WWE and Tag Teams Part 1


Hello one and all! It is I, bearkg88. I thought I would do a two part editorial focusing on the tag teams in the WWE. The first part will about tag teams currently in the WWE, and part 2 which I hope to get up Saturday, or Sunday at the latest, will about teams that I think could/should be made in the WWE. Now before I go into great lengths, I’m going not to include the Shield or The Wyatt Family or the New Age Outlaws. Here we go!

Goldust & Cody Rhodes

I thought I would start off with the tag champs. I know the there are people out there who believe Cody and Goldust will break up, and it will lead to a match between the two at WM. I don’t think they should break up and here is why. Look at the current state of the WWE. There is 1 main title, and there are 2 sub titles in the Intercontinental Championship, and the United States Championship. Now if rumors are true, and the US and IC are unified at the Elimination Chamber, that will leave just 1 main title, and 1 sub title. Anyways, with that in mind I think it would be better to keep the Rhodes bros together. They work great as a tag team, and we could still get the WM match without them breaking up.

The Real Americans

Next we look at Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro. Now originally I was all for this pairing. Swagger wasn’t really doing anything, the WWE wasn’t doing much with Cesaro, and sometimes pairings like this can work out. I think it managed to do one thing, and that was put Cesaro over. I’ve been waiting for Cesaro to turn on Swagger and Colter, or for Colter and Swagger to turn on Cesaro. I think, and I’m sure others agree, Cesaro has potential as a face, and a turn then feud with Swagger could be great. I think Swagger has reached his max in terms of push ability. Look at his first push. He won the World title and floundered. In his second push, he gets arrested. Hopefully before WM the WWE turns Cesaro, leading to a match between the two at WM.


We’ve got a team of Ryback and Curtis Axel. Another pairing where neither had much going on and in my opinion, should not have happened. Curtis Axel is about as entertaining as watching paint dry, and Ryback well…he is Ryback. I’m not the biggest fan of the team, but bias aside, I think there can be better teams out there, and these two could be used in different manners.

Prime Time Players

Does anyone remember when PTP were relevant? The WWE, specifically HHH, said they/he want to focus on revitalizing the tag division. I’m neither for or against the Players. I think they are a team that could work well, but I wouldn’t be over the moon with them winning as I would be with like the Usos. I’m hoping that we see more of this team, even if it is just a case of where they are contenders when we have heel champs.


Ok…so sue me. They are not technically a tag team, but they have worked tag team matches. I for one think this tag team/stable needs to end. I know there are others who think Drew McIntyre is the second coming, and while I don’t agree, the potential others see in him will be wasted in this group. I actually like Slater, and think he could be a funny face. As for Jinder well…he is in the same boat for me as The Great Khali.

Los Matadores

When is the last time we’ve seen Los Matadores on Raw? Anyone? Yeah. When we learned they were repackaging Primo and Epico as these two I thought there was potential. Then they come out with the “bull” and well, I thought it was complete bull. See what I did there? Anyways, I actually think this team should stay together, but they should get rid of their third member, and turn heel. I can’t see them capturing gold, but they can and have put on interesting matches.

The Usos

I will start by saying I don’t think this team should split. In fact, they should be the tag champs. They are on a roll, they are entertaining in the ring, and they have never held the tag titles in the WWE. I think 2014 will be the Year of the Usos, or at least I hope so. If the WWE truly decides to break up Goldust and Cody, I don’t see any other face team as over as the Usos.

That is my thought on all of the tag teams. You’ll notice I left out the New Age Outlaws, The Shield, and The Wyatt Family. I left out the NAO because they don’t appear that often, the Shield and the Wyatt Family because they are stables. I also left out Tons of Funk as it appears that team is done, as well as Xavier Woods and R Truth because even though they have teamed together, I don’t feel they are an official tag team. Keep an eye out for part 2 where I look at teams that could be made in the WWE. I look forward to all of your thoughts and comments!

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