Thursday, June 20, 2024
Editorial"King" Wade Barrett Says His Main Goal Is To Become The WWE...

“King” Wade Barrett Says His Main Goal Is To Become The WWE World Heavyweight Champion, More

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The Jakarta Post recently interviewed WWE Superstar King Barrett, who was promoting WWE’s event in Singapore. You can check out some highlights below.

Barrett on how he dreamed of becoming a wrestler: “I was obsessed with the crazy characters, the showmanship, the storylines and the athleticism. I got hooked on it. Growing up, I always dreamed of being a wrestler.”

Barrett on going after the world title: “That is definitely a goal of mine to the World Championship. I need more time and I will wait for my opportunity and that is where I am at right now.”

Barrett on what keeps him in the business: “Ultimately, it is passion. That is what drove the majority of the WWE superstars to sustain the difficulties.”

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