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ResultsSMACKDOWNWWE SmackDown Results (3/1/2024)

WWE SmackDown Results (3/1/2024)



We bring you coverage for the episode of WWE SmackDown airing on March 1, 2024.

Roman Reigns and The Bloodline open the show. The Tribal Chief does not like how quiet the crowd is when he asks them to acknowledge him. He threatens to leave if they aren’t loud enough, and after three times of failing, he threatens to leave. Paul Heyman reminds him they have some further business to attend to after this commercial break.

After we return, The Rock enters. He asks if they are sure they want to boo The Rock. He has some good news to share. Apparently, Glendale is ten minutes away from Phoenix. This is a fact. The #1 city for cocaine and meth use is Phoenix, Arizona. It means that finally their life has meaning, because finally you crackheads have something worth shooting in your veins. He is finally back in Arizona.

We’re in a good mood because after decades, professional wrestling is cool, exciting, and electrifying once again. It is cool again because of The Rock, Roman Reigns and The Bloodline. Do you know who is not cool? Cody Rhodes. He wants to challenge The Rock? You want an answer? The Rock says no. You don’t get to ask and expect it. That’s not how it works. Everyone wants to go one-on-one with The Rock, including every woman in this arena.

Is Cody an idiot? He has a WrestleMania main event against the most dominant champion in WWE, and he wants to challenge The Rock? They laughed at the challenge. So, they have a counterproposal. He wants a tag match on night 1 with himself and Reigns against Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins. If they win, Cody gets Roman Reigns to himself on night 2. No Bloodline. No Rock. They will get the lawyers involved. However, if they lose, his match will be Bloodline rules. Anything goes. And if they don’t accept this challenge, The Rock is his boss. He will ensure he does not win the title and they will end his story, tragically. Give them their answer next week on SmackDown.

Rock goes to say his catchphrase, but Roman Reigns cuts him off. He needs The Rock to acknowledge him. Rock acknowledges his Tribal Chief. The crowd chants, “You Sold Out!”, so The Rock tells them to shut up, because he will do anything for family. The Rock starts his catchphrase and passes the mic to Roman Reigns so he can finish it.

#1. Tiffany Stratton vs. Naomi – Winner: Tiffany Stratton

#2. Bayley & Dakota Kai vs. The Kabuki Warriors (w/ Iyo Sky) – Winners: No Contest after Dakota Kai turned on Bayley

Dakota Kai and the rest of Damage CTRL beat up Bayley. Iyo Sky tells her this is her title.

#3. Bron Breakker vs. Xyon Quinn – Winner: Bron Breakker

#4. [Street Fight] Carlito vs. Santos Escobar – Winner: Carlito with an assist from Rey Mysterio & LWO

Kevin Owens makes his way out for the next match to be on commentary.

#5. Randy Orton vs. Austin Theory (w/ Grayson Waller) – Winner: Randy Orton

Grayson Waller attacks Orton after the bell, but Kevin Owens evens the odds.

WWE SmackDown Results (3/1/2024)

WWE SmackDown Results (3/1/2024)

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