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Major Update On Giulia’s WWE Status, Conflicting Reports On Her Debut



As we reported earlier today on eWn, Giulia sustained a wrist fracture at the Marigold Fields Forever event. There were initial plans for Giulia to debut at NXT Heatwave 2024 on July 7 in Toronto, wrestling Roxanne Perez. However, her injury and commitments to Marigold may impact these plans.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggests Giulia’s return date may be later than expected. However, NXT sources informed Fightful that WWE is adamant about her debut taking place at Heatwave.

It is anticipated that Giulia will challenge Perez for the NXT Women’s Championship, with Perez’s ongoing storyline with Ava setting the stage for this match. Notably, Perez has been intensifying her in-ring style at live events in preparation.

Sources from Marigold have indicated that despite her injury, Giulia is resolute in her desire to make up for missed dates and is unwavering in her commitment to return once she fully recovers. WWE and Marigold sources have confirmed that she will continue working with Marigold and is not exclusively tied to NXT and WWE for the foreseeable future, per her negotiation terms upon joining WWE in April.

In addition, the arrangements for Giulia, her mother, and her boyfriend to relocate to Florida so that she can wrestle full-time in NXT have yet to be finalized.

While there are concerns about visa restrictions, WWE may likely instruct wrestlers to provide misleading information regarding their debut dates.

Conversely, NXT officials anticipate Giulia’s appearance before her permanent move to the United States and have expressed confidence in her visa status for working in America.

Moreover, WWE and Marigold are fully behind Giulia’s decision to remain in Japan to recover and resume wrestling to compensate for the lost time. As for her injury, it is believed that the fracture is less severe than initially feared, but her return to the ring remains uncertain pending her recovery.

The current plan is to position Giulia as the leading female talent of NXT upon her eventual arrival, with expectations that she could surpass Asuka’s success on the brand.

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