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Jeff Jarrett – ‘Mark Briscoe’s ROH Title Win Is Like Cody Rhodes Finishing The Story’



Mark Briscoe’s Ring of Honor World Championship victory was a monumentally powerful moment for those involved, according to Jeff Jarrett.

Briscoe captured the title at ROH Supercard of Honor 2024 from Eddie Kingston, eleven years to the very day that his late brother Jay won the title for the first time.

On a recent edition of his “My World” podcast, Jarrett spoke about Briscoe’s win and what it means for the new champion. He said,

“I’m gonna go back to something that we often mention on this show that I have said. I think at the very core of everybody that puts on boots, it is something that we are emotionally attached to the industry. It’s that simple. You can get in this business, you can say I want to be the world champion or I want to make a lot of money or famous, whatever it may be. But there’s an emotional attachment to it. Look, I can’t relate on this deep a level.

“Mark winning the world title and his brother won it 11 years ago, so to have a big brother, if you will, in this business, that they teamed, the success they had, but to have this opportunity, the emotional bandwidth that, in a lot of ways, he carried with his match, and I watched it Friday night, that he carried with him, is just powerful.

“How can you not hear about or watch that story, and not just have a real feel-good moment? So the Ring of Honor brand had an equally, as a feel-good moment to me, as the WWE brand [when Cody Rhodes defeated Roman Reigns]. It is something that, it is a story that you could not script because in the Briscoes’ set of circumstances, what extreme tragedy. But in so many ways, the tragedy of losing his big brother is in essence the platform that made this night so special.”

In addition to his current reign, Mark is a record-holding 13-time ROH World Tag Team Champion and was inducted into the ROH Hall of Fame in 2022.

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