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Backstage Update – The Original Sin Cara Signs A New Deal With CMLL, Gets A New Ring Name



Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

UPDATE x 2: Luis Ignacio Urive Alvirde, the former Sin Cara and Myzteziz, has a new ring name in CMLL. Luchablog took to Twitter to report the news that Alvirde will be known as Mistic 2.0 in the promotion.

Alvirde previously went by Mistico in CMLL, but that name is now used for Carlos Gonzalez which required the new name.

UPDATE: Luis Ignacio Urive Alvirde, the former Sin Cara andy Myzteziz, is returning to CMLL after his AAA departure. Alvirde is going to go back to using the Mistico name that he left behind when he signed with WWE. Alvirde appeared at CMLL’s Arena Mexico show last Friday and was telling people that he planned to fulfill his obligations to AAA before he returns to CMLL, but obviously that isn’t happening.

Part of his decision to leave AAA has to do with heat between him and Alberto El Patron. The two have had problems going back to a match in their WWE runs in July of 2012. Alvirde dislocated his finger shortly into the match and called for the ref to stop it. It brought a huge amount of heat on him from the locker room, including from Alberto. The two recently had a back-and-forth on Twitter where Alberto threatened to beat Alvirde down.

It is worth noting that Alvirde’s brothers Argenis and Argos are also leaving AAA, which may have a big impact on Lucha Underground as Argenis is Barrio Negro in the Disciples of Death, who hold the Lucha Underground Trios Championship.

ORIGINAL: The man originally known as Mistico has departed AAA and lost his ring name. AAA announced that Luis Urive, who was known as Mistico in CMLL and Sin Cara in WWE, is no longer with the company. The promotion posted a statement to Twitter revealing that they have parted ways and that AAA will maintain ownership of the ring name he was using with them, Myzteziz.

Urive left the Mistico name behind when he signed with WWE in 2011; that name was passed onto another wrestler. The same happened with the Sin Cara gimmick in WWE although he kept using the name in Mexico until he signed with AAA. Now AAA’s statement about his departure and their maintaining his ring name, it would seem as if they may pass it onto someone else.

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