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NewsWWEDid Ronda Rousey's Allegations Lead To Drew Gulak's WWE Release?

Did Ronda Rousey’s Allegations Lead To Drew Gulak’s WWE Release?



As we previously reported here on eWn, WWE recently released several NXT talents, including Drew Gulak and Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson.

Dave Meltzer has shared additional details on this week’s releases.

According to the report, WWE didn’t see much potential in the released talents, and the ones that were let go needed to show more improvement.

Moreover, those who do not progress at a suitable rate for the company are likely to be released.

Individuals familiar with the matter have confirmed that none of the releases were considered a mistake.

Regarding Drew Gulak, it was reported that Ronda Rousey’s recent allegations of misconduct were the reason behind his release from WWE.

The decision to fire Gulak was made approximately two weeks ago. With that being said, the investigation into the allegations was “inconclusive.”

However, Gulak was receiving a main roster salary while working in NXT, and this, combined with WWE’s lack of creative plans for him, also likely contributed to his departure. 

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