Where do you see each Shield member once they have split?


Dean Ambrose- This guy is a prime example of what a Heel should be, his look calls arrogant, his attitude on the mic screams Me, Myself and I and his always up for a fight, but where do you see him after their split? I see him being a top mid-card low main-event guy winning titles such as the Tag Titles and Intercontinental title, and maybe a one of WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

Roman reigns- He has racked up quite the record in the WWE he has eliminated the most people in a single Royal Rumble (12) eliminated 4 out of 5 members of his opponents Survivor Series team and has also been labelled the muscle of The Shield, so where do I see him after the split? I see him dominating the upper-card division winning the WWE World Heavyweight championship as well as winning big Gimmick matches such as The Royal Rumble and The Elimination Chamber.

Seth Rollins- This is an interesting one for me, his such a high flyer extremist with a unique look, I see him being the new Jeff Hardy of the company, never given the right chance but always making the most of what he has, I see him racking up Numerous Tag titles as well as single titles and I also see him winning Gimmick matches such as the MITB match and Extreme Rules/TLC type matches 

Overall I see each member making an impact on the roster and dominating different divisions through out the company.

What do you think? Tell me your ideas, suggestions and opinions

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