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EditorialLucha Underground: Ultima Lucha Review

Lucha Underground: Ultima Lucha Review



Thirty-eight action packed episodes of Lucha Underground have come and gone, but now it is time for the big one! Lucha Underground’s Season Finale (Ultima Lucha) has been hyped for several weeks now and promised to be the biggest show of the year. Did it deliver?

Johnny Mundo def. Alberto El Patron- ***1/2
A really solid first match to start off the night. Both guys looked great in the match throwing everything they had at each other. The ending of the match was kinda ehh for me. Melina made a surprise debut and it was nice to see a throwback to the MNM days, but to have El Patron and Mundo’s fued end with Melina hitting El Patron with his belt and Mundo covering him for the win was a little disappointing. I did enjoy the after match antics with the window smash leaving Mundo in a pool of his own blood. The spanking of Melina by El Patron was a little odd, but oh well!

Pentagon Jr. def. Vampiro- ****
Holy hell! Definitely the most violent match I’ve seen Lucha Underground put on. Also probably one of the most violent matches I’ve seen on television period in a while. At times it seemed a little spotty, but the spots were damn good! If you enjoy tacks, fluorescent light bulbs, and flaming tables you will absolutely love this match. It had sort of a 1997 ECW feel to it, which I enjoy very much. I called that Vampiro was going to be Pentagon Jr.’s master early on in the match, but I’m excited to see where this goes in the future (if there is one).

Fenix won 7-Way Gift of the Gods Battle Royal- ** 3/4
An okay mid-card match. I love the idea of the Gift of the Gods belt. It’s Lucha Underground’s spiced up Money in the Bank. The match itself fell kind of short for me. After the intensity of the match prior, this one seemed like all the wrestlers were just kind of going through the motions. The Aero Star jump off the scaffolding was kind of cool, but I feel like I’ve seen it a hundred times before and done much better in the past.

Blue Demon Jr. def. Texano- *
This was the night’s dud for me. It seemed like this match was thrown in last minute to fill up some time before the main event. Demon Jr. picks up the win with the help of Chavo Guerrero…yawn.

Mil Muertes def. Prince Puma- ****
A great way to end the night! I thought after sitting through the last two matches that the night was doomed, but I was wrong. Mil Muertes and Prince Puma put on a classic Lucha Underground title match. There were a lot of great high points to the match. Whether it was the powerbomb onto the steps, Puma getting splattered with a chair shot as he’s flying through the air, or the top rope flatliner that ended the match, there was definitely something to get excited about. The end scene in the ring with the Disciples of Death, Mil Muertes, and Catrina was pretty cool as well.

The End?
The show ended with Black Lotus and Dario Cueto cleaning out his office, a brief glimpse at Dario Cueto’s brother, Fenix leaving with the belt (and a sweet car), Drago and Aero Star saying they’ll meet again, Marty the Moth kidnapped Sexy Star (with a hell of a lot of rope, and he somewhat reminded me of a B-rate Bray Wyatt for some reason), the former Trios champs all leaving on motorcycles, Vampiro (Emperor Palpatine) is still teaching Pentagon Jr., and Dario Cueto leaves the temple as the lights turn red and eventually fade out and a screen read “To Be Continued”.

I read through some Twitter stuff after the end of tonight’s show. It seemed like the consensus was that fans were kind of emotional at the way the show ended. For me I thought the show’s ending was very odd. If there is indeed a second season of the show, this was a great ending that leaves a ton of cliff hangers for next season. If there is not a second season, this was kind of a disappointing way to end the series. It added too many questions and not enough answers. If this was a series finale I wish it would’ve tugged on the heart-strings a little more and brought a little more emotion to the fans who have been with them since day one (which apparently some people thought it already did) instead of creating more mysterious storylines. But hey, if there’s a for sure second season, that was a damn good ending!


Overall, I thought Ultima Lucha seemed like a pretty solid way to end the season. Besides the little gripes I had during the show, Ultima Lucha was a hit. Lucha Underground has been a pretty freaking awesome ride that’s given myself and many others entertainment every Wednesday night on the El Rey Network. I’m glad I got to experience this amazing series that is a great alternative to any other wrestling program on TV right now. I know the Lucha Kliq is praying for a second season. I sure am!

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