Friday, May 24, 2024
EditorialNoelle Foley's Latest Video, Chris Jericho Plays 'Shotgun, Trunk Or Bus Stop'...

Noelle Foley’s Latest Video, Chris Jericho Plays ‘Shotgun, Trunk Or Bus Stop’ – Talks Goldberg – Videos



— Here is the latest episode of Ringside or Riot, featuring Noelle Foley: recently interviewed Chris Jericho on the new season of WWE Tough Enough. The video of the interview is in the player below.

During the interview, Jericho played “Shotgun, Trunk or Bus Stop.” CM Punk, RVD and Goldberg were his choices. Jericho said he’d like to ride shotgun with CM Punk because he’s smart and a good conversationalist. He’d want RVD in the trunk because he likes to smoke “herb” and doesn’t want to inhale it. And he said he’d leave Goldberg at the bus stop, “just get rid of Goldberg.”

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