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Editorial​Backstage News - Did Vince McMahon Clear Brock Lesnar's "Blade Job" At...

​Backstage News – Did Vince McMahon Clear Brock Lesnar’s “Blade Job” At WrestleMania 31?, Details



Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

UPDATE: As previously reported, WWE denied that Brock Lesnar performed a blade job in his main event match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 31. Here are some additional details on the incident.

According to reports, WWE sources claim that Vince McMahon did not sign off on the blade job by Lesnar. Before this most recent occurrence, the last person to perform a blade job was Batista, and he received a fine of $100,000 as a result. Something like Lesnar blading would need approval by McMahon, and other officials are claiming this is not the case and no blade job even occurred.

ORIGINAL: During the WrestleMania 31 main event between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, fans saw something that they usually don’t in modern day WWE, blood. Besides being cut open on his cheek in the early action with Reigns, Lesnar was sent to the post late and got busted open. But there are some that don’t think that Lesnar was cut open the hard way. If Lesnar did blade, this would have been a direct call from Vince McMahon as the company has not allowed it for years.

In the gif below, you will see the referee appear to put something (possibly the blade) in Roman Reigns’ hand. The theory is that when Lesnar went to the floor he got the blade and cut himself as he went into the post.

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