Wrestl Bone: Stop making fun of me.


     Seth Rollins turns, Vince McMahon poops his pants, George
Bush to buy the WWE, and I kissed a girl, and I had an accident.

By Justin Retard.

     Hello fans, as
you know I am smarter than you, better looking than you, know more about
wrestling than you and my world famous 2 inch delight makes your granny scream.
 As the star of The Chair Short Reality I
have found that being an internet TV star has it perks. Big fries, big thighs, and
hair products for men half price.

Justin Retard….Justin Retard…..Justin R to the T, A to the D….your
wrestling mack daddy.

     Last night on raw we saw the turn of Seth Rollins. What the
hell was the WWE thinking? While you, the fans, think with your emotions I use
my super duper IQ and knew this was all wrong. How are the fans going to buy
this? I mean come on, a man named Seth as a heel, when people hear the name Seth
they think Family Guy, when you think Family Guy you think Stewie, when they
think Stewie you think babies. Who is going to boo a baby? Come on Vince, why
are you so stupid.

   While on the topic
of Vince we here at wrestl Bone have learned that Vinnie Mac took a deuce in
his pants after losing his last dollar fifty. Reports are coming on that after pitching
his idea of Motley Dude (a gimmick design after 80’s hair metal. Ha everyone knows
it all about the grunge.) Ha Ha Vince not only do you have poop for brains, but
also in your pants. Bazinga!

   Now for some really hot rumors, last night I dreamt that George
Bush bought the WWE.  As long time
readers know, this copy and paste website will go after any lead regardless of its
credibility. From pasting the observer’s stories as our own too putting CM Punk
in all headlines, even when there is nothing about Punk in the article. We at Wrestl
Bone believe in the worst of yellow journalism.

   Finally, last night this hot juicy senior form my water aerobics
class came up to me and planted your very own Wrestl Bone god with a kiss that
shook my shorts. The two inch delight stood at half mass as the where’s the
beef goddess had her way with me. Just like Nicholas Cage, I was gone in 60

So until the next time the Wrestling Observer post a story
that I copy and paste for you my loyal readers, stop making fun of me.

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