What Makes The Royal Rumble So Special?


This pay-per-view is a part of the big four PPV for World Wrestling Entertainment. Around this time it’s on the road to WrestleMania as they say. It is also an exciting time for the “WWE Universe”.


It’s an unpredictable show that will make the main event for the biggest show of the year in April.

This year’s pay-per-view takes place from the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The first annual Royal Rumble was in Hamilton, Ontario back in 1988 where “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan won the match.

Here are some fun facts about the pay-per-view. Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, John Cena has won the event twice. The only man to win it three times was “Stone Cold” Steve Austin back in 1997, 1998 and in 2001. All the winners have or will go on to be in WWE hall of fame.

For me as a fan, the Royal Rumble is my second pay-per-view that WWE puts on behind WrestleMania of course. The reason as many would say is, because the pay-per-view is so unpredictable. You never know what’s going to happen, who will win and who will return.

Wrestling these days, can be a bit predictable. Not only because of the internet which does cause that to hurt the business, but because wrestling as become stale through the years.

Many fans would say the 1992 Royal Rumble was their favorite out of all. The Event took place back in Albany, New York. Ric Flair won the match in one hour and two minutes in eliminating Sid Justice at the end to become the new WWF Champion. Flair went on to lose the title to Randy Savage in a mid-card level match. Hogan and Sid Justice main evented that show. The match ended in a disqualification and went off the air.

I always look forward to this pay-per-view, but mostly for the Royal Rumble match itself. Usually the under-card is just thrown together and really is an afterthought. The Rumble match is the main event as it should be.

The “WWE Universe” should have that good feel moment at the end of the pay-per-view and a different ending to the show. It also serves as a way to let everyone know, this is your WrestleMania main event.

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