Monday, July 15, 2024
EditorialAir Boom!!! Reunited???

Air Boom!!! Reunited???



WWE are trying to rebuild their Tag Team division so I’m wondering will we see Air Boom back together?

I mean as of lately Kofi Kingston has been lost on the roster doing nothing and as for Evan Bourne WWE creative team have no idea what to do with him I mean this would be the logical answer right? No one can deny they were a very good Tag Team together, they had the athletic moves, the team work, the double team moves and most of all the fans were behind them! They had a five and a half month reign and for the first 3 months defended the titles frequently in very very good matches until Bourne’s suspension.

So would you like to see Air Boom resume where they left off? Would you like to see WWE capitalize on this opportunity and add another team to the Tag team division?

Leave opinions, ideas and suggestions.

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