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Drew McIntyre Trolls CM Punk Again – ‘S**t, I’d Run From Me Too!’



Drew McIntyre continues to troll CM Punk on social media.

Taking to TikTok on Wednesday, McIntyre commented on CM Punk’s latest antics from WWE RAW and why it makes Punk look weak.

You can check out some highlights from the TikTok video below:

On addressing Punk on social media: “After TV, after the weekend of working, I like to relax. Get back to nature, decompress, especially after being in this game for over 20 years, I’ve realized that if you don’t, you know, the anger will get the best of you. You’ll overthink things, and when you do that you just waste life. Life’s too short to freaking get caught up on stupid things. But there’s certain things you just gotta talk about, let it out. And luckily I’ve got this forum right here when things start to bother me.”

“So let’s talk about CM Punk, shall we? I know what you’re all going to say. ‘What a shock!’ ‘Why didn’t you say this on Raw?’ ‘All you do is talk on social media!’ ‘You’ve got Punk planted in your head.’ But by the end, you’re gonna say ‘Damn, Drew’s right — again.’ There’s a reason I have to do a lot of my talking on here. It’s not always possible to deliver your message at live TV effectively, you get so many people working against you. You saw that with Pearce last night. On here people like our trusted voice of WWE, ‘trusted’ Michael Cole, can’t plant lies into our viewers heads. Nobody can stop me here embarrassing CM Punk again. All I want is people to see one simple thing: the truth. I’ve not lied once! Somebody show me where I’ve lied, and I’ll admit fault, because I haven’t.”

On Punk’s mind games with him: “I’ll give Punk his props. He’s a master of spinning the narrative to suit his own image, his own agenda. He really should consider politics after I end his career, the guy could literally sell ice to an Eskimo. And he sells the marks BS and they just lap it up every single time. Over the last two weeks, he’s avoided me. Last night as I literally left the arena, what a coincidence. He drove right in. Of course he’s got stooges on the inside. Of course it was part of the plan. Then he heads to the ring, acts the tough guy, calls me a coward. When it’s clear to anyone with any sense the coward was standing right there in that right. And I pulled over ’cause my phone was blowing up, by the time I got back to the arena, shock horror! He’d left.

“The week before, he picks a Skybox. He’s up there making fun, calling me out. So I go out to find him. Where is he when I get there? He’s in the ring. He’s the one doing the running. He knows when it comes face to face, that’s it. The end. No more mouth running. No more ‘I’m gonna punch him in the face’ or whatever threat he said. I’m gonna cave his actual head in. Look at me. Look at my track record. He’s done for, and he knows it. He’s maximizing his time, he’s getting what he can out of this thing before Drew McIntyre exposes him. S**t, I’d run from me too.”

On his message to Punk: “Punk, you’re a hypocrite. You say all I do is live on social media. You spent the whole week pretending to be locked in WWE Headquarters, and you posted it to your Instagram. You make these comments on TV that only the nerdiest of basement dwellers would ever actually understand. Let’s break down what you’ve actually done since you’ve stunk this place up — and breakdown is the operative word here. You’ve had exactly one televised fight, you lost. You got injured by me. You hung around at TV, Headquarters, the PC like a bad smell. Go home to Larry. You’re playing a game of hide and seek, and you think you’re winning. But you’re not.”

“One last thing: I heard what you said. If you actually turn up to Glasgow, we protect our own. You’re not gonna leave in once piece. And it wouldn’t necessarily be my doing, mate. Fair warning.”


Because I’m sick and tired of these childish games. Because I need to vent. Because I didn’t get the chance to say this at WWERaw. Because I can’t stand CM Punk.

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