Kurt Angle gave that day over a decade ago. The one to answer the open challenge… is John Cena in his Prototype gear!

Cena heads into the ring and gets in Bray’s face, just like he did with Angle. What makes him think he can hang with Bray? RUTHLESS, AGGRESSION! Except Bray ducks the punch. Wow, this worked? And it’s pretty embarrassing. RUTHLESS AGGRESSION! Bray again dodges the haymaker. Bray explains that he’s reliving Cena’s greatest failure. And boy, it sure is embarrassing. Bray sees how Cena almost got fired. RUTHLESS AGGRESSION! You can look but you can’t touch. Hmm, wasn’t that also embarrassing? But Cena is a broken record. Is this what Cena really wants to do with his life? Cena rushes Brya but Bray dodges, and the chase is on! Mercy is the Macho Buzzard and this is Saturday Night’s Main Event! But, it’s Sunday…

Either way, Bray Wyatt says his tag team partner is a physical specimen! It doesn’t matter what little talent you have, it’s about the strength and the size! Johnny LargeMeat has both! Ladies love him, men want to be him, and here he comes! Cena flexes and quotes Randy Savage sayings. You’ll pay for the whole seat but only need the edge! Look at the pythons! Cena pumps and pumps and pumps and pumps! Abby is definitely impressed. Cena overdoes it and now his arms don’t work. He can’t punch Wyatt and Vince Puppet is upset. But what’s Cena gonna do when he realizes that Egomania has been running wild on you?! Bray pushes Cena into his next phase, the Dr. of Thuganomics! #WordLife lives again and returns to the ring.

Cena says he just switches like that in mid-fight? The audience is excited, they went from six to midnight. Oh wait, he can only talk in rhyme, right? Well Bray ain’t taking the limelight. Cena uses rapping to his advantage, and just like Husky Harris, he has weight he can manage. But here’s an idea for the puppet show! Put Cena’s junk in a sock, call it Mr. Suck It, Bro. Bray has been a disappointment since WWE brought him to the dance. He a ho for opportunity, and blows every chance. Ouch. Chances, huh? How dare Cena talk to Bray about chances. Bray has had to earn everything in life, and yet it is still taken from him! But John Cena, he’s the golden goose! Cena’s chances were unlimited, he was untouchable!

But he wasn’t a hero, he was a bully. Cena is a horrible person who takes the weaknesses of others and turns them into jokes. He does anything for fame. So congratulations, he’s the man! “Poor, lonely John Cena.” This is Cena’s last chance. The floor is his. What will he do with it? Cena just gets angry. You in the doctor’s house, getting up in his face? Bray only gets deez nuts up in ya face. Cena runs but Bray teleports away. Bray has a chain for a knuckle duster and he DECKS Cena! Cena is out cold, but the “fun” doesn’t end. Bray is back to being the New Face of Fear. “I was the color red in a world full of black and white. I had the whole world in my hands.”

Abigail spoke of this day his entire life. Cena was to be a man of the people. So why wasn’t he listening?! The fans were with Bray! They wanted Bray! They NEEDED Bray! It was to be a prophecy fulfilled! And yet, it became Bray’s grandest failure. Bray can’t remember what it’s like to feel. But now he rewrites the story. THAT Bray tells Cena to run. Bray corner splashes and dances with Hustle, Loyalty & Respect Cena. Before giving him a kiss, and throwing him away. But this won’t end it, will it? The chair will. Six years ago, Cena made the wrong choice. Fix it now. Cena swings the chair, but Bray is gone again. Wait, now we’re going to WCW Nitro?

Bray Bischoff says what he really, REALLY wants to do right now is introduce the coolest guy that ever walked the face of the earth… HOLLYWOOD JOHN CENA!! Cena is nWo for life and rocking out on the world championship. Vince Puppet says “this is such good s*it!” Too sweet, brother! But Cena SPEARS Bray! And rains down hands! The puppets beg for mercy! Even Mercy! Cena’s rage is being taken out on… Huskis?! And THE FIEND is there. Cena stands, turns around, and gets the MANDIBLE CLAW!! The Fiend smothers Cena, and his words ring in his own ears. The over-hyped, over-valued and over-privileged superstar will fall. Because The Fiend hits SISTER ABIGAIL! Mandible claw cover and Bray counts! The Fiend WINS!

Winner: The Fiend, by pinfall

And Cena disappears. Cena may have been talking about himself all along. “LET ME IN!”

Interim host Titus O’Neil is speechless. Has the WWE just lost John Cena forever?

WWE World Championship: Brock Lesnar VS Drew McIntyre!

The Royal Rumble was an incredible showcase of two incredible specimens. But while Paul Heyman admits McIntyre is special, the Beast is a beast for a reason. Will Claymore Country’s leader be the one to #SlayTheBeast once and for all?

The introductions are made, with Heyman oddly NOT insisting to give one himself. The belt is raised, the tension mounts, and this battle to prove McIntyre’s worth finally begins!

Lesnar kicks and clubs and rams McIntyre into a corner! He whips but McIntyre reverses, to CLAYMORE!! Cover, TWO!! Lesnar survives one but McIntyre keeps his eyes on him. McIntyre aims again and Heyman warns Lesnar. Lesnsar gets clear, to GERMAN SUPLEX McIntyre! Lesnar wants another, McIntyre holds onto the ropes, but Lesnar breaks his grip! GERMAN SUPLEX! Lesnar stalks up behind McIntyre and CLUBS him down! McIntyre grits his teeth but Lesnar clubs him more, to get the THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX! Heyman says he told McIntyre it’d be quick but VERY painful. Lesnar drags McIntyre up to the fireman’s carry, for the F5!! Cover, ONE?!?! McIntyre surprises Heyman and infuriates Lesnar! But Lesnar looms over McIntyre as McIntyre crawls for ropes.

Lesnar hauls McIntyre up, fireman’s carry and ANOTHER F5!! Cover, TWO!?! Lesnar has no idea what to make of this. Heyman tells Lesnar just to keep bringing the pain, and Lesnar even grins. Lesnar drags McIntyre up from the ropes, for another fireman’s carry, and a THIRD F5!! Cover, TWO!?!? HOW?!? McIntyre is impressing Heyman, but Heyman knows McIntyre can’t do this forever. Lesnar cools off and looms over McIntyre again. McIntyre crawls and Lesnar laughs. “All night long, dude.” Lesnar fireman’s carries but McIntyre slips out! TO CLAYMORE!! McIntyre dares Lesnar to stand, and hits a THIRD CLAYMORE! Heyman panics but McIntyre knows he needs another. Lesnar stands, McIntyre CLAYMORES AGAIN!! Cover, MCINTYRE WINS!!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by pinfall (NEW WWE World CHampion)

Are we dreaming?! Is this still the Firefly Fun House? NO! It really has happened! McIntyre proves Heyman WRONG! McIntyre isn’t just another b*tch that tried, he’s the Scottish Stud that overcame the unstoppable! We have a NEW reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World! DRRREW! MCINTYYYYRE!

My Thoughts:

The first ever second night of a WrestleMania, and you know what? I really liked it! It’s basically on-par with night one, but with an ending I did NOT think they’d do. I thought that with the world being locked down the way it is, Vince would not want to use such a great moment on Empty Arena Mania. But in the end, Vince did the right thing and gave McIntyre the win!! I am most assuredly marking out right now. There is a valid point that it’s a shame there are no fans to freak out in a good way over this, but at least we got this moment at all. I love this and I hope McIntyre gets to hold onto this title for a long time.

Rhea VS Charlotte was a pretty good opener, but Charlotte is still booked strong as ever. She wins the NXT Women’s Championship to join Shayna in the very exclusive two-time club, and I’m thinking she’s part of an unofficial talent trade. Shayna and now Bianca Belair are on Raw, and Charlotte is back on NXT to help push the idea that it is the third brand, on par with Raw and SmackDown. Bianca’s appearance was exactly as I figured, and that is to go after Zelina Vega in this building feud. The Raw Tag Team Championship match was good but about as expected with Austin Theory still very new to the mix. I’m obviously expecting a Mixed Six or something for the feud. And as I assume Bianca and the Profits win, maybe Bianca can be the next Raw Women’s Championship challenger.

For a filler match that came outta nowhere, Aleister VS Lashley was good. From a story perspective, it actually works that Lana cost Lashley the match by being so demanding. I hope this leads to that kayfabe relationship breaking up. It honestly should have long before this point. And hopefully this means Aleister heads for the WWE United States Championship once Andrade is okay to compete. Otis VS Ziggler was a lot of fun, and Mandy turning Face was a great way to have this go. Mandy stands by Otis, the guy she was into before the interference, and we might even get a mixed tag feud now if Sonya is hanging out with Ziggler.

The WWE 24/7 Championship’s part in the night was pretty good, too. It clearly gave a lot of extra talent some quick airtime while also getting us to where we all knew this was going: Gronk as 24/7 Champion. I can’t wait to see where they go with that. The SmackDown Women’s Championship match was really good, even with Tamina’s early elimination being a bit predictable. I really thought this was going to be Sasha’s way to get the title but maybe Money in the Bank is the route WWE wants to use. And yes, if the commercials are to be believed, MITB is still happening in a month. Though, who knows if it stays that way with WWE having to change filming plans again. Maybe Raw and SmackDown end up only focusing on MITB qualifiers?

The Last Man Standing match was as brutal as it should’ve been. And it went all over the Performance Center, as it should have. And it ended as I’d hoped: with a ConChairTo. I’m sure Edge will have to do a part-time schedule, and the damage done in this match gives a logical reason why he’d need to rest for a few months. But I am wondering where he even goes from here. And lastly, the Firefly Fun House match. It wasn’t as much of an actual match, but it was still great stuff. I loved going through the different phases of Cena’s career, and even referencing the nWo for whatever reason. Well, that might be in reference to internet fans like myself wondering if Cena’s Heel turn would be Hollywood Hulk Hogan 2.0.

And I loved how Cena’s words were basically turned against him. Bray uses Cena’s words to say Cena has been the most over-hyped, over-valued and over-privileged star in the WWE. Cena just disappearing at the end definitely adds some intrigue to things. Will Cena ever return? Will he return as a puppet? I almost thought Cena was going to end up wearing The Fiend’s mask and Bray would be dressed as Cena for a weird role reversal of hero and villain, like what they were going for with the promos. But as I said a few weeks ago, everything bad Cena’s said about Bray has been reverse psychology. Cena put Bray over here and hopefully this means Bray is headed back towards the top. Maybe back to the title? Obviously it was meant to be Roman but now it’s Strowman, and I would love a Strowman-Bray feud for once.

My Score: 8.5/10

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