Message from Al Patterson


Hello ladies and gentleman. My name is Albert Patterson, and I am the owner of WWA Superstars of Wrestling. For those of you that know, I and the WWE, formerly known as the WWf, and Titan Inc., have had an ongoing issue in regards to the trademarks WWA Superstars, Superstars of Wrestling, and Superstars of Pro Wrestling. A court decision was made stating that I am the sole owner of the marks, and therefore prohibit anyone from using them without my permission.

However, beginning in July of this year, the WWE and I have been in negotiations for them to assume all rights, trademarks, ad footage that I own. The negotiations are currently at a standstill, and as I focus my attention on safeguarding the marks from others who use them without my permission I’ll continue to keep you updated and informed going forward…starting with a video message.

We’ve talked with legal representation from the WWE several times over the past couple of months and they have been often nice and very receptive, and I feel that we are close to resolving the matter, but its just a matter of sitting down with the appropriate parties to resolve these negotiations. I hope that we will have it resolved before Wrestle Mania 32 in Dallas. Hopefully we’ll be amongst the crowd, or maybe even a Hall of Fame induction. Thank you.

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