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EditorialChris Jericho Discusses Returning To MSG At Last Week's Live Event, Lance...

Chris Jericho Discusses Returning To MSG At Last Week’s Live Event, Lance Storm & Others Comment


TRENDING spoke with Chris Jericho in regard to his twenty-fifth anniversary in wrestling being celebrated at the live special at Madison Square Garden in New York. You can see comments from Jericho, Lance Storm and Don Callis below:

Jericho on performing at MSG: “It means a lot to have my friends here. What better way to celebrate tonight than with my oldest friends in the business? Don hasn’t been in the Garden since 1996 or 1997, Lance hasn’t been here for 10 years or so, and Lenny has never been here. I wanted them in the front row because this means something to me.”

Storm on Jericho still competing at a high level today: “The fact that Chris is healthy enough today to compete at this age at the same level he always has is impressive. I’m still amazed that when we broke in there were the NWA and WWE World Championships, and he was the man to unify them by beating The Rock and Steve Austin in the same night. That’s the most amazing footnote in his career.”

Callis on what Jericho gives to wrestling today: “Chris is one of the last old-school competitors who worked regional territories, and if I were any of the young Superstars, I would be begging Chris to let me travel with him so I could learn.”

Jericho on what the MSG show meant to him: “It means a lot to me to still be able to have good matches and not squeak by. I really feel that I could go another five years at this level. I wear my 25-year career as a badge of honor. To go from Ponoka Moose Hall, making $30 in front of 50 people, to Madison Square Garden, competing for my 10th Intercontinental Championship, means so much to me. It’s a special night.”

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