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Dustin Rhodes Lavishes Praise On His Brother, Kevin Owens Is Just Trying To Enjoy The Ride



During a recent interview with Mark O’Brien, Kevin Owens commented on his remaining goals in his career. He said,

“You know, at this point, I just want to have fun doing what I’m doing and create memorable moments. For everybody that’s watching that’s really into titles and main events and this and that it’s very nice when it happens and it’s great to experience it but I just want to you know try to cherish the moments that I get that I’ve left in this industry. I’m obviously not saying I’m retiring anytime soon but my career is closer to being done than starting so I’m just trying to enjoy the ride.“

Dustin Rhodes took to Twitter following WWE Backlash: France to send a message to his brother Cody following the latter’s successful WWE title defense against AJ Styles. Dustin wrote,

“Brother, there is nothing I want more for you than your happiness. We each have had our own path, we each have blazed our own trail and succeeded. We DO, when others WON’T. You have become the man I always wanted to be. Whether you know it or not, you are an inspiration to me in all areas of life. Honestly, in everything I do, I think of you. I am your older brother and will always fight for you and my family. Family is all that matters to me. You have done and continued to make unbelievable steps in your growth as a man, husband and father. I could not be any prouder of you Code!! I love you more than you know!! #TheBrotherhood @CodyRhodes”

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