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Editorial​Jim Ross Blogs On James Storm Debuting In WWE, Sasha Banks, The...

​Jim Ross Blogs On James Storm Debuting In WWE, Sasha Banks, The Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic



Jim Ross posted his latest blog and discussed James Storm’s debut at last night’s NXT tapings. You can see his thoughts below:

On James Storm in WWE: “Great get by WWE to swoop up James Storm as he debuted at NXT Thursday night in Orlando. James is a top hand who can work on any roster against any opponent and most importantly can teach, coach and mentor the pups. I’d love to see WWE hire Bobby Roode too as he’s a modern day Arn Anderson, high praise, and can do the same, positive things that the Cowboy can do. If NXT is going to become WWE’s third, touring brand then adding guys like Storm and Roode makes a ton of sense. James was my guest in Knoxville at RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross Show and we discussed his possible tenure in WWE if an offer can through. I’m happy that it did.”

On Sasha Banks: “Sasha Banks is amazing in that she feels like a heel and enjoys finding and refining the nuances of being a pro wrestling villain. She wants to be disliked and not be perceived as cool. Bayley is the likable, girl next door who has improved immensely since she first arrived at NXT. That’s what hard work and a burning desire to be the best at what one does will do for anyone.”

On the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: “Nice touch with the Dusty Rhodes tag team tourney. Dream was so proud of the NXT ‘kids’ as he called them. Finn Balor and Samoa Joe are ready for big things and I feel that Baron Corbin, among a handful of others, including Jason Jordan, a can’t miss IMO, and Chad Gable are right there too.”

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