Backstage Update – When Did Zahra Schreiber Delete The Nazi Photos That Got Her Fired From WWE?


UPDATE: Since WWE fired developmental diva Zahra Schreiber over Nazi-themed pictures she had posted to her Instagram account in 2012, there has been some question as to her deletion of the photos. While the common perception seems to be that she deleted the pics a long time ago, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Cageside Seats appears to have been the original source of the story, which had noted that on August 29th — two days before she was eventually fired — the photos had still been on her account. The screenshots of the pics, now widely disseminated and depicting a My Little Pony in Nazi gear and various swastika regalia, were taken at the time of the initial report.

Schreiber was released from WWE on August 31st. By that point, the photos had been deleted.

ORIGINAL: In light of the recent controversy surrounding the social media activity of former NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber, WWE is going to start performing more thorough background checks of the social media accounts for prospective talents before signing them. Schreiber was previously involved in a scandal where nude pictures of her and Seth Rollins were posted on social media by Rollins’ ex-fiancée. She got in trouble again after images of her posting Nazi artwork on her Instagram account in 2012 re-surfaced online. This is what ultimately led to her termination.

Also, a source noted that talents who are looking to work for WWE should start deleting any questionable material from their social media accounts. In addition, the report states that it was suggested that women wrestlers should delete any heavily sexually themed photos immediately. The problem is that even if controversial material is deleted, there is still a chance of there being some record of it online.

As previously reported, WWE world champion Seth Rollins was off this weekend, and he did not work any of the weekend WWE house shows. He was on vacation with his girlfriend (and mistress), recently fired WWE NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber, in the Dominican Republic. He is now reportedly heading to Baltimore for tomorrow’s edition of RAW.

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