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Editorial​Backstage News - Wade Barrett Taking A Hiatus From WWE, Possibly Dropping...

​Backstage News – Wade Barrett Taking A Hiatus From WWE, Possibly Dropping The “King” Gimmick?



Take it for what it’s worth, but “King Barrett” is a king no more…at least in regard to his Twitter name. Barrett has changed his Twitter account back to his real name Stu Bennett.

Barrett added in a post earlier today:

This led to some speculation that Barrett could be taking a hiatus or departure from WWE, but there has been no indication that this is the case. Barrett seemed to be written off TV Monday night in an assault at the hands of Stardust, but he is scheduled to film a WWE Studios film in September which would explain that, especially with the movie camera and pistol emoticons in his Tweet (the film is an action film called Eliminators).

It is possible that he may come back with a new gimmick, which has been rumored for several months now, and is changing out of the “King Barrett” name until he comes back with the new name.

— Max Landis, who did the “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” video that focused on WWE’s storytelling through the character of Triple H, has an out-there idea for rebooting Smackdown as a narrative TV show when it moves to USA Network:

In response to a fan asking if he meant like Lucha Underground, Landis said:

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