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EditorialTop Takeaways from NXT UK 2/27/2020

Top Takeaways from NXT UK 2/27/2020



While the rest of the WWE Universe is watching WWE Super ShowDown held in Saudi Arabia; here in NXT UK, business is picking up.

The main event is the first-ever Women’s I Quit Match, where Kay Lee Ray will be defending her NXT UK Women’s Championship; against her longtime friend and bitter rival Toni Storm. Let’s dive straight into the action!

The Grizzled Young Veterans vs. The Hunt

James Drake and Zack Gibson continued to run roughshod over Wildboar and Primate in this textbook tag team match. There was not a ton of offense that the babyfaces were able to demonstrate because GYV is so crafty in everything they do. Drake and Gibson delivered Ticket to Mayhem and took one more step to a title shot against Gallus.

Kassius Ohno vs. Jack Starz 

Last week during a backstage altercation, the young up-and-comer Starz was being bullied by “The Wrestling Genius” so he challenged him to a match. Ohno began in full control utilizing his power and strength.

One thing I’ve always loved about the NXT umbrella is that when they book these David vs. Goliath type bouts, they provide just enough belief that the smaller opponent might actually best the larger one.

Starz surprised me several times tonight as there were numerous near-fall pinfall attempts that could have easily won the match. Ohno however, had enough and locked in the Kassius Clutch for the submission.

A-Kid vs. The Brian Kendrick

After last week’s incredible performance against Tyler Bate, A-Kid went one-on-one with the seasoned veteran “The” Brian Kendrick. The former Cruiserweight Champion started the match off utilizing his technical maneuvers. The first Spanish-born superstar matched him step-by-step which infuriated Kendrick.

The wily veteran used jumping over the ropes to break a submission all-the-while trapping Kid’s neck to gain the advantage. After several long near-falls, Kendrick locked in the Captain’s Hook but the young up-and-comer escaped. Kid utilized a perfectly-executed backflip/DDT combo off the ropes to gain a huge victory!

Main Event: Kay Lee Ray vs. Toni Storm: (I Quit Match For The NXT UK Women’s Championship)

This highly-intense and the personal match started off with Storm taking the fight to the champion in every way possible. No matter how many times she threw Ray into the steel steps she would not utter the words “I Quit.” Neither superstar was willing to throw in the towel and as it went on things got a lot darker.

In the closing minutes, Ray trapped her foe’s head in a steel chair and delivered two nasty-looking superkicks. The champion was relentless as she used athletic tape to tie Storm’s arms. The sadistic side of Ray was in full effect as she applied the chair around her challenger’s neck and stomped repeatedly.

Ray perched on top for yet another heinous stomp was thwarted as Piper Niven came down to essentially plead for Storm to quit for the sake of her career.


It’s extremely clear that Niven will be next in line to challenge for the women’s championship and rightfully so.

I’m completely excited to see this full-blown feud and see what she would be willing to do to defeat KLR. That’s the show folks.

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