Top Picks for Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal 2021 at WrestleMania 37


Honorable Mentions

While not quite able to make the top five, here are the ones I had in my bottom half of my top ten.

Angel Garza: No rhyme or reason. I just like the guy and wish he was being used in a better way, or at all.


Dabba-Kato: I’d be cool with him just being the big monster nobody can get rid of and the guy who Shane McMahon hires to go after Braun Strowman after WrestleMania.

Drew Gulak: I can’t quite justify giving this to Gulak, but I’m a big fan of his. He’s so good in so many ways and it’s a shame he’s relegated to being such a weak part of the roster when he has so much more to offer.

King Corbin: He’d be the first-ever two-time winner. That’s something. Plus, I’m actually fond of Corbin, unlike most people. I like the idea of giving him more accolades he can gloat about to help further push along his heel character.

R-Truth: I could see a scenario where he is in this, the 24/7 title rule isn’t suspended, and he drops it multiple times during the match. Then, he manages to win the title back, win the match somehow, and that kills two birds with one stone. Plus, I want to see what confusion he’d bring to the table. Would he call it the Big John Studd Invitational? The Giant Gonzalez Rumble?

Without further ado, let’s get to the list with #5…

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