​Backstage News – Were Jeff Jarrett & Dixie Carter “Shooting” During Their TNA Hall Of Fame Speeches?


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

New reports suggest that the speeches of Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett at the TNA Hall of Fame ceremony were 100% legit. Jarrett spoke about reuniting with his father about six weeks beforehand after the two had not spoken in years after a falling out. The reason they had a falling out was because of TNA Wrestling. Jerry thought Jeff chose Vince Russo over him for the company’s direction and felt he should have went with Jerry since he had more years of experience than Russo and obviously because he is his father and they are family.


The relationship between the two was said to be so strained that Jerry hadn’t seen his granddaughters and wasn’t at his daughter-in-law’s funeral. One source described it to us as “severe hatred for each other.”

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