Review of The 12/16 Edition Of WWE Raw


Welcome to WWE Raw review, the show was airing from Dallas, Texas.


The “Authority” and Randy Orton celebrating his win at TLC PPV last night but interrupted by John Cena

AR’s Truth: A good opening segment with the same old Orton promo. Cena not getting in the title picture saves us but yet still makes me believe they have bigger plans for Cena down the road. Bryan and Orton should have a good match but I see a fishy finish to it. Time will tell but a hot start to the show.

Big Show and Rey Mysterio Def.Rhode Brothers in 15:00

AR’s Truth: A fun tag team match and just like I predicted it looks like they will be going with these two teams to feud over the titles. They already beat the champions and are a serious threat to their belts. Good 3.5-5* Match

Dolph Ziggler Def. Fandango in 3:22

AR’s Truth: A boring match that saw the finish comes out of nowhere and i’m not even sure he got any offense in. I don’t think it does much but to prolong this feud in whatever direction their going. OK 1.5-5* Match.

Big E. Langston & Mark Henry Def. Real Americans in 15:21

AR’s Truth: A slow match but a good match if that makes sense, Langston and Henry make a good team that has potential. Langston can learn a lot from Henry and it show here. Michael Cole was really hyping up how good the tag team division has gotten as of late.

Ryback and Curtis Axel Def. Tons of Funk in 2:21

AR’s Truth: A watchable match but the more important thing is that Clay turned full heel in this match. Hopefully they will put him as a monster heel and destroy people that get in his way. Most likely they will have him feud with Tensai but let’s hope they keep the door open for this push as a monster. 1.5-5 * Match.

CM Punk – Shawn Michaels talking segment

AR’s Truth: They are building towards something big between CM Punk and Triple H but where are they going with this? Shawn was out of place and honestly made no sense. I’m not sure if he is trying to be heel or arrogant either way it’s not working. Punk will lay out one of pipe bombs on Triple H but we have to build towards it. Anything CM Punk does, I am interested in.

The Shield Def. CM Punk and The Uso’s in 16:00

AR’s Truth: A good match but what else is good. Everyone got involved and had plenty of time. The feud with Punk and The Shield continues but where do they go from here? Have another handicap match? Time will tell but another good match from all six men. Good 3.5-5* Match.

Daniel Bryan Def. Randy Orton via DQ

After the match, John Cena comes down and makes the save. As Cena is checking on Bryan Orton attacks him and then hits an RKO on Cena.

AR’s Truth: first off what a match! Both guys went back and forth, they had twenty five minutes to bring down the house. One of the best main event’s we have seen on Raw this year. With Cena coming out for the save it makes believe they will be maybe setting up a three way at Royal Rumble but yet maybe not. They could go with Bryan versus Orton for the title with John Cena special guest referee so he could still be in the Royal Rumble match.

Final verdict: This show had four big moments in the show and the rest is honestly filler, which you can fast forward on your DVR. Here is the big four: opening segment, CM Punk –Shawn Michael’s segment, six man tag team and the main event. Other than that, Raw was an average show.

I will score this Raw a 6-10 but the only reason they get a score like that is because of those segments.

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