It’s Time To Give Up on Dolph Ziggler


That’s right. You read that headline right. It is time for those of you on the Dolph Ziggler bandwagon to hop off this time.

This man was the World Heavyweight Champion twice in his career. The first time, he lost on that same night. The second time, he lost it at the next PPV. He lost to Fandango on the TLC Pre-Show not too long ago. WWE clearly has lost all faith in Ziggler’s abilities. And it’s a shame because the man can go in the ring and his selling abilities are among one of, if not the best I have ever seen. I mean, if you are not sold on if Ziggler can go or not in the ring, watch his match against Daniel Bryan at Bragging Rights in 2010. He can go. So why isn’t he being used to the best of his abilities? It’s simple. WWE hasn’t given him any reason to believe that he can get to the top.

Let’s be honest here. Ziggler can’t cut a promo. Actually, speaking of which, when’s the last time you saw him cut a promo at all? In order for Ziggler to take that next step into the territory of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, he has to be able to get comfortable on the mic. All great, charismatic people needs to have at least some mic skills. Secondly, his charisma has noticeably gone down. If you noticed, towards the beginning of the year, and even on the night he cashed in on Alberto Del Rio, he would receive great pops. But now, those pops have come to subtle cheers because he simply lost it. It’s the same deal with him. He goes, shakes his butt for the ladies, slides to the side of the ring and cheers “EVERY NIGHT!” He calls himself the show off. Well what exactly is he showing off? How far he has fallen since the beginning of the year? I mean, the man is simply in a pitiful state right now. Now whether or not this is WWE’s fault is all up for speculation, but to me, I think Dolph is highly overrated. Ziggler’s ring skills impress me no doubt. But I think he just lacks in every other aspect. Mic skills, charisma, and more importantly, posing himself as an actual threat. Dolph hasn’t shown that he can get a good, convincing win against anybody. Punk and Daniel Bryan have gotten their signature wins. Dolph hasn’t had any to the best of my knowledge. And no, a cheap roll up victory over Randy Orton does not count. Anybody who faces him has confidence that they can win. Don’t believe me? Ask Damien Sandow. He beat him twice. in the past two months.

So, for those of you who still believe in the Show Off, I say its time to hop off. Now sure things can change. WWE runs all the wheels after all. Heck, WWE may choose him to be the Royal Rumble winner in a shocker. I’m not saying that his career is going to remain like this, but he could be seeing himself in the mid card for quite a long time. And to those who are on the bandwagon and like the Show Off, Mr. Ziggles, as some people call him, then I say create realistic expectations for him. Do you really expect this man to hold World Titles for a lengthy bit of time. Don’t bet on it. Don’t Bet on Ziggler. Don’t bet on the Show Off.

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