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ResultsSMACKDOWNWWE Friday Night SmackDown Results March 3, 2023

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results March 3, 2023



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WWE Friday Night SmackDown is coming at you live from the Capital One Arena in Washington D.C. WWE undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns will be present this evening to attempt to put an end to the issues within the Bloodline. Sami Zayn is also set to face off with Solo Sikoa. Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan go one on one. Rhonda Rousey and Shayna Baszler will team up against the duo of Natalya and Tegan Nox. Lastly, Cody Rhodes will be on SmackDown tonight, the first time he and Roman Reigns will both be in the same building since Rhodes won the WWE Royal Rumble.

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We open up to Roman Reigns making his way to the ring with Solo Sikoa, Jimmy Uso and Paul Heyman in company. Before Roman can request his acknowledgement from the crowd Cody Rhodes’ music hits and he comes down to the ring. Cody says he has come to talk one on one with Roman. Roman turns to Paul Heyman and the others and requests that they leave the ring. Roman lays his two championships out on the mat between him and Cody. Cody begins to talk and acknowledges the long reign of Roman as champion. He says that some see him as an impossible hill to climb. Cody states that that is sort of “his thing”. Roman asks Cody if he has ever competed for either of his championships. He follows up by asking him if he has ever headlines a WrestleMania. Roman says he has been groomed, not only by his own father, but Cody’s father as well. He says he has too much respect to degrade Dusty Rhodes. Roman tells Cody that Dusty never mentioned him in all of his time he spent with the American Dream. He says he misses Dusty and wishes he was here now. Roman says that if there was anything that Dusty did not teach Cody, he will. Cody says that if what Paul Heyman mentioned previously to him was true, then all he has left is his need to beat Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. He says may the better man win and the two shake hands before Roman leaves the ring.

Rhea Ripley defeats Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan starts things off with a running drop kick to Rhea Ripley. Ripley powers back when she catches Liv Morgan off of the ropes and body slams her. Rhea uses the ropes to choke Morgan. Liv Morgan reverses a charge into the corner and sends Rhea down with a missile dropkick. Morgan dives through the ropes but Ripley moves out of the way and she crash lands on the floor outside of the ring. We go to commercial break.

Returning from the commercial break Rhea Ripley tosses Liv Morgan into the ropes and smashes her in the back wit her elbows. Ripley goes for a body slam but Morgan rolls through and drives her knees into Rhea’s back. Liv hits another knee strike from the top rope and covers. Rhea Ripley kicks out at two. Liv Morgan hits a running knee and then takes to the top rope. She leaps for another knee strike but Rhea catches her and plants Morgan with a powerbomb. Rhea Ripley follows up with a Riptide and then ties Liv Morgan into a submission hold. Liv Morgan submits and Rhea Ripley wins.

Backstage Roman Reigns asks Jimmy Uso what news he has on his brother Jey Uso. Roman says he is beginning to lose his patience.

Dominick Mysterio defeats Santos Escobar

Santos Escobar charges Dominick Mysterio at the bell but Mysterio climbs under the rope. Escobar pulls him from the corner and has his way with him. With Dominick stuck in the corner Santos Escobar pulls at his face and hair. Santos dives at Dominick but he side steps and Escobar spills to the floor outside of the ring. We go to commercial break.

Coming back from the commercial break Dominick has Santos Escobar pinned in the corner and is unloading punches on him. Dominick taunts Escobar as he chokes him on the ropes. Mysterio continues to taunt and pull at Escobar’s hair as he delivers hard shoulder blocks in the corner of the ring. Santos reverses a charge and lays Dominick out with a clothesline. He hits a swinging leg drop maneuver and covers Dominick. Mysterio kicks at two. Dominick distracts the referee as Rhea Ripley powerbombs Santos on the floor outside of the ring. Dominick covers Escobar for the pinfall victory.

Rey Mysterio confronts Dominick Mysterio following the match. Dominick taunts him and tells him to hit him but Rey refuses. Dominick strikes his father from behind as he reaches down to retrieve the mask that he had given to Santos Escobar. 

Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring. Drew expresses his wanting to challenge for the WWE InterContinental Championship. Sheamus comes out and calls Drew a backstabber for wanting to go for a championship that he cares so much about. Drew says that Sheamus had his chance and he lost, twice. LA Knight comes out. He says you can’t have a Hollywood WrestleMania without LA Knight. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods come out to interrupt. They both apologize on behalf of LA Knight who they say has come out to complain for two weeks now that he does not have a match at WrestleMania. Karrion Kross comes out and all of the men begin to brawl in the ring.

Shayna Baszler defeats Tegan Nox

Tegan Nox hits a quick dropkick after avoiding a clothesline from Shayna Baszler. Baszler catches a kick to the head but catches a second from Nox and whips her down to the mat. Shayna locks in an arm bar but Tegan Nox wiggles out. Tegan attempts to come back with punches to the mid section but Baszler puts her down with a clothesline. Baszler hits a knee to the face and locks in an arm bar. Tegan Nox submits and Shayna Baszler wins.

Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring. Bobby says that Bray Wyatt has been telling him to run. Bobby says he doesn’t run. He says where he comes from when two men have an issue they face one another. Bobby invites Bray Wyatt out to speak. Uncle Howdy attacks Lashley from behind but is able to catch him and slam him down to the mat. As Bobby sets up to spear Uncle Howdy the lights go out. As they come back on Uncle Howdy is no longer in the ring.

Backstage Jimmy Uso tells Roman Reigns that Jey Uso says he wants to be left alone. Roman says he can’t believe that this is all happening after all that he has done for Jey. Roman tells Jimmy that he wants him at ringside with Solo Sikoa tonight. Roman tells Paul Heyman that Jey has one week to rejoin the Bloodline.

Solo Sikoa defeats Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn rushes the ring and takes it to Solo Sikoa before the bell rings. Solo Sikoa spills to the outside and Sami Zayn dives through the ropes and takes out both Jimmy Uso and Solo. Solo Sikoa climbs back into the ring and the bell officially rings. Sikoa chops Sami Zayn against the ropes but Zayn reverses and sends Solo over the ropes again. Sami follows to the outside but Solo catches him and throws him into the steel ring post. Sami is tossed into the timekeeper’s area. We go to commercial break.

Returning from the commercial break Solo Sikoa is headbutting Sami Zayn as he is hung over the ropes. Sami reverses a throw off of the ropes and takes Solo down with a clothesline. Zayn battles back with punches and goes to take Solo Sikoa down off of the ropes but Sikoa catches him in the Samoan Drop. Solo sets Sami up on the top rope but Sami reverses into a swinging DDT. He follows up with a crossbody and covers Solo for the pinfall. Sikoa kicks at two. Sami Zayn hits a Blue Thunder powerbomb and covers again but it is only good for two. Jimmy Uso interferes and blocks a kick from Sami Zayn. Solo Sikoa capitalizes and hits a Samoan Spike. He covers Sami Zayn and gets the pinfall victory.

Following the bell Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa attack Sami Zayn, stomping him into the corner. Jimmy Uso lines up for a kick but Sami Zayn jumps up and puts both men down. Sami grabs a steel chair and attempts to strike Jimmy before Solo reappears and he flees through the crowd. 

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