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Editorial​Jeremy Borash Discusses TNA's Relationship With Destination America, Praises EC3, & More

​Jeremy Borash Discusses TNA’s Relationship With Destination America, Praises EC3, & More



Jeremy Borash recently spoke with The Pain Clinic, here are the highlights…

On TNA’s ratings on Destination America: “Can you imagine that? A network actually putting out a press release, giving us credit for the credit we deserve? That’s a new one for us! Destination America has been great. When we made the move from Spike to Destination America, being part of a growing brand in the long term and being that network’s flagship show versus being kind of buried in the midst of a whole lot of other stuff, is really what we were looking for. So if you haven’t seen Destination America yet, you gotta get it. Great channel, a lot of great programming, and we are their flagship so you know it’s gotta be good. If you haven’t seen Impact, what I like about it is every week you see such a better show than what’s out there right now from anywhere else. Right now I think everything is kind of clicking. Those eyeballs are coming. We need more, obviously, so spread the word that Impact is kicking some serious tail on Destination America. It’s a great show.”

On additional TNA programming on Destination America: “We’ve got such a good roster right now. That’s the good thing about Destination America, there’s all kinds of programming on right now. Some things we’re going to develop for the future are going to be pretty exciting. Between Greatest Matches, between Unlocked, between Impact….I’ve got Impact on the season pass and I’m up watching TV at 2 a.m. and it notifies me that Impact is about to come on. I look and it’s a big marathon going all day! It’s very cool that we get so much presence on the network, no matter what time of the day it is.”

On if TNA will resume live events this year: “Yes, we are. I don’t think anything has been announced yet. We are going to some domestic places in North America, and some far region places as well. In fact, a place I’ve never been to before. We’ve been to a lot of places, but this will be a first for this country. I can’t say yet, we’ll be announcing it soon. There are some rumors out there I cannot confirm or deny, but, you know, where there’s smoke, there’s fire so I’ll say that much. It’s been way too long. Our live events, let’s not forget, have been stellar over the years. We always get great reviews for the experience and we do things a little differently, so we can’t wait to get that back on the road.”

On The Wolves and Eddie Edwards’ injury: “It was just a bummer, because they’re at the top of their game and they’re probably doing the best work of their careers. Eddie has an unfortunate foot break so he’s going to be on the shelf for a little bit, but I’ll tell you what, I’ve talked to him and heard from him. He will come back from this really fast. Not faster than he should, but the time he spends in physical therapy, he says he’s itching to come back real soon. The Wolves are two good dudes. I’m happy to see the success they’ve had on Impact, and hopefully they’ll get back on track as Eddie’s foot heals. At the same time I don’t mind Davey Richards singles matches in the meantime. We saw that with DJ Z, he’s just incredible. I want to see Davey in there with Kurt Angle; that would be amazing.”

On the rise of Ethan Carter III: “I just can’t believe that somebody in another company did not see all the potential that this kid has. He’s really remarkable. He’s one of those guys, and I’ve come across a few of them in my day, you just know someday they’re going to be a top guy, and he carries himself like that. There’s guys that get there by their athleticism and don’t really have the aura of a star—he’s got it all. I can’t stand him personally, but he’s got it all, I’ll give him that.”

On his thoughts on the current Knockouts division: “Personally, they are some of the coolest Knockouts we’ve ever had on the roster. Taryn Terrell is so funny, so cool. Brooke, Gail Kim….we have a very cool group of gals right now. The locker room, I think, has never been better for the Knockouts. So they’re thriving right now, and I think we’re going to see some good stuff from them for the rest of the year, as far as new things and new Knockouts coming in. Mia Yim, check her out, she’s starting soon. I don’t want to say too much.” 

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