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EditorialHow to Book the Survivor Series Tag Match for Dummies – Who’s...

How to Book the Survivor Series Tag Match for Dummies – Who’s In. Who’s Out.



After Monday Night Raw, a few questions

have been answered.

Team Cena vs. Team Authority WILL have some sort of importance
to it.

Vince McMahon appeared on Raw for the first time in a while, and
dropped some pretty exciting news. If John Cena and his team defeat The
Authority in the traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Tag Match, The Authority
will be no more! That’s right- we’ll go back to the anonymous GM (aka
Hornswoggle hiding under the ring sending e-mails to MAGGLE!). No but
seriously, HHH and Stephanie will be put out of power and back comes Vince
McMahon, or so I believe. Maybe this opens a door to bring a commissioner, or a
permanent GM. Almost can guarantee that WILL NOT be Hulk Hogan after seeing his
power role in TNA. In my opinion, this is always a way to bring back a legend,
but it doesn’t seem as if that’s in the cards. So even though now The Authority’s
power is on the line, will they lose and have to resign, or will Triple H
prevail and put together the strongest Survivor Series team to date?

Dolph Ziggler HAS joined Team Cena.

Dolph made it perfectly clear that he’s backing Cena 100% and
wants The Authority out of here. I think he will be a perfect addition to this
match as it add some sort of relevance back to Ziggler’s name, allowing him to
finally get this push we have all been dying for.

Team Authority will go outside of their clique to get wrestlers.

Personally, it was unclear whether or not The Authority would
pursue other heel characters, or whether they would stick with their core and
put together a team consisting of Rollins, Kane, Orton, Mercury, and Noble. Now
that their power is on the line, The Authority have made it clear they will
stop at nothing to get the biggest, baddest guys to represent the Authority-
and do so with some incentives.


Randy Orton has left the building!

After turning on Rollins last week, and finally getting his
match against him, Orton has now been dumped by The Authority. This is after a
loss to Rollins on a roll-up, followed by striking Triple H to go after
Rollins. As a result of this, Orton was curb stomped into steel steps, and has
now been written off TV. We know that he has a movie to film, so this was
expected. But it just leads to another question- how will he be involved with
the Survivor Series match, if at all?!

With that being said, now let’s
take a look into who will join these two teams in an attempt to either take
down The Authority, or join them to defeat Team Cena and remain in power:


We already know of the first
two superstars that will represent The Authority at Survivor Series; Kane, and
team captain, Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins. The question is, who will
join them? Stephanie and Triple H showed interest in many superstars, including
Mark Henry, Ryback, and the newly crowned U.S. Champion Rusev.

RUSEV – After
Rusev’s quick title victory over Sheamus with no build up to the match, I
believe this could result in Rusev joining Team Authority at Survivor Series-
but he still hasn’t been pinned and I don’t think it would be ideal for him to
win the match for The Authority. For this reason, I believe it’s best to have
Rusev defend his title at the PPV, presumably against Sheamus. Therefore,
Rusev: OUT.

– On Raw, Henry went up against his former friend and tag team
partner, the Big Show. Show made it clear that he wanted his friend back before
the match, but that he wanted even more so to knock him out. Being that Henry
and Show use to be a team, I think bringing them into a tag team match on
opposing sides would be perfect. Plus, this gives the feud more time on the air
if WWE decides to run with it. Honestly, I don’t care to see these two men face
off one-on-one. The two big guys would complement both teams adding not only an
Authority vs. Locker Room feel, but a betrayed friend looking for his revenge.
For that, Mark Henry: IN.

After returning to WWE TV last week, Ryback is back to the Ryback of old. “The
Big Guy” is back to FEED ME MORE chants
and his mean Meat Hook Clotheslines. The Authority sat backstage and watched
his match against Titus O’Neil, who was nearly asking and auditioning for a
spot on Team Authority. While Titus had the upper hand for a little bit, Ryback
came back and won the match. Surely The Authority will approach Ryback but here’s
what I want to see- Hunter and Steph walk up to Ryback in about a week or two
and attempt bribe him to join their cause. They lay out future title opportunities,
movie roles, and Ryback looks more interested than anyone they’ve approached.
He’s licking his lips, and rubbing his hands together all for a big fat NO. He
tells them that “it sounds nice, but The BIG GUY is back, and is back to take
down the machine.” Up walks John Cena, who smiles and winks at Stephanie, pats
Ryback on the back and walks away with him. For the Authorities sake, Ryback: OUT.

So right now, Team Authority consists of Seth
Rollins, Kane, and Mark Henry. So who else will The Authority try to
convince to join their side and reap in the rewards. Here’s my picks:

Cesaro is quite possibly one of the top workers in the WWE today. With that
being said, he has had very little direction since winning the Andre the Giant
Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 30. Months ago, Cesaro faced off against
Cena in effort to get on the good side of The Authority. I think now’s the time
he joins them for good, getting the heel push, and just a positive push in
general. By joining Team Authority, Cesaro will have doors opened like never
before. Plus, this adds to The Authorities strength, especially after the loss
of Randy Orton. Cesaro: IN.

With four of the five spots
filled, this last pick is crucial for the livelihood of The Authority. That’s why
I’m split. While WWE could add Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose into the mix, it
intertwines Rollins and Ambrose again, which would over shadow the feud they
are trying to develop between Ambrose and Wyatt. Plus, with the WWE
Championship being absent once again, Survivor Series needs multiple high
caliber matches to fill the void. This is one of them. In my mind, that leaves
guys like Bad News Barrett, Curtis Axel (who I think would be a good mid-carder
for The Authority and also allow him to be pushed as a serious competitor), I feel
like Triple H is only left with one option for the fifth member of Team

– Triple H can come out the week before Survivor Series and
announce that the only person fit enough to defend the power of The Authority
is the man behind the power. He can say how he searched and searched, had
superstars coming up to him asking for the final spot but he decided that the
only way to add to the already powerful team would be to add himself in the
fifth and final spot for Team Authority. You heard it here first, Triple H: IN.


Now, with Team Authority set
(and quite possibly one of the best teams in history), it’s time to speculate
on which superstars will join Team Cena at Survivor Series.


As of now, we know of two
members that will represent “the good guys” at Survivor Series. With Team Cena
is of course John Cena and as recently announced, Dolph Ziggler. These two men
need three superior teammates to match their competition.

Above you saw that I placed Big
Show and Ryback with Team Cena at Survivor Series. So right now, Team Cena

Which Superstar would be the
perfect fit as the fifth and final member of Team Cena? Let’s take a look at
some viable options:

– Okay so I get that this choice might not make any sense right
now, but hear me out. This guy can wrestle. Plain and simple. While I think he’s
in need of a character change (something more serious), I think this may be the
way to do so. Fandango has been off T.V. for quite some time now, but here’s a
chance to bring him back. Have him make a triumphant return to Raw this week,
with a match against Seth Rollins- a squash match if you will. But, instead of
Fandango losing, have him get a legitimate win over Rollins. This will just
throw him right into the fire with The Authority, and thus basically push him
right onto Team Cena. Not only that, but after two weeks of beats downs, he
joins Team Cena, changes his name saying that no one takes him seriously and
BOOM; a legitimate competitor for mid-card titles and tag titles has been made.
Now, like I said, he might not be the ideal choice, but it could work. Survivor
Series seems to be notorious for putting a random on one of the teams, and this
may be the choice. But since I don’t see WWE being this creative, Fandango: OUT.

– For the same reasons Rusev shouldn’t be in this match, neither
should Sheamus. Let those two fight it out on the card. So just to address it,
Sheamus: OUT.

– This guy is a sure Hall of Famer, but he’s about done with his
run in the WWE. I think it may be time to give him one last push, in a
meaningful feud. I don’t think this feud should involve a title necessarily,
but he should get a feud that runs all the way into WrestleMania (if his body
can keep up). But regarding this match, Rey always seem to be in them (six Survivor
Series tag matches since 2005). So why not this one? This match is always a
good way to introduce, or RE-introduce a superstar so why not Rey. In my
opinion, I hope the stray away from this. Rey: OUT.

– I never really considered Reigns for this last spot, but I figured-
what if? What if he’s like Cena and can recover and come back insanely quick? Wouldn’t
this be the best spot to do so? In my opinion, no. Let the man heal, and bring
him back at the Rumble (but please avoid him being one of the last 5 entrants,
I want to see this guy work for something). If the plan is still the same for
Reigns to take the title at WM31, then let him win the rumble and ride his
horse into Levi Stadium to capture the gold. Just hold Reigns out for now.
Reigns: OUT.

Okay so my next three options are what makes the final choice
difficult. All three of these superstars would fit PERFECTLY on Team Cena.

– There’s been some speculation as to “why not Jericho”. As does
every fan, I believe this fifth spot needs to be filled by huge shoes. While
Jericho’s recent returns have basically been pointless, Jericho has always had
an interesting feud up against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. How could we
forget his shoot on Stephanie in ’01?! Either way, Jericho could add a unique
dynamic to this match. If WWE puts him in this match, Jericho should be used as
an antagonist. Allow Jericho to resort to his roots and stir things up. This
could lead to a great feud with Cesaro, as well as the rest of The Authority.
Reason why I believe Jericho is a good choice is because with the news Mr. McMahon
delivered on Raw, Triple H and Stephanie seem to be on the edge of their seats.
So what better person to push them off other than Jericho? With that being
said, I feel like Jericho has been overused in recent times for pointless
reasons (and WWE writing is at fault). Nonetheless, he wouldn’t be a bad
option. But let’s continue to look before we decide.

– We all have seen what’s unfolded here in the past couple
weeks. But for those who’ve missed it; Orton grew frustrated with Rollins;
attacked; got attacked; got curbed stomped and is now on what I believe to be
his hiatus for the upcoming movie he is in. SO here’s how this could play out;
and there’s 3 ways it could interestingly play out. 1) Orton returns the week
before Survivor Series to announce that he is joining Team Cena (boring). 2)
Orton shows up at Survivor Series as Cena’s “mystery partner” because everyone
else was afraid to join due to what The Authority might put them through (slightly
more intriguing mostly because of the hometown pop he would receive). OR 3)
Orton could not be involved in this match AT ALL, but make his return by coming
out and delivering an RKO to Seth Rollins and remaining members of Team
Authority. I get the feeling that option 3 is the most likely, but then it
still leaves us with the question- who’s the fifth member.

– If the promo we saw with The Rock and HHH a couple weeks back
was an indicator to anything, these two can still sell out an arena. So why not
have them sell it out? With Cena’s past with The Rock, it make’s sense. Plus it
sets up the WrestleMania 31 showdown between The Rock and HHH; but my problem
with this is all the star power now incorporated in this match. Does WWE have
the guts to put on this caliber of a match for FREE?

So who do YOU think should be
the fifth member of Team Cena? Will it be an NXT Superstar like Adrian Neville
or Sami Zayn? Will Hulk Hogan make his WWE in-ring return? Leave your comments
below and tell us why!

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